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Magnificent Seven

Submitted By:griphook
Fun:*** (2.56)
Difficulty:**** (3.12)

Eight and five, last name and given,
We are one six six six even;
The first in cow, the last in oxen
Three in damsel, three in vixen.

Question: What are we called?

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by Codammanus03/04/03
Griphook, you have the power! Great Teaser. Thank you for stretching my brain.

Posted by icehaven04/07/03
One word. Amazing. And it's indeed amazing, griphook.

Posted by electronjohn04/10/03
Outstanding! And by the numbers to boot.

Posted by griphook04/23/03
Thank you electronjohn. I have been a fan of your teasers for a long time. Do we get some more soonest?

Posted by JessicaG05/08/03
Very Very Good. True supuriority in riddle production

Posted by griphook05/15/03
thanks a lot jessicaG

Posted by griphook05/19/03
thanks luckyduckie. appreciate it.

Posted by dakini06/19/03
Were you taking genius pills when you submited that one? Some would consider that cheating. Great teaser! :)

Posted by taniapereira9907/25/03
Great one! I'm slowly TRYING to get a hang of your teasers! Haven't solved one yet! I won't give up!

Posted by griphook07/28/03
thanks to everyone. appreciate it.

Posted by beanie8908/12/03
Get em comin griphook!! I'll get one eventually!

Posted by griphook08/12/03
thanks beanie89

Posted by jacintan08/19/03

Posted by griphook09/19/03
thanks jacintan. i think i am. smile

Posted by spoiledbrat09/26/03
I haven't solved one, yet, but someday ill get there! Great, and keep em comin

Posted by nik449409/26/03
goodness gracious :)

Posted by griphook10/04/03

Posted by mzpuddn10/30/03
This is my first day to this website, I hope I can solve some of you headaches :roll: (lol) in the near future. Your good!

Posted by griphook10/31/03
welcome to Braingle and thanks

Posted by Katelin11/30/03
This is one of the most wonderful and terrific teasers I've read! I've read some of your others, and they're always good. GREAT job and keep it up!

Posted by griphook12/31/03
thanks,, many thanks :D

Posted by bbngk01/29/04
magnificent teaser :D one of your best of the best :lol:

Posted by Palsha02/13/04
Wow, another good one! I read some of your old teasers and I think that they are very unique and fun to ponder upon, post some more!

Posted by griphook02/13/04

Posted by Nite_Owl02/16/04
One of the best riddles I've ever seen and quite difficult. Very clever, griphook! :D

Posted by griphook02/18/04
many thanks. will be glad to help :D

Posted by griphook02/22/04

Posted by griphook03/26/04

Posted by spookboy004/09/04
dude. that teaser was pure genius. im not that smart to actually think of a riidle like that. keep it up. :D

Posted by griphook04/09/04

Posted by billybob_thorton04/09/04
yet another stumper from griphook-keep it up! :D

Posted by griphook04/11/04
thanks billybob

Posted by rashad07/04/04
Nice work but with the hint i found it out it mad it easy 8)

Posted by schatzy22808/28/05
AWSOME 8) i cant find the words :o ,,,,i know this is an old one, but i just found it and am very happy i did,,,so now i must list it as number 1 in my favorites,,,THANK YOU! :D

Posted by griphook01/09/06

Posted by mitzimesser01/24/06
I was truly impressed. Excellent riddle. :D

Posted by mitzimesser01/24/06
I was truly impressed. Excellent riddle. :D

Posted by griphook01/24/06
thanks... have fun

Posted by teen_wiz02/18/06
WOW :o . Difficult, but it proves the writer's intelligence. Good job! :D

Posted by griphook02/18/06

Posted by king_leonard03/24/06

Posted by griphook03/26/06
congrats then :D

Posted by yanks43406/14/06
whoa :-? that was hard i was amazed to see the answer :-?

Posted by leinad8810/26/06
I got it (after about 15 minutes and 10 times reading it) :D The second and third lines are what finally gave it away, I got C from cow, and then VIX from vixen, after that everything fell into place. I'm so proud of myself, I solved the hardest riddle available :) P.S. This definately deserves to be the hardest.

Posted by griphook11/03/06

Posted by misternee98511/30/06
If an answer to a riddle has an explanation three times longer than the riddle itself... don't bother with it. :D

Posted by griphook12/02/06
No need for explanations for some geniuses of your kind... lol

Posted by Pojuer06/28/07
:o nice!

Posted by ocdaws07/17/07


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