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Around and Back in 12

Submitted By:griphook
Fun:*** (2.35)
Difficulty:*** (3.07)

Start with a 6-letter word. Replace one letter to find the next word. No word is repeated in the trip until we are back to where we started. Clues are given along the way.

1. block and tackle
3. recycled glass
5. decorative moulding
7. online purchase software
9. paid a visit
11. hauled
12 (we are back !)

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by jimbo02/26/03
So now I know what a cullet is, I bet I'll be able to use that every day in casual conversation. Lewis Carroll eat your heart out!

Posted by griphook02/27/03
Thanks. These days, we must recycle.

Posted by Rosey2704/03/03
Sorry,but am I the only one who dosent get it?

Posted by adoontourious05/19/03
no hehe i dont get it either

Posted by Codammanus05/24/03
That was amazing. How you devised that concept is beyond me. As it should be.

Posted by heyevpos01/22/04
Excellent, thank you.

Posted by bbngk01/22/04
Do you enjoy making us suffer with your teasers Grip? You are doing a good job at it. :D

Posted by Candymn00701/24/04
didn't make any sense to me. :oops: :oops: :oops:


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