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28-Tile Scrabble

Submitted By:griphook
Fun:*** (2.58)
Difficulty:**** (3.22)

28-Tile Scrabble is a modified Scrabble. No board is used and a player is given immediately 28 Scrabble tiles (hence, the name of the game).

The rules are:

1. The tiles are 26 letters of the alphabet (one tile per letter) and 2 blank tiles (which may be used as any letter in the alphabet).

2. A player forms any number of words from his available tiles only.

3. Each tile can be used only once.

4. Words cannot share any tile.


a.) Credits: A player starts with 1000 points for playing.

b.) Deductions: Points are deducted from the player's credit as follows:

- 150 pts. for any unused Z,Q,X,J,V, or K

- 100 pts, for any other unused consonant or vowel

- 75 pts. for any word with three letters or less.

- 50 pts. for any word in excess of five WORDS (not letters)

- 5,4,3,2,1 pts for using a blank tile as A,E,I,O,U respectively.

The highest score so far is less than 950 points.

CHALLENGE: What is your best score?

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