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28-Tile Scrabble

Submitted By:griphook
Fun:*** (2.58)
Difficulty:**** (3.21)

28-Tile Scrabble is a modified Scrabble. No board is used and a player is given immediately 28 Scrabble tiles (hence, the name of the game).

The rules are:

1. The tiles are 26 letters of the alphabet (one tile per letter) and 2 blank tiles (which may be used as any letter in the alphabet).

2. A player forms any number of words from his available tiles only.

3. Each tile can be used only once.

4. Words cannot share any tile.


a.) Credits: A player starts with 1000 points for playing.

b.) Deductions: Points are deducted from the player's credit as follows:

- 150 pts. for any unused Z,Q,X,J,V, or K

- 100 pts, for any other unused consonant or vowel

- 75 pts. for any word with three letters or less.

- 50 pts. for any word in excess of five WORDS (not letters)

- 5,4,3,2,1 pts for using a blank tile as A,E,I,O,U respectively.

The highest score so far is less than 950 points.

CHALLENGE: What is your best score?

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by tangerine02/27/03
Whoa, dude Oo; you have a large brain and lots of time, eh? :P lol. -tangerine- :P

Posted by Codammanus03/13/03
EXTRA EXTRA!!!! 28-Tile Scrabble makes the Top 5 of Braingle's Hardest Teasers. (Soon, you may take over the whole page one). I see it coming!

Posted by inudbz03/22/03
that was hard.

Posted by griphook03/24/03
My kid brother got a higher SCORE but he would not allow me to post it here. Smile.

Posted by PhilDunphy03/26/03
very difficult, and I wasted at least a trees worth of paper!!

Posted by Codammanus03/26/03
Griphook, After giving someone a commendation on a teaser, they revealed it wasn't ORIGINAL. (Sad face). Please tell me yours are (like mine) 100% Original.

Posted by griphook03/27/03
Rest assured my friend that if ever I will borrow an idea, I will give credit to whom credit is due. The teasers I posted are my own. Smile

Posted by eelliott204/04/03
That was way to easy

Posted by Codammanus04/04/03
That had to be a metaphor or something, right?

Posted by icehaven04/04/03
You got to have a lot of time to think of such riddles. My highest was about... 650points.

Posted by slacker04/05/03
I found one that gives you a score of 992 quickly whizbang fjord vamp sext

Posted by griphook04/08/03
Congratulations slacker. Can't wait to challenge my younger brother with your new set of words.

Posted by andrewcs04/18/03
Slacker! you forgot to take of for a word with more than five letters!!!...anyway nice hard puzze griphook

Posted by nickadeemus07/25/03
congratulations on having the top spots on the hardest teaser section up to this teaster. amazing.

Posted by nickadeemus07/25/03
teaser, i mean

Posted by rose_rox10/12/03
a real challenge combined with scrabble... whoa, great teaser.

Posted by griphook10/21/03
many thanks to all

Posted by fishmed12/17/03
Should have known this was you. I have yet to find one of yours that I have not liked, though I have not been able to solve them all. :)

Posted by griphook12/20/03
many thanks :D

Posted by Rowsdower12/22/03
Um, Petey, you'd be like NEGATIVE 2900 points.

Posted by griphook04/09/04

Posted by jimbo06/11/04
Wonderful teaser. This kept my mother in law occupied for hours when she came to visit. Thank you so much! :lol:

Posted by griphook11/26/06
i love it when mothers-in-law are quiet

Posted by griphook12/03/08
thank you to Amylex, Chris and Elaine for your suggestions

Posted by NIUDean02/23/10
@dave321, I think you forgot to deduct the points for having extra tiles left over :P

Posted by Mathgeek00704/05/11
SCHMALTZY WYVERN BIJOUX DEFOG That leaves qpk... That's it! What/s my score!?

Posted by Alexi06/27/12
also 992 Vamp jinxed squiz growth flyback

Posted by Alexi06/27/12
And the best so far: Fjord wetbacks quiz vexing lymph blanks = E,I SCORE = 93!

Posted by DejMar01/16/17
BIGHT JYNX LUMPS(U)CKER VOZD(H) WAQF -1 for using a blank as a U. Total score: 999.

Posted by DejMar01/16/17
Spelling correction: VOZHD

Posted by DejMar01/16/17
GEMSBUCK - Oryx gazella, a large antelope of Africa JYNX - a wryneck, an Old World woodpecker TRIPLy - three times as much or to the third degree VOZHD - a Russian leader WAQF - a religious (Muslim) endowment 1000 points.

Posted by DejMar01/16/17
correction: WAQFs

Posted by DejMar01/16/17
GEMSBUCK JYNX TRIPLy VOZHD WAQFs 1000 - 0 (no unused letter-tiles) - 0 (no one-, two-, or three-letter word) - 0 (no word in excess of five words) - 0 (no blank tile is used as an A, E, I, O, or U.


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