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Submitted By:cutie
Fun:** (1.7)
Difficulty:* (0.86)

There are two people, Meg and Kat. Meg lives in Florida, Kat lives in Georgia. They're next-door neighbors.

How is that possible?

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by MysticGohan78902/08/03
this isn't meant to sound harsh but, exactly how many people were expected to get this wrong

Posted by golfer13200302/10/03
I'm with them... a little easy.

Posted by tangerine02/28/03
I'm Canadian and I got that one ... but I dont think everyone should be so negative about it being easy. There are young people on this site, too! n.n; Keep 'em comin'! :) -tangerine- :P

Posted by dakini06/07/03
i have to say "too easy", still i love it!:)

Posted by aznboi132402/19/05
ITS TO EASy if you know where the states are. even if you dont duh! im only 8 and i figured it out. :lol:

Posted by koolkat5703/18/05

Posted by putzz799303/24/05
I think i had a blond moment :oops:

Posted by Blackbelt9206/07/06
Hey mastermind, if you have no comment, why did you even write anything? By the way the teaser was good, but it was way to easy.

Posted by Quickq03/12/09
Way too easy.:evil: The only challenge is that the answer is so obvious, you'd swear it was incorrect. 8) Overall: 3.8/10. Not the worst teaser, but certainly not good. :(


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