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The munificent Pa Mason

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This year marks the 12th ANNUAL Mason Family Shopping Spree. The family patriarch, Pa Mason, has allotted the other family members a certain amount of money to shop with. Every year he devises an arbitrary method for determining how much each will get (last year he chose their weight, and everyone had a lot of loot to spend). Below is his note sheet to remind him of how much to give out:

*Note that Pa Mason capitalized the A in Mason. I think he did this to remember to distinguish between the values of the 'A's' in the method he worked out.

'Don MAson' gets $245
'Mad MAson' gets $245
'J.J.J. MAson' gets $246
'Sad MAson' gets $244

and 'Ma MAson' gets $214


This year he chose the names of the other 5 family members as well as the fact that it is the '12th Annual' shopping spree as the basis for his allotment method. What quirky method did Pa Mason use to determine who gets what for the '12th Annual Mason Family Shopping Spree'?

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