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Bus Driver

Submitted By:stormcloud99
Fun:*** (2.29)
Difficulty:* (0.57)

You are a bus driver. The bus starts out empty. At the first stop 4 people get on. At the second stop, 8 people get on and 3 get off. At the third stop, 2 people get off and 4 get on. The question is, what color are the bus driver's eyes?

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by kiwioz908/23/02
This was a really old joke I heard in primary school! But it works well as a teaser if you haven't heard it.

Posted by luvupurple08/14/03
I thought I was a good 1. I read it over twice 2 C if I missed something, but I still didn't get it.

Posted by Katelin11/30/03
I've heard it b4 too, but like kiwioz9 said it works good if you haven't heard it yet.

Posted by sweetime05/31/05
yeah i heard it years ago, probably would be more tricky if i didn't remember it

Posted by ElectricYou10/25/05
I literally heard it like 10 minutes ago from my husband - because I was reading these other teasers to him. I got it right though :D :lol:

Posted by smarty_blondy11/09/05
Heehee, the rating fooled me. I didn't read it carefuly, thinking it was easy, and fell for it. :oops: :lol:

Posted by pinkyjr12/21/05
really easy

Posted by solarsistim32102/09/06
you ruined my day I'm blind

Posted by Smart_Alex04/23/06
Shoot! I was going to submit something like this, but with a different question.

Posted by kcheer249308/05/06
Sorry but I saw this on kids menus at Friendly's as a little teaser for children

Posted by Saphira1608/09/06
Old.......but classic. I'm so stupid!!!!

Posted by vbguy10109/02/06
I already know this one!

Posted by bhssoccer2309/25/06
To solarsistim: That was hilarious!! :lol: At first I was like geez, that was mean, then I scrolled down. Hah hah hah.

Posted by OldChinaHand10/10/06
It was a chariot driver, when I first heard it. A classic I'm sure but still fun. 8)

Posted by mercedes1305/13/07
my eyes are brown

Posted by flowers223403/09/08
:o i like this one. its cute haha :oops: :roll:

Posted by here201/23/09
an oldy, but goody

Posted by Flamey50001/05/10
Simple and easy.. :P

Posted by sashomarine01/16/10
I've seen this one before, but it's always still good.

Posted by beyonce12306/09/10
ooooo bus dwiver has gway eyes. Nice teaser. :D

Posted by coolia4507/31/10
i heard one like but with a chariot driver and it was how old are you

Posted by baliset04/22/11
This is a fun one if you have never heard any variation of it. Imagine being ten and reading it for the first time. :wink:

Posted by Bookworm5602/12/17
Hey, that's mean! I'm 10 and I just heard this! :( 🙄☹️ But really, this one was funny. It took me FOREVER to figure it out! After 10 minutes, I took show answer, but I still didn't get it after reading EVEYTHING over again! Lol 😂😂😂

Posted by Bookworm5602/12/17
I meant click :P :lol: 😂😂😂


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