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Submitted By:griphook
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Difficulty:**** (3.13)

A group of friends, who have not seen each other for a long time, met in their favorite restaurant one early morning.
ASTAIRE, the biggest in the group, remarked, "Must have been millions of years since we were together. "AFFLECK, the one wearing elephant pants, nodded in agreement. ANTHONY kept on complaining about the extremely cold weather back home. EUGENE, who was from the mainland, was needling SAMPRAS and NAMIER. "These neighbors are inseparable." AUSTIN, the smallest, invited everybody to his cattle farm.
The waitress, who was patiently waiting for the orders, said to herself, "Kinda strange, but these guests remind me of something." She then said," May I suggest BREAD ROLLS, JAM, BUTTER, SLICES OF CHEESE, FRUIT JUICE, and COFFEE or TEA ?"

QUESTION: What was in the mind of the waitress?

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by OD-104/02/03
wow grip that was amazing it not only made perfect sense but caused an expantion of my mind. don't know where you get these but keep em coming.

Posted by griphook04/02/03
Thanks OD-1. Btw for one reason or another I always read your name as Oh Divine One. Will you kindly tell me what it means?

Posted by icehaven04/06/03
Another good riddle by you, griphook. I kept on thinking about animals. And it made perfect sense.

Posted by Alienbob04/20/03
it took brain power to figure out but it wasnt a very creative riddle any one could have made up names off the top of there head with the first few letters of continents

Posted by griphook04/23/03
You are ABSOLUTELY right alienbob and anyone could have serve continental breakfast too. Smile,always smile.

Posted by griphook08/02/03
thanks danielle

Posted by silver_sword02/02/04
quite far-fetched. but remarkable effort still! i liked it.

Posted by griphook02/02/04
thanks :D

Posted by griphook02/08/04

Posted by quinton02/08/04
Ok That was hard because big family reunions are really hard to count the guests who attended the special get-together.

Posted by griphook02/08/04
indeed. particularly when they havent seen each other for millions of years :)

Posted by Nite_Owl03/10/04
Another very good one, griphook:D. I knew it had something to do with their names and what they said, but I wouldn't have though of continents...

Posted by griphook03/10/04
thanks again :D

Posted by bigSWAFF_69_03/25/05
erm..............i don wanna b a bum, but elephants are also found in asia.

Posted by lycanthrope07/18/05
Love riddles. Even ones I didn't get. :oops: The answer makes perfect sense though. :lol: More. Please more. :D

Posted by crocodile07/21/09
Uh, SWAFF, the answer says "the other continent where elephants are found."

Posted by ThinksForFun07/25/16
Very creative! Excellent teaser!


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