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Submitted By:Bobdole
Fun:**** (3.2)
Difficulty:*** (2.41)

A man worked for a high-security institution, and one day he went in to work only to find that he could not log in to his computer terminal. His password wouldn't work. Then he remembered that the passwords are reset every month for security purposes. So he went to his boss and they had this conversation:
Man-"Hey boss, my password is out of date."
Boss-"Yes, that's right. The password is different, but if you listen carefully you should be able to figure out the new one: It has the same amount of letters as your old password, but only four of the letters are the same."
Man: "Thanks boss."
With that, he went and correctly logged into his station.
What was the new password?
BONUS: What was his old password?

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by Wastrel07/09/03
That made me think for a while! Good job!

Posted by MysticGohan78907/10/03
This Is Probably The Cleverest I Have Ever Read

Posted by jacintan08/08/03
This is an absolutely FANTASTIC teaser. I think it's my favourite.

Posted by CowboyRider11/29/04
That's an awsome teaser! I loved it! :lol:

Posted by Tiggr12/03/04
Sweet! had I been paying attention to detail maybe I would've gotten that, but that was a bit too clever for me. That was a great teaser, if you have any more like that keep on posting :wink: :D :) :P

Posted by smgreyuk12/03/04
I got the password being Different str8 away. Reminds me of a riddle called the GRY riddle, hoever took my time 2 figure out the old password.

Posted by Nicky10112/03/04
I'm often very literal but I'm surprised i didn't get this one. :lol: :oops: good one :D 8)

Posted by I_am_the_Omega12/03/04
Nice! I was looking for the trick in the text but couldn't find it!!!

Posted by poparazzi9312/04/04
Loved it! Very cool teaser. :D

Posted by mcgrawactor112/06/04
What fun!! Keep 'em coming! :P

Posted by Patte12/11/04
It's very easy!!!!!!! :lol: But don' worry because I had ssssoooo mmmmuuuucccchhhh ffffuuuunnnn!!!!!!!!!!! 8) 8) 8)

Posted by Skybet12/23/04
Am i the only one who didnt like it? 8) :P

Posted by knbrain12/24/04
I think it belongs in the trick catagory

Posted by knbrain12/24/04
sorry about my spelling error

Posted by irock300106/20/05
Awesome teaser. I knew there was going to be a trick in the writing. I found the first one, out of date, but i didn't get the last one. :D :lol: ure really good at this. :lol:

Posted by MTK_9006/29/05

Posted by Sunrose09/09/05
:D Thought this one was cute. Good Job 8)

Posted by TheEarthling12/03/05
Yay! I got this one. Very cool teaser. :D

Posted by thimblenoggin12/03/05
Everything after "the password is different" is misleading garbage. It should say "if you've been listening carefully you already know the answer". Got it anyway though. Nice one. :D

Posted by Tarynng12/03/05
awesome puzzle!

Posted by redraptor5012/03/05
Great teaser , Loved it :D

Posted by bluehawk12/03/05
:lol: :lol: That was very cute. I figured it would be "different" and I was right, no pun intended. Well Bob Dole keep them coming.I enjoyed this one. :lol: :wink: 8)

Posted by jessjspieks12/03/05

Posted by coldfire12/03/05
niceeeeeeee:o I am sure no one will get it on the first guess! :lol:

Posted by ceeyaaa12/03/05
I loved it...very clever...I didn't read it carefully :oops: :oops:

Posted by gnosys12/03/05
May I offer another small tweak? When the man comes into his boss's ofc, he should say something like: "I tried to log onto my computer, but my password was out of date." The man is aware that his password is out of date... and therefore no longer "out of date"... so he would know better than to use the present tense: "My password IS out of date." Using some version of the above, he can use the past tense (i.e., "My password WAS out of date") without it seeming odd or drawing too much attention to the line. Also, I agree about putting "listen carefully" before "your password is different," because it does suggest the answer will be included in what follows, not in what the boss has already said. Finally, the only reason I found this teaser easy was that the boss's speech, which he tells us contains the solution, is so brief that there aren't many possible red herrings to think about. (Another possibility would be to somehow omit the overt hint that the solution is in his words.) IRRELEVANT, PEDANTIC DIGRESSION I looked up "i.e." to make sure I was using it correctly above, and I learned or was reminded of the following trivial but occasionally useful information: The abbreviation "i.e." means "that is" (from the Latin "id est") and should not be confused with "e.g." -- which means "for example" (from the Latin "exempli gratia"). Two other occasionally confused Latin abbreviations used in English are "etc.", which means "and so on" (short for "et cetera" -- literally "and the rest") and "et al" (no period used with this one), which means "and others" (short for "et alii"). The two abbreviations have similar but not quite identical meanings; the main thing to beware of is the common mispronunciation "ekk cetera" (and accompanying misspelling "ect."). EQUALLY IRRELEVANT (UNPAID) PLUG: For intense brain teasing and other perverse pleasures, I'd heartily recommend the newly re-released DVD boxed set of the bizarre, beautiful, utterly unique MTV animated sci-fi (sort of) series, "Aeon Flux" (not to be confused with the new live-action movie, with which it has almost nothing in common and on which the show's creator, Peter Chung, had no input. In a way, the episodes of the series ARE puzzles... with no easy or obvious solutions.

Posted by cheer_leader_qt12/03/05
i liked it, but i thought it waz hard. o well. :oops: :roll:

Posted by Marty_New12/03/05
Luv It!!!!! :D

Posted by martiemr12/03/05
:D wonderful!!!!! gnosys: get a life :evil:

Posted by kman61312/03/05
That was an excellent teaser!

Posted by jimbo4612/03/05
No, Skybet, U rn't the only one who didn't like this teaser. Maybe I'm just in a bad mood, but I didn't think it gave enough info. :evil:

Posted by rubberducky3612/03/05
very very good. very very very VERY very good. VERY get the idea.

Posted by mogur12/03/05
Now THAT'S an excellent brain teaser. Bob Dole, I knew I liked you for a reason. How's that viagra working out?

Posted by choptlivva12/03/05
It stumped me!!!! :lol: The funny thing is, I used to have a password like that. If my kids tried to guess it, I told them the answer using it clearly in the sentence. They never got it. I thought I was so clever! I guess not!!! :oops::

Posted by choptlivva12/03/05
ps.... I do think it belongs in the "Trick" category. Very good though!!!

Posted by lindquist_2512/03/05
Not bad, I never would have gotten it!

Posted by hidentreasure12/03/05
Good teaser :lol:

Posted by kimberlykay12/03/05
Cute teaser :D I think gnosys has way too much time on his/her hands! :roll:

Posted by jbray12/03/05
Oh good greif :roll: People look way too much into this. It was a great teaser. Perfectly worded. I got it fairly easy. It took a couple of reads and some logic use, but to say that you need to change it and analyze the teaser is crazy. Great Job!!!

Posted by DeeAnn12/03/05
This was a really great teaser, we figured out the old password but wasn't paying enough attention to get the new one. Great job!! :D :D :D

Posted by azbee12312/03/05
cute!!! :D

Posted by speediebean12/03/05
Excellent teaser Bobdole, wonderful job!! Precious, not everyone has a problem with being disagreeable, you apparently don't. I, however, disagree with you, it was a brilliant teaser, it made perfect sense, please don't be a spoilsport just because you didn't get it. I only 'got' half of it, and I enjoyed it very very much. I happen to like things that make me think.

Posted by lindz_178612/03/05
there wasn't enough information for someone to figure that out. it was clever, but not a good teaser :-?

Posted by KatV12/03/05
I lOVED it!!!! :lol: Totally just proves that sometimes we make things harder than they really are!

Posted by hockeygirl12/03/05
that was easy but cute!! :wink:

Posted by hockeygirl12/03/05
ps lindz ur mean!!! :x

Posted by hockeygirl12/03/05
pps preisous u have issues today im pissed off at the world so nobody take offense

Posted by ChattyMonkey12/03/05
one of the hardest, yet best i've seen. not gonna lie, it stumped me :oops: :oops: !

Posted by vlerma12/03/05
This is the kind of brainteaser that everyoe shouold enjoy. That's why they are called such bobdole must be hi-minded since he his from the Rocky Mountain High state. Thanks much for the lesson on showing us we don't always know how to shovel out the extra words when a politician speaks. :roll: :wink: :)

Posted by vlerma12/03/05
ps sorry for some of the typos. This is my first time at commenting. Have a good teaser to submit, but still don't have the number of points accumulated. Will keep watching though!! :oops:

Posted by Lizzy912/03/05
I wish I could have gotten that. It was really clever!

Posted by POPS12/03/05
Loved it :D Ya got me :oops: Very clever and well thought out :lol: Keep them coming!!!!! :wink:

Posted by lovefrenzy12/03/05
i love this one :D

Posted by wizkid12/03/05
great teaser. I loved it. I got it right off the back. :D

Posted by mrtickles12/03/05
i'll vote for you next time you run

Posted by Bware031312/03/05
I luved this teaser, so difficult, yet so simple

Posted by leroy_h12/03/05
i did not get it this time. But i enjoyed the braingle. :lol:

Posted by shawneeo12/03/05
I got it!!! It was a good one, but I agree with a few of the others above, I think one or two little tweaks would make it a PERFECT teaser. If you know this type, it's pretty easy. There's a teaser called GRY on here that is excellent and that was my first meeting with this kind of teaser. And gnosys (sorry if I got ur name wrong) I found what you said totally correct and the other stuff very very interesting. Thanks for the teaser! :D 8) :lol: :wink: :roll:

Posted by GirlyxGirlxMia12/03/05
wow that was really good!! Keep em coming...!!! That made me think for a while 8) :P :D

Posted by Angelli12/03/05
i had to reread to get it :D

Posted by hockeygirl12/03/05
sorry ppls im all better now!! :lol: i honsetly thought this one was very clever and a great teaser see im not always horrible just erlier

Posted by stephiesd12/04/05
Wow. That was so cool. I feel stupid for not getting it. :oops: :oops:

Posted by simplimade12/04/05
I thought this was a pretty easy teaser. :P But it was a lot of fun anyway.

Posted by lmurray12/04/05

Posted by kdm1320212/04/05
Yea It was neat . made me think. :)

Posted by kdm1320212/04/05
Once i read the answer i wanted to turn my foot around and kick my own tail. :lol:

Posted by GinnyWeasly12/04/05
I really liked your teaser! It was great! I had a real hard time figuring it out, but in the end I got it. Again, great job!

Posted by Fame_Kraze12/04/05
veryyyyyyy cute :) :) :) :) :)

Posted by cassiemark12/05/05
I liked that one and hope you submit more like it! Thanks! :wink:

Posted by FulanitoGM12/05/05
What is up with these repeats? I may unsubscribe from the daily teaser e-mail if this keeps up. Cool teaser by the way... 8)

Posted by litt1eME12/06/05
lol cool.

Posted by Amali12/07/05
8) Verry kool after I red the answer I kind of laughed to myself loved the word play :lol:

Posted by michelle361712/11/05

Posted by doka1312/26/05
Wow, don't i feel like a dork... I DID slap myself when I found out the answer... I thought it was like, word or pass and the old one... never mind... :lol: Gr8 teaser...

Posted by peppamintp12/27/05
Excellent :D I really enjoyed it and it made me think. :o Can't wait to read more :wink:

Posted by Tryer01/05/06
I thought that was brilliant, I read and re-read several times, but still couldn't figure it out :oops: :oops: WELL DONE!! :lol:

Posted by teen_wiz02/14/06
Hey, I actually got it! And it's only 10:23 in the morning! :lol: Great job! :D 8) :D 8) :D

Posted by zonarita03/19/06
:D fun teaser. :D

Posted by bpkeller05/12/06
*groan*.............I can`t belive it was that simple!

Posted by PunnettSwears06/10/06
Pretty obvious, but nevertheless fun. Hope to see more from you. :D

Posted by schoo06/25/06
Awesome, very clever, Loved it, hope to see more!!!!

Posted by npf200507/22/06

Posted by sexigaljst4u07/29/06
i thought it was quite hard but oh well :wink:

Posted by twixy08/05/06
very easy.

Posted by jamesbond08/14/06
nice one....did u make it on ur own ???

Posted by lmurray12/03/06

Posted by phyllisa12/03/06
I liked this one a lot :D. The "listen" part also threw me,but I realize the employer was talking to him. I also think it belongs in the Trick category. :D

Posted by sftbaltwty12/03/06
are you all kidding me? this is terribly written! you can't say "the password is different, but if you listen closely you might be able to guess the new one"! or whatever the heck it said..hello..if he just told him what the password was..why would he tell him to pay attention to try and figure it out......let's think about this one here people.

Posted by puttumup12/03/06
:D a stinker thinker :lol: :lol: bravo :)

Posted by rambo6712/03/06
Great job, Bob! I really enjoy "stumpers" such as this. Without getting verbose as some critics did, let me say that the extra "flack" in the boss's reply is what really threw me off- when he added "four letters are different." But it was a terrific teaser and not many people can be clever enough to come up with such quality yet alone be brave enough to post it. FABULOUS EFFORT!

Posted by coachpisco12/03/06
I agree with Imurray (again) that I heard this one before, and knew at least part of the answer before I ended the reading. :(

Posted by if_i_may9412/03/06
that is SO CLEVER bobdole!!!!!!!!!!! 8) good on you! :D keep up the good work. if_i_may94 p.s. i was STUMPED :oops: :roll: :o

Posted by patpat55312/03/06
I didn't like this one at all! Had to think too much. Sorry,we just had a bad ice storm,just got power back on,and I'm just now thawing out. Still a little crabby. :-? :(

Posted by bradon18200112/03/06
Sorry Patpat about the storm cutting off your power. We were lucky in my part of WNY. Just had high winds, rain. Regarding the teaser, I thought it was pretty good, but I had never seen it before, so it was new to me. I have to agree with Imurray and Coachpisco, where are all the new teasers that people are submitting? Surely there must be some good ones. :o

Posted by krystalklearsky12/03/06
It was very clever! I didn't get it at first but it is very good :wink:

Posted by schmedley912/03/06

Posted by doghouse27012/03/06
tricky, tricky, tricky nice one :)

Posted by -loveable-12/03/06
THAT WAS A REALLY GOOD ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! KEEP THEM COMEING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :) :lol: :P 8) :roll:

Posted by Anarock12312/03/06
I didn't get it and it was so good! :D

Posted by jcann12/03/06
I have also been wondering for some time now why we are getting so many reruns. I know it was stated a while back that some people are new to this site and so the reruns are new to them. But I have only been a member for a little over a year and I am already getting bored by reruns. How about several days of new ones and then inserting a good rerun? I also get tired of going seeing 115 or so comments, most of which were made 1-3 years ago.

Posted by wordmama12/03/06
Hi, folks! I'm another relative newcomer for whom this puzzle was new.... :P I believe this puzzle SHOULD be marked 'trick'! It totally stumped me, but I had a good laugh when I read the answer!! :lol: :lol: :lol:

Posted by yojance12/03/06
I got the old password right but the new one was hard to figure out. I didn't guess it so had to look at the answer. Very good teaser indeed

Posted by senther712/03/06
LOL nice 1

Posted by elu9312/03/06
lol, great teaser! i only got the old password right, too. Go bobdole!

Posted by scallio12/04/06
Got it and loved it! Awesome teaser! :D

Posted by cuteandditzy12/04/06
Right in front of my face and I missed it. :oops: Oh well. Win some, lose some. Great job!

Posted by CelineCarey12/07/06
If you ignore rules of proper sentence structure and English grammar then this was a good teaser :roll:

Posted by Qrystal12/14/06
That was terrible!! --I mean, of course, the fact that it stumped me so badly. Good teaser over all, but I agree with the suggestions made above for improvement, especially: "I tried to log onto my computer, but my password was out of date." Cheers!

Posted by vlerma12/15/06
I really enjoyed this teaser, but for me it was quite easy. Many of us read between the lines to get the real meaning of things. More please. :)

Posted by solarsistim32102/25/07
:( :(

Posted by rt181911/11/07
Wow, I had to scroll awhile to get down here! It was worth the wait. This was an awesome teaser, and I usually don't comment, but well done! :D :D :D

Posted by GrandmaB12/09/07
This is why English teachers harp on punctuation: If this were correctly written with quotation marks around the stated critical words, it wouldn't be the good teaser that it is...and we would have gotten it! :D

Posted by soccercow1003/22/08
Great! I actually got it! But my only question is when the boss says the new password is different, he says "but if you listen closely you will be able to get the new one". I don't get why the boss would say details about the new one after he says it. Just a thought. Liked it though :)

Posted by emu77alu0212/03/09
I got 'different' right off the bat, but it never even crossed my mind that 'out of date' was the old one. That was clever. Good job! :D

Posted by doehead12/03/09
Paying attention to what I was reading made this extremely easy. :o :o :o

Posted by patiencewithaP12/03/09
Fun teaser! Took me a minute to find the second one. I love it! :D

Posted by auntiesis12/03/09
Great teaser, it had me puzzled. I must say, it is one of my faves. :D :lol: :D

Posted by UptheHill12/03/09

Posted by Jake1012/03/09
OH!!!!! It was right there and i missed it! :lol:

Posted by mathisnice04/08/10
I got the first one, but not the bonus. :)

Posted by brielle-bubble07/14/11
:D so fun

Posted by Babe12/03/12
:D :) :P :D

Posted by elentir12/03/12
Fun - but I wouldn't call this place a high security institution. They use dictionary words for their passwords and his boss knows his password? That is probably the weakest password security procedure a company can use. :wink:

Posted by cutebug12/03/12
Read,read, read. Very easy :D :D

Posted by eamon12/03/12
The part about only four letters being the same makes no sense and the conversation is only clever cover if it seems natural otherwise the boss should have just said it plainly. In the real world of high security I doubt a password could have spaces and NOT have at least one numeral or capital letter. The password would also be assigned by a program and never be a cute word or phrase. The essence of the teaser is cute but the details spoil it upon inspection.

Posted by Marple12/07/12
This is a very old riddle so I knew the answer straight away. Very disappointing. :cry: :(


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