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Acid in a Cup

Submitted By:sunnyfunny
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A man said to a woman to stand under a cup filled with acid that had a piece of paper over the top of it. The woman was not afraid.

How come?

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by puzzled_puzzler06/16/03
The cup was filled with orange juice!

Posted by tissue06/17/03
I'd still be scared.

Posted by hersheykiss890806/18/03
that was REALLY EASY!!!!!

Posted by willymapo06/24/03
Sorry, Sunny, but what teases me is Why does She has to be afraid?. I thought there was a risk of the acid being spilled, but never of the piece of paper holding the acid. :-S OK. Have fun and we'll wait for the real hard ones to come ;-)

Posted by mixaleena07/23/03
I'm with puzzled.

Posted by COMPUIKE11/12/03
:lol: I'd still be scared... acid burns... I knew that it was right-side up... could've been harder

Posted by Maria4Tony12/13/03
I'm with Liz and COMP. Acid burns through. The strongest acid is in our stomach-Ph 1. VERY strong. I've read somewhere it would burn a hole right through a hankie! Good riddle though.

Posted by kapnkrunchr03/25/04
i was confused but only because I never thought of the cup turning over at all.

Posted by absy03/26/05
I suppose it would depend what kind of cup was holding the acid as to whether it would indeed burn a hole through, and if it would, the type of cup would determine how long it would take for it to happen, so the woman could stand there for that amount of time before the cup actually began to be eaten away. Didn't like this one at all.

Posted by tjm53110/11/05
I agree...too many options to satisfy the correct answer...I mean the answer that was given. :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:

Posted by DJ12310/17/05
good teaser alot of different answers to it though :lol:

Posted by bigSWAFF_69_11/25/05
Good concept, could have been more "tricky" if it was stated that the paper was the only thing that could keep the acid in the cup, to scare you more too. :P

Posted by Ilovepink404/07/06
Wouldn't Acid Go Through The Cup?

Posted by Smart_Alex04/27/06
OMG. The answer is SOO obvious that I got it wrong. And yes, acid would burn through the cup, unless it was made of some materials that wouldn't let it. If there is any material like that.

Posted by triskit05/05/06
I feel sorry for the authors parents

Posted by tonjawithaj03/02/07
Not all acid would go through the cup...lemon juice (citric acid) or vinegar (acetic acid) are both relatively weak acids. Good teaser. I like easy ones sometimes! :D

Posted by scallio09/11/07
Of course acid wouldn't go through the cup... it wasn't a paper cup. In fact it wasn't specified. Could have been a tin or glass cup. The type of acid wasn't specified either... could have been a very mild acid as was suggested in several other comments. Not my favorite teaser... sorry. It just didn't have any challenge at all to it. :wink:

Posted by duleo06/28/09
I thought the answer was that the acid was citrus fruit, orange juice, vinegar, etc. :lol:

Posted by jonas10/30/09
wouldn't the acid burn through the cup? and why would she stand under it in the first place?? i agree with puzzler though. keep emcomin! :D

Posted by braingle10010/05/11
Wouldn't the acid burn through the cup? Or, Wouldn't she be scared that someone would turn the cup over?

Posted by ThinksForFun03/26/16
How about this?: The woman was not afraid because she refused to do what the man told/asked her to do (i.e. stand under the cup).


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