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Odd Two Out Too

Submitted By:just_moi
Fun:**** (3.29)
Difficulty:** (1.66)

In this teaser, you have to find the odd ones out in the groups of words. BUT WAIT! There's a catch. Each group of words has TWO words which do not belong. Can you find them both?


Lily - Jane - Tulip - Rose

Jane does not belong as it's the only one which is not a flower.

Tulip also does not belong because it's the only one which is not a girl's name.

You're on your own for the rest!

1. Dodge - Ford - Lincoln - Hoover

2. King - Earl - Knight - Bishop

3. Yellow - Green - Dead - Black

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by timmyboym11/04/03
This is a really sweet teaser. I like it. Keep Going! :lol:

Posted by just_moi11/04/03
thanx... unlike the first one the idea is borrowed but the sets of words r original :D

Posted by mzpuddn11/04/03
This is the first teaser I have figured out here at this site(I'v only been here twice). But I'v read a few of them. Good One :lol:

Posted by griphook11/04/03
keep them coming and keep us smiling

Posted by scramble11/04/03
another cool teaser :D

Posted by Smithy11/05/03
Nice one :D :D :D

Posted by samm11/05/03
Good job!

Posted by howdyall131111/07/03
:D good job :D

Posted by fishmed11/08/03
Yellow Sea? Where is that? I must be dense. :-?

Posted by just_moi11/09/03
Fishmed its in china... check this out :D

Posted by fishmed11/10/03
Thanks. I figured it out after Googling it. :D

Posted by 7catac711/14/03
Hey moi, you wouldn't mind if I could make 3 new ones (the odd 2 out ones) and kind of steal this idea? :roll: :roll: :roll: Just wondering. :wink: :wink: :wink:

Posted by lauramarie11/17/03
Great teaser.

Posted by Moondancer11/20/03
:lol: :D Good one! The color ones with 'dead' in it stumped me, I never knew there was a yellow sea either! :D :) :lol:

Posted by heyevpos11/25/03
fun teaser - thought the 3rd one was dead not a color, black not on a stop light...

Posted by Mogmatt1611/29/03
I don't know why but this is just a fun concept.

Posted by just_moi11/30/03
Wow Mog i feel so honored :D :lol: 7cat sorry for the late response but SURE GO AHEAD! (i borrowed the idea off a magazine too :D)

Posted by just_moi12/03/03
hadnt noticed that freakachica! nice going :D

Posted by coolbrain229112/04/03
wicked teaser but one thing, i know a girl whose name is tulip, but i'd like to see more teasers from you! 8)

Posted by fg_4ever12/25/03
Good teaser, I got part of it. And I was thinking the same thing as molla music. :wink:

Posted by YouKnow12/30/03
I did not know you had to use the one that was obviously wrong when determining the next wrong one. :-? If I would have known this, I could have gotten them all right. :x

Posted by just_moi12/30/03
actually youknow u didnt have to do that :-? (u did it the right way!)

Posted by brgdo199412/31/03
I didn't really like it, but it was fun! Whoever made this should make it a little more interesting. :roll: :D

Posted by coolbrain229101/12/04
how can it be fun if you didnt like it? :roll: :roll: :roll: oh well i liked it as i said in my previous comment, and guess what? i got the first comment on this teaser for 2004! lol

Posted by bbngk01/12/04
Dazzling 8)

Posted by coolbrain229101/22/04
hey i like almost all your teasers and would like to see more, just wondering if ya wanted to be friends :roll: ??? oh well i already added you :wink:

Posted by AhSeng03/03/04
if i'm not wrong, you took if from the magazine "reader's digest". Right??? :D

Posted by just_moi03/03/04
ur right AhSeng! :D i took the idea from readers digest (but i made up the pairs of words)... in the other one though (Odd Two Out) the pairs are from readers digest :D

Posted by FrostedTangerine03/22/04
ouch, my brain hurts... :x good one 8)

Posted by Palsha04/10/04
nice teaser moi!

Posted by crystalstar06/25/04
Woah that was good. I love these kind of teasers which are good but I can get. Some teasers are good but really hard. Anyway, I got all of all of them except the last one.... :)

Posted by something09/19/04
Dude... I just noticed this teaser. GREAT teaser. Keep up the good work!

Posted by shortstopsmile10/01/04
There's a black sea? :o Scary.

Posted by just_moi10/01/04
its not really er black lol :D thats just the name of the seas :)

Posted by Kindaichi12/01/04
nice one! :)

Posted by angel10312/01/04
it was pretty good :D

Posted by angel10312/01/04
it was pretty good :D

Posted by I_am_the_Omega12/01/04
Nice! Not hard, but very fun :-)

Posted by passion12/01/04

Posted by Tiggr12/01/04
I believe that there is a dead sea and it was given the name due to the seve salt content and every or any fish/animal that lived in it died, hence the name Dead sea. But regardless it was a very cool teaser, keep 'em comin' :) :D :D

Posted by Tiggr12/01/04
I believe that there is a dead sea and it was given the name due to the severe salt content and every or any fish/animal that lived in it died, hence the name Dead sea. But regardless it was a very cool teaser, keep 'em comin' :) :D :D

Posted by besbball91712/01/04
That was an awesome teaser!! :D I only got stuck on one of them! :x Keep up the great teasers just_moi!!! :D :D

Posted by mcgrawactor112/01/04
I had fun with this and I got it! That always adds to my pleasure. Very clever. Good one!!! :P

Posted by waker12/01/04
I liked it except the last one. I got Dead, but I thought you could say Black since it is the only one spelled without an E

Posted by Araldite12/01/04
Good teaser. I missed the third one because I thought black is not really a color but the lack of color. I shouldn't have gotten so technical about it. :oops:

Posted by babygirl3512/02/04
this was good but i got them all wrong because i was thinking very tecnical i guess you can say i just think too much but keep em comin! :) :)

Posted by babygirl3512/02/04
this was good but i got them all wrong because i was thinking very tecnical i guess you can say i just think too much but keep em comin! :)

Posted by Nicky10112/02/04
Many different answers. Number 3 was open. Black could be out because it doesn't have double letters, green could be out because it's not on a bee. Yellow could be out because it has 6 letters and black and green have 5. Dead is definitely out. :lol: 8)

Posted by Therulerofthem12/12/04
very good teaser, wow theres lotsa comments

Posted by StepIntoNoWhere12/18/04
good one

Posted by Sarah522576612/29/04
:lol: i liked this one! usually I only like math ones, but this one was good! :lol: :lol:

Posted by PBlover02/03/05
very very very very fun!! :D the one i didn't get was #2 but this is defintely one of my favorites!! 8)

Posted by kcelf2704/27/05
I liked that one a lot. I got the example before I scrolled down and saw the answer...Then I got the others except the black one. I thought black is not a color either. But I didn't think it would be that easy. GREAT JOB!!!

Posted by darthforman05/22/05

Posted by Isabella220406/02/05
Very creative! Keep'em coming :)

Posted by drussel306/10/05
Fun One. I got different answers. #3, Dead for not a color. Black for not being in the rainbow.

Posted by flipflopchica06/11/05

Posted by ElectronJohn08/18/05
Great idea Moi and great teaser! Are you going to make any more of these? They are fun.

Posted by smarty_blondy10/01/05
I like this one a lot, keep them coming. :D

Posted by marching_xc11/09/05
I like this one. It's easy enough that I could get most of them but hard enough to keep me interested and there were a few I didn't get... You should make more of these!

Posted by coldfire11/26/05
nice one :) I got only 1 right though :oops: :D

Posted by bluehawk12/01/05
:D good one moi. i got all but #3 . this one through me a tad. :roll: . i enjoyed this thanks!!! :lol: :wink: 8)

Posted by steveingreenwoo12/01/05
Pretty cool teaser. I thought Yellow was the second answer on the third one, because it's not in the name of a band. Green Day, Grateful Dead. and Black Sabbath.

Posted by shawneeo12/01/05
Gosh, I feel like Scrooge bcoz I didn't like it like CRAZY!!! Sorry, but I just found it awkward, that's why... And because the black and dead one, The is a Dead Sea, The Dead Sea Scrolls? Haven't any of you, cept the one above, heard of them? But, not bad, just not what Im used to. Maybe if there were more it would have been more fun, like six or nine. Thanks! 8) 8) 8)

Posted by smee12/01/05
Wow!! Great teaser! After doing a bit of thinking, I finally got all three right, and I just LOVE these early morning "mental excercises!" Keep up the good work, Moi!! 8)

Posted by MurfQ12/01/05
Great teaser! I got all but the second part of the last one. I knew that it was based on sea names but I wasn't familiar with the yellow sea so I didn't know if it was yellow or green that didn't belong :D

Posted by ceeyaaa12/01/05
Good Teaser...I also missed the second part of #3...I thought it was Black...lets have some more of these teasers :D :D

Posted by lupolo12/01/05
I really enjoyed this one - good work

Posted by choptlivva12/01/05
Good one!!! :D I did get them all. But, after reading the other comments, I realize that there could have been other "right?" answers. So many different ways of matching and discarding!! Makes the comments really interesting!! :D :D

Posted by cassiemark12/01/05
That was really good! Thanks!

Posted by kman61312/01/05
good one. i got them all right, but one of them for a different reason. I said earl doesn't belong because its not a chess piece, and bishop because it doesn't begin with a "K". Good one - I liked the twist of having to look twice.

Posted by amyu0512/01/05
That was SAWEET!!!!! I liked it alot!! You are a brilliant person!!! The yellow sea, where is that???? Snaps for you (snap snap)!!! :D

Posted by lorelle_b12/01/05
Great teaser...And for the example, I think "Tulip" can be a girl's name--I read a book once called "Hope Was Here" and Hope's real name was Tulip. (and if i were her i would change my name too!) But it was great! Good job :D

Posted by sequoia-mom12/01/05
Interesting! :o Very good!

Posted by rkaaland12/01/05
Lincoln never made a truck!!! Good job really enjoyed it! :D

Posted by boriqua12/01/05
Very good :wink:

Posted by truetease12/01/05
This one was cute!!! I really like it. There should be more like this!!!! I didn't get both on 3, about the EArl. Oh yeah, acutally Lincoln did make a truck...the Navigtor and the Aviator.

Posted by jimbo4612/01/05
Got half of most; the obvious ones. Just couldn't get my mind around the 2d part. :oops:

Posted by DeeAnn12/01/05
Great teaser, I got them all but the last one. I got dead but didn't figure out the sea, and wanted to kick myself after looking at the answer. :D

Posted by trueJesusfreak12/01/05
Fun. 3 was hard :D :oops: :oops: :lol:

Posted by stm8r112/01/05
Since when is "DEAD" a color on a bee and a color on a rainbow? Some earlier commenters didn't get the concept that there are two different sets of three that have something in common. For the last one, I came up with Yellow as the answer since the other three are included in the names of musical groups: Black Sabbath, The Grateful Dead, and Green Day.

Posted by hidentreasure12/01/05
I got all exept 3 Fun teaser! :lol: :lol: :lol: :roll: :D 8)

Posted by wizkid12/01/05
This is such a great teaser. The only one I didnt get was the last one. :P Keep these bad boys commin. :lol: :lol:

Posted by azbee12312/01/05
that was soo good! i loved it!

Posted by cheer_leader_qt12/01/05
it was fun! :D this one was one thay i pretty much got! keep em' commin! :roll: :lol:

Posted by poopstain12/01/05
Great Teaser!!! Awesome job moi that was really fun. Last one kinda had me stumped though. :oops: oh well, GOOD JOB!!! :D :D

Posted by lovefrenzy12/01/05
good one, but the the third one, i didn't figure it out. i thought dead would be out of coler and yellow out of six letters :lol:

Posted by princess061112/01/05
This one is great! :D

Posted by POPS12/01/05
In one simple word! GREAT, :D Did not know there was a yellow sea???so got 3 0ut of 4 :-? for sure a FAVORITE for me :wink: Thanks.

Posted by bookerj0712/01/05
i didn't get the last one!!!! man i didn't know there was a thing such as ayellow sea where is that?

Posted by southerngirl1312/01/05
that wuz a gr8 1!! luved it. PS: yes, i enjoy these early morning exercises, also... NOT!!! what's up w/ that? pshhhh.... :lol: :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :

Posted by southerngirl1312/01/05
gotta go count my $$$, but it wuz gr8, just like i said b4. i luv bragging!!! 8) :lol: :D :P

Posted by southerngirl1312/01/05
hey ya'll this one dude said,"I'm apalled at the lack of simple basic manners on this site!" it was hilarious!! you should go look @ it!!! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Posted by southerngirl1312/01/05

Posted by bennyraw12/01/05
I went with yellow and green being primary colors

Posted by smart-112/01/05
This was a sort of easy 1 :D keep up the work :lol:

Posted by Aarghonauts12/01/05
That was a fun little ride! ON the last one, I eliminated dead first and then black because it's the only one not on a stoplight!! :lol: :lol: Got my little pea brain a-rollin' :o :o

Posted by lindquist_2512/01/05
That was the best teaser I've ever seen!! And I got the first one!! :D :) :P :wink: :lol: 8)

Posted by Winner460012/01/05
I don't get how people could mess the last one up...I got all of them in maybe 10 seconds max each :-? By the way, I thought it was a good teaser. :D

Posted by DaveC12/01/05
In the example after you eliminate Jane, of the three left Lily and Tulip are grown from bulbs and Rose is not :roll: 8) :wink:

Posted by srichardson106612/01/05
This was a very good puzzle and a fun one. However, the problem with things like these is that there are often more than one answer that would work and could potentially be correct. For instance, I thought that last one had to do with band names (Green Day, Black Sabbath, and the Grateful Dead). Anyway, it was fun and I liked it. :D

Posted by Graceiswayneat12/01/05
:D :D :D Yeah, Good Teaser, I figured it out in like 10.03 seconds. It was SOOOOO EASY. No, just kidding, it was challenging especially the sea one. I hearted it! :D

Posted by sln0312/01/05
I got them all right except the last one 'cause I didn't know there was a yellow sea :oops:

Posted by wolfmanh12/01/05
Great teaser, I only got some right though, keep these up :D

Posted by BraingleMaster212/01/05
I thought for the last one that Black didn't belong because it is not some part of a famous band. Yellowcard, Green Day, Grateful Dead.

Posted by FriarFox12/01/05
What about Black Label Society, Black Sabbath, Black Crowes, Black Eyed Peas, Black Box, etc.? :D 8) :D 8)

Posted by redraptor5012/01/05
Great teaser, liked it :D

Posted by geniesue12/01/05
Great one, got them all. Looking forward to more of these :P

Posted by mogur12/01/05
Too many comments, not enough time. Hope there isn't a pop quiz on them.

Posted by leroy_h12/02/05
Igot two out of three :

Posted by suganue12/02/05
I liked this teaser alot. Mainly because I rarely get the chance to feel really, really smart and, after reading the comments, I get to feel smart for a moment b/c I got all of them :D :D :D !!! I also loved the idea of the teaser. You did a great job :)

Posted by don_antonini12/02/05
easy!ok lang cya 8)

Posted by nikitafullmoon12/02/05
I like this teaser, too. I think there are certainly other answers. For example, dodge, ford and hoover are all verbs (hoover is the British term for vacuuming--Presidents of the US...really, now!), yellow is the only two-syllable word in that set. BTW, green is not a primary colour. It's made up of blue and yellow. Don't forget about us other countries doing your riddles! Keep 'em coming!

Posted by okie1234200412/02/05
Great! Only got one right but really enjoyed racking my brain. :o :( :oops:

Posted by mogur12/02/05
Very good points, Nikita. However, blue is made from magenta and yellow, and yellow is made from red and green. So, the physical reality is that there aren't any so called primary colors (colours, in your country). All additive colors can be made from red, green, and blue (the monitor that you are looking uses RGB phosphors). All subtractive colors can be made from cyan, magenta, yellow, and black (printers and typesetters use the CMYK system).

Posted by markmonnin12/05/05
Woo! I loved it!

Posted by Sara200912/05/05
Uh...Pretty stupid Teaser!!! :roll:

Posted by teen_wiz02/04/06
That was cool! I really liked it! Keep 'em coming! :D

Posted by aaks9402/14/06
cool teaser. That was a good one! 8)

Posted by keveffect102/20/06
For the second one I thought Earl was the odd one out because it was the only one that wasn't a piece used in chess. Oh well :wink:

Posted by vanessaruck198905/06/06
8) I got all of them except for the sea one. 8)

Posted by xxilove_ihatexx06/19/06
i got all of them .. but the last one was a little tricky so i didnt get it.. well done! just a suggestion though, try to add more to it!!! :D

Posted by speedywheels06/24/06
Awesome. I'm putting this one in my favorites. :D :D :D

Posted by Barticus09/30/06
Good one. :D I got two and a half right. :o (I didn't get the seas :-?) Pedantically, "bishop" can be a title of nobility, but the intent is obvious.

Posted by OldChinaHand12/01/06
Still a grand to work out. Thanks. 8)

Posted by Lizzie71312/01/06
Awesome!!!!! I lvoed it I got the 2nd and 3rd ones but not the 1st :oops: Thanks kepp them coming

Posted by cloughme12/01/06
Good Job!

Posted by marschie12/01/06
Very, very nice!

Posted by coachpisco12/01/06
Black does not belong because, it too, is the abscense of any color. But the teaser was very well contrived. I liked it. :D

Posted by gailpoolner12/01/06
Jane does not belong because it is not a flower. Rose does not belong because Lily and Tulip are grown from bulbs, a rose is not.

Posted by bradon18200112/01/06
I was thinking along the same lines as Coachpisco. Guess there is always more than one answer. Good teaser. It sure made me think about the answers. :o

Posted by maka1012/01/06
Very cute! Good job! :lol:

Posted by puttumup12/01/06
:D fineally a teaser that made me dust the cobwebs out of the brain good job :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Posted by lmurray12/01/06

Posted by zaya12/01/06
Fun, 1st two were easy but 3rd one made you think.

Posted by Blondie11612/01/06
nice work. Loved it! :wink:

Posted by tchershelly12/01/06
I like it :D , the number three I choose obvious dead then said black, because of no eeeeeee's :wink: keep them coming

Posted by vlerma12/01/06
Nice teaser. Has a few debatable answers but is a sound job. I enjoyed it. :)

Posted by breathesunshine12/01/06
This was a fun one. Like so many that commented I had a different answer for the second part of #3. And for those who may have seen it before remember there are new people joining all the time (like me!) so while this may be recycled to you, it's unfamiliar to us!

Posted by phyllisa12/01/06
I loved this one!!!!! :D

Posted by tpkarth12/01/06
Good one..but then u said Tulip is not a girl's name & I happen to know a girl with that name!!!

Posted by pretty-in-pink12/01/06
well great teaser!! it was hardd!!!! the ONLY oneee i got was the onee with the colourss....CYA!! :D

Posted by locutus13ds12/01/06
Only get partial credit for the first halves. I did not know how to do this. But seeing the answers is awesome! :roll:

Posted by speedqueenkmw12/01/06
more, please :)

Posted by rea14sambo4812/01/06
I liked this one!!! I thought the same thing as heyevpos except then I realized that it couldn't be cause dead isn't 1 either! :oops: :lol:

Posted by jjdolphine12/01/06
I liked this one a lot. I could figure them out except I wasnt sure on the yellow-green-dead-black, yellow messed me up. I was thinking along the lines of you are lookinng :green, dead, I thought it maybe would work for yellow

Posted by katie412/01/06
very good!!!! can some one pleasue tell me how to change user names 8) 8) :D

Posted by katie412/01/06
sorry I mean please :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops:

Posted by blondebookworm12/01/06
This is a hott teaser! I got the right answers, but for the first one, I was thinking that Lincoln would be out because it was the only non-verb, although now that I think about it, Hoover isn't either, I was thinking hover.

Posted by aresII12/01/06
simply excellent!! :D

Posted by MalcolmReynolds12/01/06
Black ain't a color. And I'm pretty sure knights were not considered nobility... they were a step below..

Posted by gamer612/01/06
great teaser i only got 3 wrong :D :D

Posted by Moon_Girl_12/01/06
yellow is a sea?!

Posted by natureluver12/01/06
165 comments!!!!!!(including this one) :D

Posted by casarussell12/01/06
fun teaser!

Posted by 4kai2lyn612/01/06
I did like it, but there were way too many "answers may vary" instances, as a ton of people have already pointed out.

Posted by lil-mouse12/01/06
cool teaser got all 3. knights in a sense considered noble just not born that way it is nobility by earning it you can be a knight then earn other titles so knights was low form of nobility.

Posted by Dan14112/02/06
Great teaser a tad easy though

Posted by LordT12/02/06
Way WayWay 2 easy :lol:

Posted by wordmama12/02/06
Enjoyable teaser. My problem with the last one: once you eliminate Dead for not being a color, it's hard to think of Seas (even tho' I know that Yellow and Black are Seas) b/c Dead was a Sea but already eliminated!! All I'd been able to come up with was yellow for # of letter, and that is really lame--I knew it had to be meaning, not appearance. (sorry, # of letters)

Posted by patpat55312/03/06

Posted by Qrystal12/18/06
I loved this teaser, and I loved the one it was based on. I also got them all, but the real reason I liked it was just the fun of finding two groups of three from the four. That said, it seemed a lot of people were confused about the instructions for the teaser. Is it possible to modify the directions to say something like: "Find two groups of three words from each set of four"? Plus, for a hint, I think it would be a good idea to say that the relationships have nothing to do with the letters or syllables of the words, but only their meanings. Maybe I'll come up with a teaser along these lines .... they seem like fun to make too! :) Good job on this one!

Posted by Qrystal12/18/06
Oh yeah, and maybe to avoid the whole "Is Black a colour?" question, perhaps it's best to just say that "Dead" is not found in a box of crayons. :P

Posted by violinist374605/27/07
these are really cool! id love to see more! :D :D :D

Posted by cheese195106/24/07
Don't like it. I found different answers. Bishop I got, but I said because it was 2 syllables. I said Dead and Black. Dead is obvious, but I said black because Yellow and Green, because they have 2 letters that are the same together (ll and ee). I am sick.

Posted by 4demo08/14/07
I got everything except for the "sea" part to #3. Great teaser - really fun and requires a little thinking and knowledge! :D :D

Posted by petey12712/14/07
Sweet teaser! I got them all right

Posted by SSVillalobos02/15/08
Excellent work! I loved the twist in making two of them the odd ones out, for different reasons. I can tell this took some work.

Posted by AndrewWalker08/25/08
the last one black doesn't belong b/c it isn't a primary color of light!

Posted by Paladin03/13/09
:lol: Very good one... I got them all, but the last one took some thought (the others jumped out at me). And for those of you complaining that "black" is not a color, it is certainly a color in many definitions of the word (and not a color in others, such as when referring to prismatic light). Perhaps you would prefer "colors of a crayon" to pure "color". Either way, the answer works and this was a very clever puzzle. Well done!

Posted by dalfamnest12/01/09
Good one - worth a repeat! I solved it a few months ago but enjoyed it again; that must be a sign of a successful teaser. :D :D

Posted by leroyleroy12/01/09

Posted by katamaster12/01/09
As a point of note. I know two women by the name of Tulip.

Posted by kaaozz12/01/09
or.....hoover does not not because its not a car and dodge does not belong because its not made by ford. and ....earl does not belong because its not a chess piece and bishop does not belong because it doesnt start with the letter k .

Posted by elentir12/01/09
kaaozz - your solutions don't work because hoover is not made by ford and earl doesn't start with 'k'. You have to put the words back in and then select the next odd one out. :wink:

Posted by doehead12/01/09
Wow, this teasers been on here twice as long as I have. Congrats to the editors for their extended vacations. Just use repeats. :oops: :oops: :oops:

Posted by Aaronnp12/01/09
Really good, but black isn't a colour, its a shade. 8-) NERD

Posted by patiencewithaP12/01/09
So where is the Green Sea? That one threw me but I still like the teaser! Good job! :D

Posted by MrsK12/01/09
There is no Green Sea (that's the odd one out). The seas are Yellow (in China), Black Sea, and Dead Sea (also known as the Salt Sea). I got #3 wrong because I was thinking about band names, too. However, yellow is the only one with two syllables making it a possible answer. Good quiz---now I'll have to look up the Yellow Sea. :)

Posted by auntiesis12/02/09
The only one I missed was the Sea. Got all the rest. Very good teaser, I liked it a lot. :lol: :D :lol:

Posted by John_RD12/04/09
Dude Black is not a colour!

Posted by mathisnice03/17/10
Excellent job, but Tulip is also a girl's name as the above poster said. I got them all except part of 2 and part of 3. :)

Posted by JQPublic12/04/11
Great teaser. Black is a colour just as zero is a number, in my opinion. However, knights are commoners.

Posted by royale-ninja07/19/12
i got some of them right

Posted by Babe12/01/12
Wow! I like hevepos's answer best for # 3. Traffic light fits great. I have seen this one before on this sight though!! :roll:

Posted by jaycr12/01/12
Got #1 and 2. BTW if your post has to do with teasers being reused, send it to the administrator of this site. I don't thnk he/she reads these comments. :idea:

Posted by lukasiwicz12/01/12
Sorry, JQPublic, though your spelling of the word "colour" suggests that you are British and might be expected to know something about social stratification in Great Britain, in fact knights were and are considered to be members of the nobility, although not very exalted ones. One is in fact ennobled by being knighted, and thereby being granted the right to be called "Sir."

Posted by HABS293312/01/12
I enjoyed this teaser. I got them all except the second part of number 3. Missed the fact they were all seas. :( I spell it colour too, and know nothing about ranks or nobility; nor am I British.

Posted by cutebug12/01/12
My teaser; OLD-BLACK-WORNOUT-NEW. Black is eliminated because it is a color. New is eliminated because we never see these types of teasers. :D :D

Posted by gaylewolf12/01/12
You rock, cutebug. Up to your old tricks, I see! :lol: As usual, the comments are as good as the puzzle itself! :wink: :)

Posted by eamon12/01/12
Nice idea but still needs a lot of tweaking to fix errors. Black is not a colour. (Red alternate was given above) Tulip is indeed a girl's name sometimes. ( ...use Carnation or something) Bishop is also rank. ( ...just say non-secular instead) Hoover just misses being a Chinese car brand by an extra letter o, Hover is made for the EU market in China. (No chuckles about suction please.) Lincoln the company is the only one of those four ( Dodge brothers, Henry Ford and W. Hoover) not named after its original owner or founder Mr. Henry M. Leland but named after the founder's favourite president. So not an error, just an alternate answer.

Posted by Summer-Ktreva12/01/12
I got most of them, but on the third I guessed dead and yellow, because yellow is the only one with two syllables...

Posted by raisin9912/01/15

Posted by dsjt12/01/15
Nice teaser. #3 was a little ambiguous. Dead not a color was obvious. (Also the only one that is not a type of tea.) But for the second word... Yellow because it is the only one with more than one syllable. or Black because it is the only one that that does not contain two vowels. Or said another way, the only word with just one vowel.

Posted by Myers5112/01/15
Nice... but I agree with just about everyone... #3 was way too ambiguous: Traffic Light, Seas, Tea, Bumble Bee Colors, Signs of Sickness, Sun Colors, Teletubbie Colors, or Zucchini Colors all would have given different answers... my biggest gripe is... why only 3?


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