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Oh, so the car is just CALLED a jaguar?

Submitted by Hrsemn4
Smile..they are looking

Submitted by Kitty_cat_2009
Use the other one! I'm using this one.

Submitted by Quocalimar
Mirror mirror on the car, whose the prettiest zebra by far?

Submitted by drachehexe
Hmm, little rust, low mileage, and look how cute we look in the mirror Harold, this car was made for us! We'll take it.

Submitted by BrainiacBrandon
Just smile and he wont suspect a thing

Submitted by KarmaKat
Huh... I'm closer than I appear?

Submitted by klsowell
hey your right! were black with white stripes!! i just feel sorry for marty, did you hear hes white with black stripes, no wonder he doesnt fit in.

Submitted by lautner_lover
Everybody smile for the mirror!

Submitted by rlc327
Why are there two more zebras than normal? No one joined the herd.

Submitted by dawnrising
That is why you don't put on mascara in the pool!

Submitted by saelle138
Told ya I was taller.

Submitted by luvdfln1
That's funny, Marge -- we really *do* look closer in the mirror.

Submitted by tsimkin
What's black and white and reflected all over?

Submitted by empy
My mowhawk IS better than your mowhawk! I told you that you were going bald Henry.

Submitted by katie384
Does it make my butt look bigger than it appears?

Submitted by Faith511
Look's a 2fer sale at the Zoo!!

Submitted by IMPAUDITOR2
This is why glue factories shouldn't be next to zoos.

Submitted by rexlamos
Y'all come back now, ya'hear???

Submitted by CRABBYDAD
Psst...pass it on...we're breakin' outta dis joint tonight....

Submitted by HUDAGIT
Don't move,I got my earring stuck in your mane again!

Submitted by tahomac
Sometimes I wonder, "Why is that car getting bigger?" And then it hits me!

Submitted by Camaraderie15
If only I had read "WARNING: ZEBRAS IN THIS MIRROR ARE MORE VICIOUS THAN THEY APPEAR" before getting out of the car.

Submitted by oddrey
Now who's "cackalakin" who?

Submitted by NANG
STILL waiting for royalties on "Ebony & Ivory"..... YO!! MICHAEL!!!

Submitted by IB247
Hello! Welcome to the zoo. Please keep all hands, hooves, legs, and fins inside the vehicle. Thank you for visiting. Now can I please stop smiling? It's starting to hurt.

Submitted by NDYApeacock
ah sweetheart... you are right, your stripes are darker than mine!

Submitted by RGW4
See stripes ARE slimming!

Submitted by WCCope
Hey, it's those people who tapped the glass at the zoo before we escaped and got married. Now let's satre at them and tap the glass on theri strange moving enclosure.... mwahahahahahaha!!!!

Submitted by TheBrainBender

Submitted by BMEUP2PLZ

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