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Submitted By:griphook
Fun:*** (2.35)
Difficulty:**** (3.12)

Lew W. Reese, Jr. was seated comfortably in one of the boardrooms of ACRON, Inc. One final test and he would then be hired as one of the company's top executives with a seven figure monthly salary and all the perks. Exactly for what top level office, he was not told by the executive search committee. Our Chairman feels strongly about your name, they told him.
After a few minutes, the charming assistant of the Chairman entered the room and gave him a piece of paper marked 44444.
He almost fell from his chair when he read it because he was clueless as to the officers of the company.
The paper read:


1. PRESIDENT: Mountains of Work. Rush Work. More Work or Bust.
2. CFO: Number Crunches. Value Operations.
3. CORPSEC: monthly meetings every 30 days.
4. VP-PLANNING: Environment and Competition Analysis
5. VP-MARKETING: Market Expansion in all Directions.

B. NAMES OF EXECUTIVES (not in order)

1. Steve A. Norfolk, Jr.
2. Milton David A. Swanson
3. Norman S. E. Waldorf
4. Wilma S. Ocier-Tellaney


a. Who occupies which position?
b. Why are you being considered for the vacant office aside from your qualifications?

Note: Please do not disappoint us by looking at the HINT.

What should be Lew's answers?

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by Gizzer06/19/03
Clever, I got WSOT by process of elimination though, I wasn't familiar with that group.

Posted by Codammanus06/19/03
NSEW is all I got, but I marveled at the solution.

Posted by griphook06/19/03
I am sure you got My Dear Aunt Sally too Cod. ACRONyms?

Posted by Codammanus06/19/03
Actually, that one got past me. And I am really intrigued by Mr. "Lew W. Reese" And ACRON only occured to me this morning on my way out the door!

Posted by sammyboy5748306/24/03
That was hard.

Posted by willymapo06/30/03
Very good. Very hard. I got the "Initial" idea, but couldn't associate all of them.

Posted by MurfQ07/14/03
Impresive! All I got was the NSEW one.

Posted by taniapereira9907/25/03
Man that was hard... Amazingly well thought out though! Hard to know all the other ones than the basic.

Posted by griphook07/28/03
thanks Murf,Wily Willy, and Tania.

Posted by cmsilverfang08/13/03
That was a great teaser. Its my absolute favorite.

Posted by geniusboy09/06/03
griphook i see u have a well structured mind, but spice up your riddles a bit mate ! thumbs up to u though!!

Posted by griphook09/07/03
appreciate the comments. i will try harder next time

Posted by marka10/08/03
I now feel stupid.

Posted by nik449410/17/03

Posted by griphook10/26/03
thanks to all... i am particularly happy with double 3.0 teasers

Posted by spectramotion11/30/03
Ouch! I was way off! Very good drainer! Drained me..... LOL! :o

Posted by griphook12/20/03
thanks for the comments... i will try harder next time..

Posted by griphook12/21/03
thanks... and happy holidays :D

Posted by griphook12/31/03
8) thanks a lot for such generous praise... :D

Posted by griphook01/13/04
:D :oops: :D

Posted by froghop83303/21/04
Griphook you should write a book! I haven't found one of your teasers that I haven't loved. This one is one of my favorites. I found the MDAS and NESW. Very clever, especially with the title.

Posted by griphook03/21/04
Thank you so much :D

Posted by ansh9305/23/04
I only got it cause i was studying American History while i was solving this riddle so I thought of the president... cool riddle thou :o

Posted by smarty_blondy09/07/05
Extremely well done, great job! :D

Posted by griphook10/10/05
may thanks SMarty

Posted by brainster04/12/06
Probably one of the best teasers I have seen on Braingle! It was beautifully done! I got the initials bit and even got the NSEW link, but that was about it! :D

Posted by griphook04/14/06
much too generous... but thanks


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