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The object of these teasers is to figure out a commonly used phrase of two (or more) words. The phrase has omitted from it any letters that the two have in common with each other. The number of missing letters from each appear next to the word. (In this group, there is one where the ENTIRE WORD has been omitted). A hint has been included to round it out.


DOY(2) BA(1) + "Leftovers to go"= DOGGY BAG

Got it? Good! Now try these:

1. CAL(4) NTT(5) GOU(2) + "Together for specific action" =

2. CURR(3) VS(4) + "Timely Topics" =

3. BKT(3) C(3) + "Worn out terribly" =

4. TRMA(4) SS(5) + "Recovery=Mission Impossible" =

5. PR(5) [Entire Word Omitted](5) + "Is.Now." =

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