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Submitted By:griphook
Fun:** (1.99)
Difficulty:**** (3.19)

One and halfscore, the posts are showing,
win, place, and show united is rejection as a marking;
the middle five of the whole, a type of setting,
the last eight is a man prone to writing.

Four in one, its middle two is a cannon booming,
with bursts of fire like a hundred stars dancing;
within that center is a country if you're looking,
a city you'll find,if you focus on the beginning.

Its first quarter is a letter with a greeting,
the next,a memory with one millennium missing;
then a duke,a prince or a king,
the last,an endless catch in the sport of fishing.

QUESTION: What is the word?

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by MrIxolite02/27/03
I though A Chiromancer was someone who could predict when you were going to get back ache. Lol Good Riddle!!

Posted by griphook02/27/03
Thanks a lot. I enjoyed solving most of your teasers too.

Posted by tangerine02/27/03
o.o; that was really hard ... probably because i'm younger than u guys (im guessing). didnt guess it, never heard the word, and *shame shame on me for this* used THESAURUS! lol Oo; GOOD RIDDLE! -tangerine- :P

Posted by griphook02/27/03
Thanks. I guess I am old at 17. Braingle is such a help for young and old, don't you think?

Posted by jimbo03/01/03
Even after reading the hint and the answer, I still need a Thesauraus, a Dictionary and a translater. I would honestly like to preserve the brain of any person in this entire universe who can comprehend that riddle without looking at the answer! If I am going to spend precious hours of my life trying to solve something, I would like to know that I have at least some small chance of success!

Posted by LoopyLouUK03/02/03
oh my goodness! I tryed but in the end I gave up, looked at the hint but when I saw the length of it I decided just to admit defeat! Must of took you ares to think up that one. would be great for anyone who has got a genius mind & hours to spare :)

Posted by Codammanus03/04/03
I didn't look up the word Chiromancer, but I looked up Griphook. It read: Progeny of Einsten.

Posted by Christina021303/12/03
Wow. That was HARD! I feel like I just gave my brain a workout. Never heard of the word *blushes* but a great riddle nonetheless. :)

Posted by lauramarie10/31/03
This teaser is written in such a jumbled way that it's very unpleasant to read.

Posted by griphook11/01/03
you are probably right smile,always smile

Posted by eiennikirei12/25/03

Posted by joanie12/26/03
I don't believe you are 17

Posted by billybob_thorton03/08/04
you obviously never run out of good ideas

Posted by griphook03/08/04
many thanks :D

Posted by rashad08/18/04
One of thehardest .... One of the best 8)

Posted by schatzy22808/28/05
:roll: :roll: :roll: :o :o :o :o :oops:

Posted by dutchymonster09/04/05
I'm sure it is a good teaser, but I diddn't get a word of it :oops: :-?

Posted by Katelin09/21/05
Wow, that was very difficult, but very fun! :)

Posted by mitzimesser01/24/06
I read the whole thing twice & I studied the answer,but I still don't get it! :-? P.S. I'm not young either. :roll:

Posted by mitzimesser01/24/06
I read the whole thing twice & I studied the answer,but I still don't get it! :-? P.S. I'm not young either. :roll:

Posted by griphook01/24/06
no worries... only a few liked this one.

Posted by saradove01/11/07
doesn't make any sense. I read all of it a few times. The hint didn't make any sense either :(

Posted by aPlatinum03/29/07

Posted by oddrey10/02/07
woah, that was ridiculously hard!

Posted by mosca10/21/07
It was really very hard; I didn't get it, even after mulling over it a long time. :( On the other hand, it was very well written and quite original! :D

Posted by om12307/13/08
it could be good, but ur trying way too hard to rhyme it and it doesnt really rhyme. other wise its good

Posted by brains2beauty9606/15/12
OMG, that was so blooming hard! Excuse me while I go get an ice pack for my head :o

Posted by rlclarke04/16/17
I thought it was a BI-romancer. 🤷‍♀️


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