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Homonym Sentences

Submitted By:Bobbrt
Fun:**** (3.25)
Difficulty:** (1.9)

The blanks in the following sentences will be filled in with three different homonyms (words that are spelled differently but sound alike) to make valid sentences. The dashes indicate the number of letters in the words. Can you fill in the blanks?

1. The cut on his _ _ _ _ won't _ _ _ _ in time for the race, so _ _ '_ _ have to drop out.
2. The man was so upset about being _ _ _ _ that he regularly _ _ _ _ _ _ himself up on the bed and _ _ _ _ _ _ his eyes out.
3. I couldn't _ _ _ _ _ any of the _ _ _ _ _ _ in the flower shop, because for some strange reason I had 50 _ _ _ _ _ crammed up my nose.
4. A bloodthirsty pirate will wander the _ _ _ _ and essentially _ _ _ _ _ everything he _ _ _ _.

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by Smithy10/18/03
In the answer for number 3 it says room rather than flower shop. Mistake aside, nice teaser

Posted by BrenBeadSP10/21/03
I loved number 2, about the bald man - it made me giggle. Thanks!

Posted by mrazmerized10/22/03
Very fun, I have one question and anyone can answer, how do you do the little symboles in ur name?

Posted by mrazmerized10/22/03
Very fun, I have one question and anyone can answer, how do you do the little symboles in ur name?.. Like the happy faces and stars...?

Posted by Goat10/18/04
Interesting... And mrazmerized, you can click on the symbols and it will tell you what they are.

Posted by I_am_the_Omega10/18/04
Nice. 1 and 4 were very easy, but couldn't get 2 or 4. But 4 was "ok" and 2 was meh... really liked four though :D

Posted by I_am_the_Omega10/18/04
Nice. 1 and 4 were very easy, but couldn't get 2 or 3. But 3 was "ok" and 2 was meh... really liked four though :D

Posted by I_am_the_Omega10/18/04
Nice. 1 and 4 were very easy, but couldn't get 2 or 3. But 3 was "ok" and 2 was meh... really liked four though :D

Posted by Chelsie10/18/04
Well I'm glad to see I'm not the only bloke with 50 CENTS CRAMMED UP MY NOSE! :lol: Otherwise I enjoyed this one!

Posted by Mogmatt1610/18/04
This teaser is OK. I don't see how it is rated so high, however.

Posted by gnosys10/21/04
1. He _ _ _ _ the _ _ _ was _ _ _, but what else had changed at the zoo? 2. The play_ _ _ _ _ _ went to mass because he intended to _ _ _ _ _ about the _ _ _ _ and he wanted to get it _ _ _ _ _. 3. _ _ now it was clear that he wasn't going to get a good _ _ _ on the car, so he said good _ _ _ and left. 4. _ _ _ to the _ _ _ we don't need to _ _ any watering this morning. 5. With an animal hatred of apartheid, the _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ down on the _ _ _ _.

Posted by gnosys10/21/04
In #5 above, the first eight blanks were supposed to be two separate words of four letters each.

Posted by marigold02/12/05
I got the first one right... That's good, isn't it? :oops: :D

Posted by waffle03/18/05
really fun teaser :D

Posted by waffle03/18/05
really fun teaser :D

Posted by dsquared04/27/05
A great teaser. Loved it. :D

Posted by smarty_blondy10/09/05
Very well done, keep them coming! :D

Posted by redraptor5010/18/05
I loved this one, although #2 stumped me a little until I figured it out, fun teaser :D

Posted by NTaliesen10/18/05
Very enjoyable and decently challenging, Thank you :D

Posted by solidgordy10/18/05
These were fun, I got them all, but I thought it was fun. Maybe you could do more. The other guy above: I liked yours too, I got them all also, but they were maybe a little harder. I've been thinking lately that many Tesers of the Day could be either longer, harder, or both, but they all are good and fun. :P

Posted by pawz7310/18/05
:D Hooray! Loved it. Yeah, I got it and maybe that's why I loved it so much, cuz most of these teasers stump me. Still think this is a good one. Words can be such a trip. :wink: 8)

Posted by CHICANA81210/18/05
loved it! :D

Posted by kimberlykay10/18/05
Nice work...some people are so critical though. I have come to notice this in the past several days, and am a relatively new to Braingle. I wonder if the critics ever realize the thought and the effort put into this. Though some may be short and/or easy, the submitter takes time out of his/her day for our enjoyment. Thank You!!! :D :wink:

Posted by prettysharp4510/18/05
I liked this one. It was pretty easy to do, but it made for a fun break in my day. Thanks! :P

Posted by cleothemuse10/18/05
Not terribly challenging, but quite enjoyable!

Posted by mekaboo2710/18/05
It is funny that this is on here today because I was just helping my dauhgter with her homework last night and she had to do alot of these. It took awhile but we got them. I was still going from last night so it was very easy to get it today. Good one!!!! :)

Posted by mo_560310/18/05
really enjoyed that one. Didn't get all of them, but had a fun time trying. 8)

Posted by aweisgrau210/18/05
that was fun :wink:

Posted by nstock10/18/05
Fun "puns". Trouble is, like most puns they don't translate well - even across the Atlantic. HEnce I got 1 & 4, but struggled with 2 (becauseof the way i would pronounce bald), and 3 (what is a cent ;-> ). Still I enjoyed them all!!

Posted by quantumpbrane10/18/05
really good one. loved it. :D

Posted by Aarghonauts10/18/05
Tres bien :P :P :wink: We likes!! We put in favorites :D :D We thank you. We go now :lol: :lol:

Posted by christine7710/18/05
This was a fun one, I only got one right but Im not patient enough to try to figure them out!! :P

Posted by sweetmama10/18/05
I loved this one, maybe because I got them all right away!!! Great teaser, keep 'em coming!! :wink:

Posted by jaydeco10/18/05

Posted by JudgeJosh10/18/05
Really good!! Number one was easy, but the others were a bit more challenging! :)

Posted by Zobeg10/18/05
This one was awesome. I liked this one a lot. I only got two of them though :lol:

Posted by graffiti_cave10/18/05
That was really well thought out! :D But I must say, I didn't even want to attempt to figure it out :oops: . Wow! That's good stuff!

Posted by realm234610/18/05
Great teaser!!!!! I didn't get #2 , though. i really like playing with words. I'll be sure to add this to my favorites. Yesterday's teaser was good too, even if it was easy. The Christmas song teaser was pretty hard, though. Well, it made me think of how much we ignore the lyrics of common Christmas songs. Hard or not, if someone takes the time to write them, that's good enough for me.

Posted by kkobes10/18/05
I love a challenge! Great job.

Posted by mrtickles10/18/05
Easy, but I like the easy ones--if I can't get it in 10 seconds I give up.

Posted by halfmoonscott10/18/05
:roll: This was OK, but REALLY 50 cents up your nose. Just a tad unrealistic don't you think. What's next, an eggplant in your ear?

Posted by lynx10/18/05
great teaser! I had a fun time trying to figure them out! (Even though I only got one completely right) :D

Posted by learnbyosmosis10/18/05
I loved it. 1 and 4 were easy, but I thought smell instead of scent on 2 and didn't even get close on 3. And I'm sure if you really, really, really tried you could get 50 cents up your nose. It might hurt though.

Posted by learnbyosmosis10/18/05
sorry, I thought smell instead of scent on 3, and didn't even come close on 2.

Posted by lindquist_2510/18/05
That was really cute. Definately one of my favorites!

Posted by POPS10/18/05
I got NO 1 and 4 I dont understand the 50 cent up my nose bit :roll: It was fun trying !!!!!! :o Good job :wink:

Posted by POPS10/18/05
I got NO 1 and 4 I dont understand the 50 cent up my nose bit :roll: It was fun trying !!!!!! :o Good job :wink:

Posted by congbyrd10/18/05
hey, GREAT teaser!!! (great job thinking of one too!!!) :D :lol: :P

Posted by talkinghands10/18/05
I liked it, 3 was hard. The one in the comments, got all but one of them, will you post the answers please? :)

Posted by bluehawk10/18/05
Good teaser. I liked it. #1, 3,4 were easy. #2 well I didn't get it till I read the answer. The best one was #4. Theres something about pirates I like. Maybe I was male and a pirate in my previous life. Thanks for the Teasers, keep them coming. :lol: :wink: 8)

Posted by bluehawk10/18/05
Good teaser. I liked it. #1, 3,4 were easy. #2 well I didn't get it till I read the answer. The best one was #4. Theres something about pirates I like. Maybe I was male and a pirate in my previous life. Thanks for the Teasers, keep them coming. :lol: :wink: 8)

Posted by jabdr10/18/05
I love this kind of teaser. Only got 1 and 4 but will try harder. I got all but #1 of gnosys, what was it, Solid? :roll:

Posted by halfmoonscott10/18/05
What the heck is it with so many people posting their comments twice? :(

Posted by paintballa94410/18/05
Very creative. I loved it. I got 1 & 4 because they were the easiest. Good job!!! :D

Posted by Lady_Lani10/18/05
Good job! I only got number one and four :oops: But it was fun. :D

Posted by Dwpsnoboarder10/18/05
very good, i got the heal one and the balled one. 8)

Posted by Dwpsnoboarder10/18/05
very good, i got the heal one and the balled one. 8)

Posted by Tangle10/18/05
I only got the first one, i'm brain dead tonight! :(

Posted by Haylie150610/18/05
I only got the first one right. My brain is fried...I just finished my homework... :x

Posted by pkpatmc10/18/05
I got 1 and 4 easily but not the other two. It was fun. Thanks.

Posted by AnaM10/18/05
This was a really good one. But I didn't get any of it. :cry:

Posted by shgaard10/19/05
Good one! And hey, on Tonight Show one night there was a guy who shoved like $2.75 in quarters up his nose! So not too unrealistic for some.:lol:

Posted by cornfused10/19/05
Very good. Thank you for the fun. Got them all, and got all of the one from that person in the comments. On a roll tonite. Thanks again.

Posted by cuteandditzy10/19/05
Iactually got them all. It was alot of fun. :P

Posted by gotabody10/19/05
It was fun figuring out. :) I got all but 2. Balled on the bed??? i dont get it :-?

Posted by suganue10/20/05
I thought that teaser was great. It was a great way to get my brain a ticking.:wink: what is the answer to #5 homonym sentence from the comments.

Posted by Maggirl2310/27/05
the first two i got but had trouble with the other ones, very funny. good job :)

Posted by SPUTNIK203/09/06
Theres always one sour apple in the batch, your teaser was very good, I liked it alot! :D thanks

Posted by Trishgal10/18/06
Made me smile. :lol: :lol: Good night all.Teaser was good .thx. :wink:

Posted by coachpisco10/18/06
I got 2 and 3, but 1 and 4 were difficult. Very good teaser. :D

Posted by bradon18200110/18/06
I got 1 and 4 but 2 & 3 were a toss up, so I tossed in the towel and looked at the answer. Not any of my guesses. Good teaser, it sure teased me. :o

Posted by flamehead10/18/06
Very fun I loved it! :lol: :D 8)

Posted by schmedley910/18/06

Posted by kman61310/18/06
got all but the balled one... couldn't get that one for some reason...

Posted by locutus13ds10/18/06
Got 1 and 4 But had trouble with 2 &3. Good one though! :o

Posted by rhmaustin10/18/06
Got 'em all. Why is every comment marked "This is offensive" today? I'm certainly not offended.

Posted by MalcolmReynolds10/18/06
Got 1, 2 and 4, three was hard! I thought of sense right before I decided to check the answer and decided that couldn't be it! Lol.

Posted by justhattie10/18/06
:D More! More! More! I love this puzzle. Got them all right within about two minutes - writing the answers so I wouldn't be able to cheat. Great game. Love words. Love puzzles. Love homonyms! :lol: :P :D

Posted by saleprice10/18/06
:D Loved these, got 1 & 4 right had no patience for 2 & 3 tho` had to peek,,, LOL. Thx for the fun send us more pls :)

Posted by cleothemuse10/18/06
Not bad... but you are incorrect about many of these being homonyms. When pronounced with proper diction, "bald" and "bawled" are two very different words... as are "sense" and "scents".

Posted by marschie10/18/06
Great teaser today! More, please! :D

Posted by jcann10/18/06
I love these language teasers! Cleothmuse, I wish I coud hear you pronounce these words. When I say them, I say them exactly the same. I don't know what the proper diction is. And wihen I look them up in my newest Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary the pronunciation respellings are exacatly the same for each word in each pair. That makes them homonyms in my book.

Posted by jcann10/18/06
exactly--excuse the typo

Posted by feste10/18/06
I didn't get #3, and think the 50 cents up the nose hilarious. By the way #2 must have been a "girlie man."

Posted by foreverfree10/18/06
that was great, but i have a question. it was about a year ago when i started looking at these daily teasers every day, and is it just me, or do you other people remember these from a year ago... i don't have time to go through all the teasers, i just look the the daily one, so it would be great if the staff or whoever could change them and not make the same ones come up every year... i'm not compaining, just offering a suggestion.... :wink:

Posted by speedqueenkmw10/18/06
great! more please :lol:

Posted by POPS10/18/06
Good one BUT the 50 cent one really baffled me :roll:

Posted by Blondie11610/18/06
Great Teaser

Posted by angelacd10/18/06
i like this teaser a lot, good job.

Posted by RRAMMOHAN10/18/06
Got 1 and 4 easily but 2 and 3 left me puzzled. Good teaser, though. :lol: :cry:

Posted by tdbrsun10/18/06
good work. It was fun. :D

Posted by FeaerFactorY66610/18/06

Posted by scallio10/18/06
So funny! Laughed out loud when I got to the guy who couldn't smell because "for some strange reason he had 50 cents crammed" up his nose! :lol: :lol: Bald guy crying was pretty funny too. :lol:

Posted by lmurray10/19/06

Posted by luvdoritos70610/19/06
nice one......crazy

Posted by vlerma10/28/06
This one became a tongue twister before it was over. Liked it very much. Nice job and more please? :)

Posted by solarsistim32111/11/06
Very clever, deserves a big 3 pointer!

Posted by Qrystal11/18/06
I had fun with this, this morning, and like most of the crowd I struggled most with #2. I couldn't think of anything sounding like 'bawled' that was anything worth crying over. Men without hair rock, by the way. :P

Posted by jennsingergirl08/20/07
Cute! But number 3 was kinda gross. LOL. =)

Posted by Stack160710/18/09
Great teaser.. :P But like everyone else, I couldn't figure out #2... THNX :)

Posted by patiencewithaP10/18/09
Fun teaser :D even though I couldn't figure out #2. :cry:

Posted by auntiesis10/18/09
Easy, but very well thought out. Really good job. On a scale of 1 to 10 I give it an 11. :lol: :D :lol:

Posted by wordmama10/18/09
I'm usually good at this kind of teaser (note my 'handle'), but not this time! I got 1 & 4 very handily, but 2 & 3 I hadn't a clue. Thx to the poster for his/her hard work.

Posted by precious102610/18/09
i did get the first one correct, but it was difficult to find an answer for the others. The Teaser was corrected, but I thought the Teaser was fun and in good taste.

Posted by hubbamutt77710/18/09
inly got #1. great job on the teaser. yah, i agree that the braingle ppl should send out different ones each day, each year.

Posted by hubbamutt77710/18/09
*only-excuse the typo.

Posted by MajorAlan10/18/09
Sometimes with these teasers, it's easier to work backwards from the parts you can figure out. For instance, I quickly got bawled his eyes out, which allowed to to figure out he was balled up on the bed so of course the missing word had to be hairless. Excellent puzzle!

Posted by avonma10/20/09
That was fun! I didn't get everything figured out; but it was still fun! :D

Posted by HABS293310/18/12
Being a "word nerd" I absolutely loved this teaser. Anyone can come up with sentences that have two homonyms in them, but to be able to come up with so many with three blanks and still have them make sense, is impressive. The examples in the comment above were also fun to get.

Posted by gaylewolf10/18/12
I enjoyed it, too - this is one of my favorite type of teaser. Thanks! :wink: :)

Posted by iggy3910/18/12
I really really like it. I did better on gnosys one though. LOL look at the year that was posted. Hope that person is still with Briangle. Fun n clever. :) :) :) :) :)

Posted by jklv10/20/12
Great puzzle - well done, but I have to take exception with the title. These are not homonyms. Homonyms are words that are spelled the same but have different meanings. Words that sound the same are called "homophones."

Posted by MoMoney63803/26/13
I was thinking of pedal, peddle and petal.. Nice quiz. Thanks. :wink:

Posted by Babe10/18/15
Well, that was a fun one! It took a little bit of time, but got it without too much trouble, and it was enjoyable. Thanks for posting. :D :D

Posted by catmom10/18/15
Fun! even though #3 gave me fits. What could I possibly get 50 of up my nose? Is the answer 'cents' some expression I have never heard of? :-?

Posted by raisin9910/18/15
Easy, but very nicely done

Posted by wimpykidfan3710/20/17
I could only get the first and last ones.


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