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Submitted By:Newf
Fun:*** (2.18)
Difficulty:*** (3.05)

A L C A P _

What is the missing letter?

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by dakini06/09/03
Awesome! Informative and cool!:)

Posted by able06/11/03
That's ridiculous! Who but a Canadian would have the faintest idea what that's all about?

Posted by MurfQ07/16/03
I am a Canadian and I had no idea. Excellent job though. Very informative. I'm sure I learned that at some point ;-)

Posted by fishmed08/08/03
I think it was good too. I did not get it, not being a "ya hey der" kinda guy, but there are puzzles from America that he would not get and others from other countries which would similarly stump others. I think it evens out. Good job.

Posted by smarty_blondy09/07/05
Clever, good job!


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