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Perfect Words

Submitted By:griphook
Fun:*** (2.47)
Difficulty:**** (3.12)

A PERFECT WORD is a word in which ANY one letter could be replaced by another letter to form another word.

An example of a 4-letter Perfect Word is CAST because C could be replaced by L to form LAST or A by O to form COST, or S by R to form CART, and T by E to form CASE.

Warm Up Exercise : Give a 5-letter Perfect Word.

Challenge : Give a 6-letter Perfect Word.

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by taniapereira9909/09/03
Stumped me again... believe me I tried!!!!!!

Posted by griphook09/10/03
thanks. The race for a 7-letter perfect word is on. smile.

Posted by krishnan09/21/03
I got a 6 letter one - SHORES. Chores, sNores, shAres, shoVes, shorTs, shoreD. Trying hard to get 7 letters.

Posted by nik449409/26/03
Lemme know when ya got a 7 letter perfect worda :)

Posted by griphook10/04/03
many thanks guys

Posted by jimrcook10/06/03
This was beautiful. I wrote a program to search the official Scrabble word list. I found 239 5-letter, 25 6-letter, and one 7-letter answer. (No 8, 9, or 10). Check out for my findings. I won't post the 7-letter, since I didn't figure it out on my own.

Posted by krishnan10/09/03
Hey Jim, that was cool! I came really close by getting paster - Master pEster paTter pasSer pastOr pasteS.

Posted by avril_lavigne10/26/03
omg that was hard ! Not even my mom could figure it out and she never gives up on brain teasers excellent work keep it up

Posted by griphook10/26/03
thanks and hello to your mom

Posted by bbngk01/12/04
Perfect :lol:

Posted by griphook02/21/04
:D :D

Posted by mad-ade07/26/04
paster master poster palter passer pastor pastel

Posted by griphook11/26/06
not yet... thanks

Posted by griphook12/03/08
hi to Amylex, Elaine, Chris and Roy. Thanks for your solutions


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