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What is the only non-palindromic integer whose cube is a palindrome?

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Posted by Bobbrt01/03/04
Is there a way to figure this out without just running through numbers until you get the answer? My calculator's worn out. :wink:

Posted by curtiss8201/03/04
This was a math problem once asked during one of my math classes. The professor didn't provide a solution, it was more as if he was stating a fact. I think he got if from a math trivia book or something.

Posted by Monique11401/03/04
great teaser! :D

Posted by eiennikirei01/03/04
i would have never gotten that!! :cry:

Posted by jimbo01/06/04
How can we verify that this is the only one? Do we just take your word for it? This rather belongs in the trivia category, unless you can back up the answer with some Mtahematical reasoning.

Posted by jimbo01/06/04
oops...Mathematical... :oops:

Posted by SliceOPi01/20/04
How about 7 would you consider that a palindrome? :-? And 7 cubed= 343.

Posted by SliceOPi01/20/04
11 cubed=1331.

Posted by SliceOPi01/20/04
oops scratch that last one.

Posted by curtiss8201/20/04
7 reads the same forwards as it does backwards.

Posted by Mogmatt1601/25/04
This teaser is good, but you need to say that it is the only known number like it. There are still a lot of numbers noone has ever checked.

Posted by Fhqwhgads02/06/04
:othat went way over my head :o

Posted by drussel306/08/05
To calculate this easier, use something like excel, and copy he fomula. Pretty easy. Good One.

Posted by ElectronJohn08/18/05
Or write a simple Basic program.

Posted by kibber09/19/05
here we go again, does it make you feel smart to ask these impossible questions? you don't even know how to get the answer, so how do we? i could look up impossible stuff in textbooks no one ever reads and ask you about it, but i'd rather be fair, fun, and realistic. :-?

Posted by CompWiz09/30/05
I wrote a BASIC program on my TI-84+ SE that checked numbers up to about 250,000 before the battery ran out and the ram got cleared. The only anser it got was 2201. I might rewrite it or just write it on the computer in C.

Posted by calmsavior04/26/06
thats not a very good hint if you dont know what a cube is, a nd you dont know what a palindrome is, then you are very likely not going to get this teaser.

Posted by cchartrand08/01/06
I have verified up to 5,000,000. I am working on a verification up to 1,000,000,000. I will post results when complete.

Posted by michelle_chen08/26/08
How to validate it's the only one non-palindromic?

Posted by javaguru12/21/08
It is interesting trivia, but I was expecting an explanation of why this has to be the ONLY integer with this property.

Posted by SRB_180708/18/11
my goodness do u get such answers ...??? :o :o :o


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