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Mad Ade's Fishing Trip

Submitted By:Mad-Ade
Fun:*** (2.21)
Difficulty:**** (3.11)

Mad Ade went on an eight day fly fishing trip around the purple ridged mountains of Madadia and got to fish seven days of it last May. On every day, from May 14 to the 21st, except the 16th, when a severe thunderstorm kept him in his tent, he fished around Madadia. Though he caught many fish--all of which he released--each day, one special fish stood out. Each special fish was of a different variety: Monkey Trout, Brookside Trout, Cut Throat, Dolly Varden, Humpback, Lake Trout, and Rainbow, and a different size: 8 inches, 16 inches, 17 inches, 19 inches, 22 inches, 24 inches, and 27 inches. Every day, Mad Ade tried a different secret fishing spot: Big Little Falls, Bottle Well, Deep Channel, Old Cutbank, Big Rock Isle, Dish Creek, and Little Curl. And each special fish was caught on a different fly that Mad Ade tied himself: a Parachute Adams, an Elk Hair Caddis, a Humpy, a MayFly, Mad Ade's Little Mouse, a Stonefly Nymph, and a Yuk Bug. Three of the flies, Mad Ade's little Mouse, the Yuk Bug, and Stonefly Nymph, were fished as wet flies, the rest were fished as dry flies.

1) Mad Ade caught the smallest of his special fish, a little Brookside, after he caught the fish on his Elk Hair Caddis, but before he caught the fish in Deep Channel. His shiny Dolly Varden was not the fish lured from the depths of Bottle Well. Mad Ade caught either the smallest or his second to largest fish on his third fishing day.
2) Mad Ade caught a fish off Big Rock Isle on the 19th. He fought either the Humpback or the 24 inch monster on the 21st. On the fourth day of his trip, Mad Ade landed a fish over twenty inches long by the Old Cutbank on a wet fly. The fish Mad Ade landed with a net at Little Curl was larger than the one he worked onto shore at Dish Creek, but it was not as large as the one he lifted from the water at Big Little Falls.
3) Mad Ade caught the 24 inch fish on his Little Mouse after he caught the Dolly Varden, but before he hooked a real jumper with his Parachute Adams. Because he preferred dry flies, Mad Ade only used dry flies after using a wet fly on the 19th. Mad Ade used a Mayfly to fish Dish Creek. Mad Ade caught his fish on the Mayfly three calendar days (two fishing days) after he caught a fish with the Stonefly Nymph.
4) Mad Ade's five mile hike, along a mountain trail to Big Little Falls, paid off on his last day with a prized Humpback trout. At least four fishing days passed between the time that Mad Ade used the Stonefly Nymph and his Humpy. The Monkey Trout Mad Ade caught on the 17th was longer than the Rainbow he caught, but smaller than his Lake Trout.
5) The deep hole of Bottle Well yielded Mad Ade a 19 incher on the first or second day of his trip. With one exception, Mad Ade caught fish of even sizes on even number days and fish of odd sizes on odd days. Although they both jumped and splashed over the water the same way, the Rainbow Mad Ade caught was bigger than his Cut Throat.

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by jimbo09/14/03
What's the question?

Posted by dieblondboff10/28/03
Way too long AND ANOTHER copy. Why is it that all of yours get accepted when most of them are copies? Probably not noticed because most people cant be bothered to read them. Sorry but i thought these were meant to be fun!!?

Posted by mzpuddn11/04/03
Cut it out man. Heres some advice COPY short ones. :(

Posted by roaddevil08/12/07
Too long, I don't feel like keeping notes.

Posted by javaguru12/30/08
Pretty easy, just long. Lots of redundant clues--could be solved without at least five clues.


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