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Crazy Mailbox

Submitted By:griphook
Fun:*** (2.41)
Difficulty:**** (3.14)

Greep Hooke was asked by a priest to determine which FOUR (4) words below should be in his IN-BOX and which FOUR (4) words should be in his OUT-BOX.

The priest said that the real challenge however was to do so in such a way that each word in the IN-BOX be paired with a word in the OUT-BOX.


Question : How should the words be grouped and paired?

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by griphook09/15/03

Posted by beanie8909/15/03
another great one from griphook. :)

Posted by Cask09/17/03
Back at it, and doing well!! Speaking of inboxes...Has Water found its own level?

Posted by spoiledbrat09/18/03
I caught on to that one right away, but ti was still a good one from the master!

Posted by griphook09/18/03
thanks for the comments.

Posted by taniapereira9909/19/03
Another great one yet again!

Posted by jimbo09/21/03
Great puzzle but way too hard for me. Maybe I shoudl read the titles more carefully!

Posted by nik449409/26/03
Out of this World :)

Posted by griphook09/27/03
many thanks

Posted by Dustomatic09/29/03
Good riddle, I thought you actually meant that the words were to be paired off. My fault I guess I should have read the problem better. Food for thought I thought Satin was spelled with two i's hmmm I better look that up for me. I'm not saying your spelling is bad, because if you want to see bad spelling look at my two riddles and saee if you can discrypt them ha.

Posted by griphook10/14/03
i will. thanks

Posted by eiennikirei12/24/03
cool :)

Posted by griphook12/31/03

Posted by griphook01/12/04
Thank you :D

Posted by griphook01/13/04

Posted by griphook02/22/04

Posted by Pitter03/17/04
:) Very good teaser. Keep up the good work! :)

Posted by griphook03/17/04

Posted by smarty_blondy09/07/05
One of the many of yours i love. Great job and keep them coming! :wink: :D

Posted by griphook01/30/06


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