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Computer Virus

Submitted By:philomath
Fun:*** (2.3)
Difficulty:*** (3.07)

Philomath sits down at his computer at twelve o'clock and starts his English assignment. He types the first four sentences and then discovers to his amazement that a strange virus seems to have affected his computer. For even though he types in English and according to the correct letters as denoted by his keyboard, a baffling array of letters appear. Below is a transcript of what he typed:

Sicop n ivuykce ujhi yu h adwxes'u ged?
Zowd kct nqui qucmug lne orvj zluyocaug:
Uszmo erxos ep vlfql bqo oasnlrl hblb yq Mcb,
Esj zcvwpr't nhexk oicr llm vr wmuyb j nltf.

He has forgotten what he has written so he tries to decipher the code to avoid having to start again. After one hour, he still hasn't figured it out. He then looks at the clock on the wall and decodes his assignment.

What is the virus doing and what does the above say?

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