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Circles in a triangle

Submitted By:offsky
Fun:** (1.67)
Difficulty:**** (3.17)

Find the radius of the inscribed and circumscribed circles for a triangle.

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by speedyg100012/06/02
ok then...

Posted by Mogmatt1611/19/03
dude, A teaser would have been nice.

Posted by canu07/13/04
Here we have a good example of the inadequacy of the present rating system for the teasers, which is by users choosing one of three levels. This one should be rated: "for those who have mastered at least High School geometry". The explanation of the answer is incomplete, and ought to have included a link to a relevant online geometry textbook.

Posted by Sane02/11/05
Boy was Braingle ever desperate in their first couple weeks of being open to teasers. :lol:

Posted by darthforman05/11/05

Posted by brianz06/08/05
Shouldn't it be Hero of Alexandria's Formula, not Heron? :-?

Posted by nkatha2311/09/05
yeah........ :o

Posted by SPUTNIK201/25/06
that teaser scared me!! :o

Posted by chata01/26/06
all of the above!!!

Posted by lessthanjake78901/29/06
hate to be a jerk, it says find the radius of the circle, right? well, it doesn't give us numbers, so we want it in variables right? how about "x", teaser done with. Reread the text to see what i mean. the answer is X

Posted by keveffect102/20/06
Yikes I'm a freshman in college as a math major and did't know how to solve that (never heard of the formula you used either) I think I'll get back to my studies..... :lol:

Posted by say2joe03/13/06
Needs a better description of terminology. For example, explanation of misc. variables. For the sake of brevity, it is obvious that some idiosyncracies were ignored by the author. Good intentions with it though!

Posted by redraptor5003/18/06
:o Great teaser .....I think, but good one....brain now fried :lol: :D

Posted by Vigo9504/05/06
what ?

Posted by mmmcla0104/12/06
Really confusing.....still working on it....doesn't make much sense to me... :-?

Posted by Atypic4l05/11/06
I liked that problem. I must admit that I coudn't get the answer myself, but the explanation did make sense to me, a high school sophomore. I have only ever heard of Heron of Alexandria, not Hero. And a college student, let alone a math major, who is not familiar with Heron's formula is truly saddening.

Posted by udoboy06/14/06
Heron's formula and Hero's formula are the same thing. A = √s(s-a)(s-b)(s-c). It's not commonly taught for some reason. I had to stumble upon it when I went through every math book I could find in my college library. This teaser is hard, but the conclusion is correct.

Posted by jinzcarmela05/22/07
hey man your brain is too big!!! :lol: i thought that the answer will be a constant number... hahaha guess need to study more....

Posted by nascarfan1906/28/08
i thought you could only find the radius and circumfrence of a circle :o

Posted by dalfamnest10/11/09
If I want this sort of question I'll open my geometry text book. A worthwhile question in context but is it really a suitable Braingle Teaser? Oh well, I enjoyed working it out! :D :cry: :o

Posted by eighsse09/07/13
The answer to this teaser should be "Make me."


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