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The last great act of defiance.

Submitted by
When you know that you've lost the werewolf game.

Submitted by changhill
Must resist temptation....

Submitted by Thinker1995
Which are you, good cop or bad cop?

Submitted by bighead1999
last test before graduating from obedience school.

Submitted by soggyfroggy5
Another example of why you should always be aware of your surroundings.

Submitted by naturegirl741
oh man this is the last time i'm buying a GPS off of Ebay

Submitted by june12
I need backup. NOW!

Submitted by jonas
Teachers were screened, tested and selected for the Blind Academy for Dogs...

Submitted by clearisacolour
Cat: Allright pups! DROP AND GIVE ME TWENTY! Dogs: Yes sir!

Submitted by fatty_bear661
The K-9 unit was put to the test of resisting the temptation of a good burger.

Submitted by Davegle
Police dogs have trapped down the Cat-Burglar tonight....

Submitted by pandastampede
There are some days when even nine lives just won't cut it.

Submitted by TrippieHippie78
The dogs expected a feast, but when only one bird showed, it was the bird... to eat.

Submitted by twin27
yay my new mind control device is working .... im a 100 pound pitbull ... i'm a 100 pound pitbull ...

Submitted by QueenBee23
Cat: I've told you all a hundred times... USE THE LITTER BOX!

Submitted by Ashaela
good doggies. sit. stayyy. good doggies. wait no. nooooooo ahhhhh!!!!

Submitted by LOvE_mE_haTe_ME
Breathe, breathe, and just walk slowly, don't make eye contact and for heaven's sake, don't look back...

Submitted by redwoffmama
Now the dogs at the Police Academy know how the Marines felt the day they let women in.

Submitted by vikingboy
The new recruits were a bit surprised when their new drill instructor showed up!

Submitted by mad-ade
yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death.....

Submitted by feenx62
And next week on "The Planet's Stupidest Animals" - The Cat Who Never Said "Die"

Submitted by RampaginRobo
Fluffy had an uneasy feeling that she was about to lose all 9 of her lives.

Submitted by snaps
cats are friends not food!

Submitted by tinalm21
Sylvester was unaware that his old nemises, Tweety, had set him up.

Submitted by triss128
Bumpkins had the strangest feeling that he was being watched...

Submitted by moondancer
Excuse, me, I just let out a little fart.

Submitted by did_I_just_fart
Red rover Red rover send kitty right over.

Submitted by Princeford93
Running short on ideas the producers of Fear Factor decided to try something new.

Submitted by od-1
Fluffy was now very happy her owner had spent those countless hours teaching her how to yell "stay".

Submitted by electronjohn
Good mornig boys. Welcome to your first lesson of becoming a cat.

Submitted by Master_Yoda
Wait for it, wait for it...

Submitted by CutiePie11
Sit... Stay... Sit... Stay... oh please... Sit... Stay

Submitted by cdweller
How do i keep losing at "truth or dare"?

Submitted by mowamiwiam
Tiddles distracted the guard dogs while the trees made their escape

Submitted by TheTrickster

Submitted by

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