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STRU musical MENTS

Submitted By:just_moi
Fun:**** (3.24)
Difficulty:** (1.79)

Can you decipher the musical instruments represented below?

1. P O

2. BA BA


4. @ # $ %


1. Piano (P and O)

2. Tuba (Two BA)

3. Clarinet (CLAR in ET)

4. Cymbals (Symbols)

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by MrIxolite04/17/03
Very good. I really enjoyed this one

Posted by frankenweoburger04/17/03
Yes, very good. For BA BA I was thinking Bass (Ba's).

Posted by Pheonix_down05/09/03
I thought BA BA was double bass (double Bas). Good one! Loved it! :D

Posted by rose_rox05/09/03
This one is awesome =)

Posted by wxscooter05/30/03
Quite clever! Very fun!

Posted by gogogo106/07/03
good one. Fun!!!!!!

Posted by Kougra06/15/03
I really enjoyed this one! Excelent thinking!

Posted by Smithy07/29/03
I love this one! Even the titles a rebus!

Posted by Canary0508/22/03
The cymbals really had me stumped. However I think you have too many "E"'s in your clarinet question. I think it should have been ECLART, by my logic your answer based on your question would be clareinet.

Posted by just_moi08/22/03
ur absolutel right canary... i dont know how that extra E crept in |(its not in the answer)... thanx 4 pointing it out! :-D

Posted by siameseifuplz10/26/03
Quite clever. Reminds me... I need to practice my piano!! (But I won't! not when there's this site!!!)

Posted by howdyall131111/08/03
:D Very Very Very Good :D

Posted by something05/22/04
Excellent puzzle j_m. I got all of 'em! :D

Posted by morry200906/15/04
I thought dis was quite easy however i also thougth dat it was double bass

Posted by accordionman06/25/04
Actually, a bass and double bass are the same instrument. Everyone just says bass to shorten it. I enjoyed this teaser! :D Great one!

Posted by rashad07/05/04
Easy and nice work!! I liked it!!!

Posted by just_moi07/05/04
Thanks guys!!!!!! :D

Posted by melybug07/26/04
lol, that was kinna smart!!!

Posted by rashad09/14/04
EXCELLENTテつイテつイテつイテつイテつイテつイテつイテつイテつイテつイテつイテつイテつイテつイテつイテつイテつイテつイ TEASER!!!!! :D

Posted by crystalstar10/29/04
I luffed it but it was easy--I got all of them right....clever though.

Posted by pianofox11/23/04
I love these!!!! Give me more please. :wink:

Posted by goldmare12/20/04
This is great! I got them all, though the first one took a while. I think it's funny that the last one oughta be the hardest, but I got it in a flash. :) I really enjoyed this one, keep 'em coming!

Posted by besbball91712/21/04
great teaser and very clever!! Keep them coming just_moi!!!!!!!! :lol: :lol: :lol: :D :D :D

Posted by knbrain12/23/04
Kind of easy but I like the last one

Posted by Sarah522576612/29/04
Great Teaser! Got them all but the last one. :lol:

Posted by zoezyz02/14/05
:D That is a great 1. I loved it. We need more like that. :lol:

Posted by sftbaltwty02/16/05
wow..that was REALLY clever..great job! it was easy enough so that i was able to get all of them fairly quickly..but still very enjoyable :)

Posted by Kabuki02/21/05
This is a great puzzle. I actually figured it out! :)

Posted by deadeye82304/26/05
nice one! :D i like the title too :lol:

Posted by kcelf2705/02/05
Saw the title and thought ho hum, but it was VERY enjoyable. Gave it medium dif, and ALL smilies!!!

Posted by zonahobo05/10/05
:D Funsensible -- good daily choice -- heres a ovastandtion :D

Posted by changegurl05/10/05
This one was add to my fav's list. I totally like this one. Keep um coming. :D

Posted by tamjp05/10/05
:D great one! Title fantastic. I got Clarinet but then got stumped :oops: I love these though. Keep them coming and I'll try harder next time. :wink:

Posted by lostatsea05/10/05
Loved this one. Helps get the brain in gear. The 'BA BA' stumped me and I just finished with my trumpet, ??. Send more!! :D plz

Posted by timilee05/10/05
Yes Yes Yes!!!! This is one that r o c k s ... I am a musician so I heart U 4 this 1! keep up the GREAT work! :D

Posted by dragonballcity105/10/05
super cute!

Posted by Kinergy05/10/05
Awesome puzzle! I couldn't really figure out why clarinet but it was pretty obvious that was the answer.

Posted by hirshy123005/10/05
I really enjoyed this one. I would love to see more like this. Great Job!!! :D

Posted by dogboy05/10/05
i got the cymbols and the clarinet 8) but not the others :oops: ....very good teaser :D

Posted by quantumpbrane05/10/05
very fun. good one. i want more............ love love love

Posted by jacstop05/10/05
Hey! This was a rather enjoyable little brain teaser. I answered all of them correctly in less than 5 minutes but I felt challenged and inspired. What do you think this one is my dear friend :lol: (Cnl) (Cnl) (Cnl) and this one :P "tishoes"

Posted by Ozymandias05/10/05
Good one! I got all but the 4th, and via a different route. But it worked. :P :P :P

Posted by Ozymandias05/10/05
Good one! I got all but the 4th, and via a different route. But it worked. :P :P :P

Posted by darthforman05/10/05
good one.

Posted by horsecrazed05/10/05
that was ok :-? :-? :-? :wink:

Posted by FeaerFactorY66605/10/05
That was good!!!!! :D

Posted by midget_madness05/10/05
:lol: that was a really good one! i really didn't get it till after i read the answer! :roll:

Posted by jannie_delta05/10/05
I know it was probably the easiest one, but I didn't get the Piano. :oops:

Posted by jannie_delta05/10/05
good teaser, though! :D

Posted by lilianxie05/10/05
Very good...I finaly got one! Go me! :D

Posted by vikingboy05/10/05
too funny, the only one I didn't get was tuba...and I played it for two years in band...silly me :oops:

Posted by Araldite05/10/05
I liked that one! :D

Posted by Javian05/10/05
fun and easy :D but I also thought that BA BA was double bass,

Posted by brain_dead05/10/05
yes! i got #3 right. :P

Posted by Question_Mark05/11/05
Another 2 you could of had are: SPGLOCKIEL (Glockinspiel) AND XY PHONE (Xylophone) Good teaser. :D

Posted by jacstop05/12/05
Let's just say we're glad that you didn't choose Glock -in- spiel and xy- lo- phone :D :D :) :(

Posted by Swordoffury139205/12/05
Great teaser! :D I thought that it was double bass also and i didnt get cymbals either. Whoever said that the double bass and the bass are the same instument is not correct. The bass can refer to bass guitar, bass drum, bass saxaphone, double bass, etc. But the double bass can only be a larger cello. Just wanted to let you know. Once again, great teaser!

Posted by saucyangel05/12/05
great teaser! i noticed the title after i'd already figured out the answer...nice touch! i'm a pianist, so this one is definitely on my "fave" list! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

Posted by lordske05/15/05
u must be a band kid or definitely know a few. :lol:

Posted by bhssoccer2306/13/05
These are exactly the kind I love! :D

Posted by PCDguitar06/14/05
i only got piano very fun

Posted by SaturnCat0806/22/05
Cool one!! easy but fun :lol:

Posted by trickyleprecaun06/24/05
that was pretty challenging, i like it!

Posted by irock300106/30/05
this is a pretty good teaser, actually. i added it to my favorites. good job! :D :D :lol: :D :lol: :P :D :lol: :P :D

Posted by sambean07/09/05
that was really fun and cool. :D

Posted by gottalovetacsc07/11/05
HOW COOL!!!!!!

Posted by lycanthrope07/15/05
Made my fav list. Good job :D

Posted by lycanthrope07/15/05
Made my fav list. Good job :D

Posted by smarty_blondy07/28/05
Man, now that's what i call a great teaser! Great title as well! This one made my fav also :D !

Posted by Mysterious08/10/05
:D :D :D Good Teaser!!! :D :D :D

Posted by johnnydeppfan10/07/05

Posted by bonkerz10/27/05
omfg that was insane mang :lol: it was my 1st one n i like it

Posted by marching_xc11/09/05
As a musician (a ECLARTist), I had to vote a full smiley on this one.

Posted by redraptor5011/12/05
This was great, I loved it :D

Posted by Brainy_112/29/05
Good one! :D I only got clarinet :( But this was fun! 8)

Posted by metallicman01/02/06
Nice teaser. I got them all except for the last. You've got quit a skill. :wink: 8)

Posted by morning_rain0801/21/06
Awesome! Very nice! Loved it. :D

Posted by solarsistim32102/10/06
now i get it, that is the coolest i ever heard, i'm addin it to my favorites! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

Posted by tintiniscool02/26/06
YES! I L-O-V-E these types of teasers! :D this is so cool! I like the title too: musical IN stru ments

Posted by bigSWAFF_69_03/05/06
Great job, I didn't get "Ba Ba", because I was thinking of the sound goats make :-? Nice teaser

Posted by SPUTNIK203/07/06
Good one, got them all but the last and I shoulda known!! :D Thanks, that was a goodie

Posted by Vigo9503/27/06
i didn't get any of these ! it doesn't matter because when i saw te answer i loved it !!!!!!!! definitely a favorite ! :D

Posted by Mellew03/30/06
i am in band so i got them all ex. last 1 b/c i thought they stood 4 something :lol:

Posted by Mellew03/30/06
P.S. I ♥ the way u made the title a rebus

Posted by DufusX04/28/06
Love it!!! :lol: :) :P :D

Posted by DufusX05/05/06
going in my favs

Posted by OldChinaHand05/10/06
I'm not a musical type, but this one was a lot of fun. Thanks. 8)

Posted by lmurray05/10/06

Posted by RRAMMOHAN05/10/06
A cute teaser. I dont know much about musical instruments and so could get only one! Thanks for the educative teaser.

Posted by coachpisco05/10/06
EXCELLENT! I loved it. :D

Posted by bradon18200105/10/06
Very good teaser. :o

Posted by AwwwSweet05/10/06
Great teaser, and I love the teaser title as well!

Posted by dodger05/10/06
I concur with the majority of comments. I really liked the teaser and the Title was really great too. I managed to get all the instruments quickly :D Thanks for a great teaser. Judging by the number of comments others liked ot too.

Posted by scallio05/10/06
:D Great teaser. Got me with those symbols!

Posted by Trishgal05/10/06
Thanks--- loved it 8) and am saving this one. :wink:

Posted by iteachkids05/10/06
:lol: :lol: :lol: Didja hear me laughing?!?!?!?!?!!! :lol: :lol: :lol:

Posted by tonjawithaj05/10/06
very clever!!!! 8)

Posted by Stuff105/10/06
I enjoy these teasers!

Posted by wildsiren8205/10/06
I got them all!! But it was still really cute :D

Posted by Punk_Rocker05/10/06
I loved it!! That was awesome, 'cause I usually don't get rebuses...But it still wasn't really really easy. Keep it up!!

Posted by banzai05/10/06
Clever title, clever puzzle! thank you! :D

Posted by kman61305/10/06
Those were great - hadn't seem them before!

Posted by blagh05/10/06
And once, at band camp, I shoved a ECLART in my @ # $ %

Posted by jabdr05/10/06
Cute and clever and fun. :P :D :D

Posted by azbee12305/10/06
sooo much fun!!! loved it!!!! going in5to my favs. :D :lol: :o

Posted by madleon05/10/06
XCELENT teaser!! do not stop, do not pass go, do not collect $200 go straight into my favorites :D

Posted by mercenary00705/10/06
good teaser.... I got the first 3 instruments easily but because the 4th clue was totally different from the other 3 it got me :lol: 8)

Posted by scr2605/10/06
AWESOME! these r my favrite types of brain teasers! i thought u were swearing on that last one! lol

Posted by aaks9405/10/06
very good. i loved it! :D

Posted by tdbrsun05/10/06
Good I enjoyed . I missed two though, More of these.

Posted by vlerma05/11/06
:oops: Well I must still be sleepy this A. M. as I didn't do too well on this one, but it was an excellent teaser. I have to learn to read the titles as I felt like I needed a hint on what the subject was. Duuhh! Had I looked at the title I'm sure I could have done better. Really a good job. :)

Posted by rlb061305/11/06
I got them all. I guess that music appreciation class I took to become a nurse paid off after all. Yeah ME :D

Posted by stang9905/22/06
Really good. Great thinking and TOTALLY different!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :) :D

Posted by GebbieRose06/01/06
A classic, I'm sure. :D

Posted by prateek08/20/06

Posted by tracee11/10/06

Posted by tracee11/10/06
:wink: wicked cool. not too tough!

Posted by MalcolmReynolds11/26/06
Nice. Thought BA BA was Bass, like a lot of other people. Can't believe I didn't get piano... :)

Posted by soccerfreak0611/28/06
I like this one i also like band

Posted by choptlivva12/22/06
I'm usually TERRIBLE at rebuses (rebi?).... but I GOT this one!! Well.... except for cymbals... :lol: That one made me laugh!! Good job!

Posted by ejhops01/05/07
Very nice! I am one of the many that was a double bass guessers. Great rebus, and first one I've seen of instruments:-D

Posted by gallopingboo02/01/07
I loved this, especially the cymbols part but only because I play percussion in marching band and I was looking to see if one of them was mine GREAT JOB!!! :lol:

Posted by cloughme05/10/07
Pretty good! :wink:

Posted by Phoenixtears05/10/07
Ugh! I'm probably the only one who didn't get piano. I kept thinking "hmm, p pre o? Peprio? Is that an instrument?" :roll:Oh well though, nice teaser! It was a fun one! :wink:

Posted by peeve3005/10/07
I love it! good one, ty!

Posted by lmurray05/10/07

Posted by anion05/10/07
I didn't think it was TOO EASY. I actually enjoyed figuring them out. I couldn't get the last one for anything. Great job!!! Keep 'em coming. :wink:

Posted by kitty72805/10/07
GOT THREE .. WE LIKEY...... L8TR G8TRS :wink: :lol: :lol: :wink:

Posted by puttumup05/10/07
:o i guess if you had a museical background it would be a good teaser but in acktuality how many of us are?so for the aveage joe this teaser is a thums down... :o

Posted by phyllisa05/10/07
For those of us who have't see it before, it was fun. I got the last two. :)

Posted by phyllisa05/10/07
Sorry I lost a couple "N"s. :)

Posted by I_Write_Books05/10/07
Fun teaser, and nice title, too, by the way! :D

Posted by FatHead05/10/07
I figured it out perfectly this time, and wondered why it was so hard last time. :)

Posted by MsCynthia270505/10/07
I had to use my brain to figure these out. :P :lol:

Posted by pengzoid05/10/07
very clever teaser. i got all but cymbals. love these kind of teasers.

Posted by auntiesis05/10/07
Found it just as hard this time around. I got a couple , but cymbals eluded me. :oops: :-? :(

Posted by coolguy567805/10/07
The Piano was a bit of a strech (You don't say pee-and-oh, you say pya-no), but the rest were good. Got all but the Piano.

Posted by An831Mami05/10/07
Good one. They were easy enough that I didn't give up when stumped, but made me think a little harder. Thanks.

Posted by 2ndhandrose05/10/07
:oops: should have had a 2nd cuppa before trying this. When I read the answer I thought it was way clever!! Could Ba Ba be Babaloo? :lol: Showin' my age again :roll: :D :D :lol:

Posted by jcann05/10/07
I got them all but cymbals--and I'm a percussionist! Lots of fun--I will use these with my music classes as we are studying the instrument families right now. :)

Posted by saxman05/10/07
I thought it was very clever, and I liked it. If any of you who missed it are musicians (or musician wannabes) shame! LOL

Posted by Brock05/10/07
Thats great keep up the good work. :D :D :D :D :D :D :wink: :wink: :wink:

Posted by hradilv05/10/07
Excellent - lots of fun. Of course, this was my first time seeing this puzzle.

Posted by wandering_goat05/10/07
That was a good one. I couldn't get four. My only guess (and this was farfetched, based only on the fact that the symbols were the numbers 2,3,4,5 when pressed using the shift key) was that it was "keyboard".

Posted by LizR05/10/07
Very cute. I enjoyed it alot!

Posted by notsosmart11105/10/07
Wow that was brilliant!!!!! you are one smartical person!!

Posted by babycee05/10/07
bravo, bravo. encore. encore. :D :D

Posted by POPS05/10/07
Nice and easy and most of all FUN :(

Posted by Knitch05/10/07
very fun! :lol: :D

Posted by jabdr05/10/07
And then there are those of us who don't remember we saw this a year or two ago :oops: And loved it all over :roll: For being so entertaining :lol: I'll probably love it all over again next year :roll: :)

Posted by breathesunshine05/10/07
Fun one! It was the first time to see it for me and I got 2/4 right. Sounds like the right mix of difficulty. 8)

Posted by Brock05/10/07
Thats great. 8) 8) 8)

Posted by j9mattfield05/10/07
Great teaser! Couldn't get "symbols," so I just looked at the symbols, saw "2,3,4,5," figured counting, and wrote metronome. Not an instrument, but the best I could do. Thanks! :D

Posted by tamjp05/10/07
Great teaser! :oops: I thought , for sure, that #4 was per-CUSS-ion! :lol:

Posted by Andy_L05/10/07
I don't really like that one

Posted by casarussell05/11/07
Shouldn't it be tubas? (one ba, two ba(s)?) great teaser!

Posted by speedqueenkmw05/11/07
loved this one :lol:

Posted by Badger05/11/07
Still cute the third time around, but would have preferred a fresh one today. :D

Posted by Dreamchaser05/11/07
:oops: only got piano..but it's Friday and almost time to go home 8) better luck next time.

Posted by oddrey05/14/07
I loved it!! the title was very clever too. I couldnt get number four though. My mind was going in the complete wrong direction.

Posted by jin10doh05/17/07
Very good teaser! Kudos!

Posted by violinist374605/28/07
great teaser, got them all but clarinet!

Posted by drussel305/30/07
Good one, got all but the last one.

Posted by Qrystal06/25/07
How cute!! And I like it when a rebus is fun and not too tough, because the tough ones kinda bug me. :P Anyways, for the last one, I was wondering to myself out loud.. maybe those symbols mean something... OH! CYMBALS! and in defense of PIANO ... I got it by saying P an' O. :P

Posted by steeler8401/21/08
Clever, funny, cool, exellent, wonderful, hard, fun teaser :D

Posted by feste02/18/08
I thought No 2 could also be double bass

Posted by Anushka05/18/08
i am banging my head as i type!!!!!! no duh!

Posted by Fuchunky05/29/08
AGH I GOT THE LAST ONE WRONG! :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:

Posted by shamone2110/13/08
very clever!! :D

Posted by duleo11/29/08
omg rebus are sooo hard :o

Posted by peachpants06/03/09
that wuz real good, but hard. i really liked it!!!

Posted by Flamey50001/07/10
Awesome teaser! Really easy. I got all of them.

Posted by ruoffba05/10/10
A cute quiz but not really a rebus. Merriam- Webster defines rebus as a representation of words or syllables by pictures of objects or by symbols whose names resemble the intended words or syllables in sound; also : a riddle made up of such pictures or symbols. This being the case, with the exception of @#$% = cymbals this is not truly a rebus. Unless of course, one argues that letters of the alphabet are really only symbols :roll:

Posted by mathisnice05/10/10
But Braingle's definition is "Rebus brain teasers use words or letters in interesting orientations to represent common phrases." So, no, it works. テ「ヒナ。

Posted by KarateGirl09805/10/10
Great teaser! Got them all except for #4. Oops.

Posted by thebrain78910/23/10
I got them all, even the title. :)

Posted by kloodoo05/04/11
if you like Rebus puzzles, check out the daily picture puzzles (rebus puzzles) @

Posted by oboebandgeek9905/18/11
what about: o o oo oo ooo ooo oooo oooo oooooooooo oooooooooo oooo oooo ooo ooo oo oo o o oboe. ("O" bow)

Posted by oboebandgeek9905/18/11
aghhh!!! stupid spaces

Posted by sadface25612/17/11
cool this is one of the best brain teasers on the site. the symbols got me stuck though :oops:

Posted by brains2beauty9606/15/12
I loved it :D Very well done

Posted by Babe05/10/13
Nice one. I got two and missed two. :D

Posted by thecatladycac05/10/13
I got only #1 and #3 - Since it's way past my bedtime and I didn't want to wait until tomorrow to try to figure out the answers, I went ahead and looked. Very clever! Now I will go to sleep dreaming about music! Nice Teaser!! :D :lol: :D

Posted by gaylewolf05/10/13
I obviously should be more awake when taking a quiz like this one - didn't get any of them! Probably didn't try long enough! Thanks for a good one! :wink: :)

Posted by cutebug05/10/13
Missed one of them. This one is older than me, well almost. :D :D

Posted by lukasiwicz05/10/13
I, like a couple of other posters to this site, submit that a reasonable answer for # 2 would be "double bass" (double ba's).

Posted by spikethru405/12/13
Except that: (a) when you use "double" to indicate that something is repeated, you don't also pluralise it. E.g. double-six, not double sixes when rolling dice. (b) BA is pronounced BAH, not BAY.

Posted by spikethru405/12/13
Which, incidentally, suggests that the answer to #2 should, in fact, be tubas, since you should use a plural with 'two'.

Posted by raisin9905/10/16
easy, but fun...and well done

Posted by gaylewolf05/10/16
Cute teaser! I got two of them this time. Thanks for posting! :lol:

Posted by catmom05/10/16
Great teaser!! I got the first three pretty fast, #4 made :roll: :D :D :D

Posted by catmom05/10/16
@ Gayle Wolf HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!

Posted by Zykezex05/10/16
Agree: Easy and fun! :)


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