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Scramble and Pass

Submitted By:griphook
Fun:*** (2.6)
Difficulty:*** (3.07)


What is this?

The title should give a clue as to how to solve this, but if you need more, see the hint.

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by tangerine02/27/03
Not bad ... clever Oo; -tangerine- :P

Posted by CODAMMANUS03/07/03
Very Creative Griphook. Well done. Keep it up. (I'll keep buying the Tylenol for my head)

Posted by Christina021303/07/03
Very cool. I like it

Posted by griphook03/24/03
Thank you guys. I really appreciate your comments.

Posted by Pheonix_down03/24/03
That was hard! But very clever! I've never seen a teaser like that before!

Posted by krishnan06/03/03
that was excellent and a novel idea.

Posted by griphook06/09/03
thanks to the both of you

Posted by taniapereira9909/02/03
Griphook... LOVE your teasers. This one was great! Killed me, but great!

Posted by griphook09/03/03
thank you so much tania. i am a great fan of your Logic teasers. i never fail to check if you have new ones. more please

Posted by griphook11/19/03
thanks :D

Posted by griphook01/10/04
you are... probably right :o

Posted by Candymn00703/25/04
Since when is learning to count stupid. Great teaser but very hard. Thanks :D :D :D :D :D

Posted by griphook03/25/04
thanks :D

Posted by koolkat5703/27/05
I luv ur teasers! This one was impossible 4 me 2 do, but... BRILLIANT! :D Where do you copme up with these kinda ideas???They're SO original! :P Teach me! :lol: u rock!!!

Posted by griphook02/23/06
thanks... send me a pm for some pointers on teaser writing


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