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Mad Ade's Garden

Submitted By:Mad-Ade
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Mad Ade, Who had suddenly and unexpectedly after years of selfless dedication to Kebabs, decided to grow some vegetable for himself and subsequently planted his garden late in May. He planted five different vegetables: Tomatoes, Peppers, Radishes, Lettuce, and Broccoli. For each he planted a different number of rows from one to five. The hard work involved with each planting was accomplished on a separate day, from May 25th to May 30th (On Sunday May 26th he didn't work in the garden). Each vegetable was planted in a different part of the garden, the north end, the south side, the east side, the west side or the northwest corner. Can you tell which vegetable was planted in each part of the garden, the day planted and the number of rows?
1. Mad Ade turned the soil for the peppers three days after he dug hand-size rocks out of the radish patch. Mad Ade's bright rows of radishes went deeper than the broccoli but were not as deep as the tomatoes. Mad Ade rolled his trusty wheelbarrow into the west end of the garden one day before he planted the broccoli. Mad Ade believes the morning sun is bad for tomatoes and so kept those plants out of the eastern side of his garden.
2. Mad Ade labored hard in the south side of the garden and was mighty proud of the three perfect rows there. On one week's last day, Mad Ade planted the east side of the garden. Mad Ade didn't put the peppers or the tomatoes in the northwest corner. Mad Ade planted an even number of rows in the Northwest corner of his garden.
3. Mad Ade planted three rows before he planted two rows, but planted them after he planted four rows. Mad Ade figured the lettuce wouldn't last long so he planted fewer than three rows. Mad Ade planted the south garden one day before he planted the lettuce. Mad Ade planted more rows of peppers than he did broccoli (which was not planted in the west side of the garden and was not planted the 29th).

Which vegetable was planted in how many rows, on which day of May and in which side of Mad Ade's garden?

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by Smithy09/11/03
Next time mad put some line breaks in.... it's hard to read!

Posted by thetrickster09/22/03
Mad Ade, you little plagurist you (sp?) lol. Good teaser all the same


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