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Divine NINES

Submitted By:griphook
Fun:*** (2.25)
Difficulty:**** (3.11)

What are the next two numbers in this series?

9 10 11 12 13 14 21 ? ?

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by Pheonix_down04/10/03
still don't get it....

Posted by Codammanus04/12/03
Griphook, In your brain teasers, you have demonstrated a knowledge of a variety of subjects, from horses to the military. You must do an enormous amount of research. (Entertaining to us all nonetheless). Phoenix Down: I also did not understand until I did a little checking up on BASE counting. You might want to check this out: (Base Numbers General) (Base 2) Griphook, I didn't understand the mention of BASEd or the word Divine. Care to expound?

Posted by Codammanus04/12/03
Excuse Me, (My manners were absent from that last comment). I failed to COMMEND you for the effort invested, knowledge gained, and brain-cells excited.

Posted by griphook04/14/03
My apologies for the late reply Cod. BASED is just a word to stimulate the subconscious that the teaser has something to do with BASE numbers. Divine NINES is to suggest that the teaser calls for unCODing the different ways the number 9 is written in Base Counting. To DIVINE is to unlock or forsee. Btw Divine Nines is the name for Callaway fairway woods or metal for golf in lieu of 9 wood or 9 metal.

Posted by Codammanus04/14/03
My problems w/ the BASEd is that I looked at the Hint explained in the answer, but not the hint itself. (Guilty). As for the rest of the teaser, you skillfully weaved together many parts to form this one. When Griphook is in the game, we expect a win!

Posted by griphook04/14/03
I am enjoying FoodFight right now in Braingle. I joined late but I am having fun. Try it.

Posted by puzzled_puzzler05/22/03
Tough one. Just to note that there are only four standard mathematical bases, Base 16, Base 10, Base 8, Base 2. So some people may get mixed up.

Posted by griphook05/23/03
thanks for the info. computers use binary and hexadecimal(16). 60 is stiil used for time and angles. the Romans used base 5. there are still societies who use 20. But i dnt know about standards. thanks again.

Posted by beanie8908/10/03
Um.....Ooooooook....whatever you say griphook.

Posted by jimbo10/23/03
Excellent teaser. Romans btw did not have a place value system so they weren't strictly a base 5 system although it was built around lots of 5. Mayan indians had a base 5 system. The reason that base 4, base 8 and base 16 are easy to use is that they are all supersets of base 2 (binary) which can be represented by digital equipment (computers). Incidentally, on you 21st birthday, remember that 21 in base 21 is 43 so Douglas Adams (HHGTTG)missed it by one (lol)!

Posted by griphook10/24/03
thanks for the additional info Jimbo....


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