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The Teacher and his Students

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A teacher and his students stand in an empty room. The room has no windows, no chalk, and no chalkboard. The room is completely barren except for 10 students and one teacher. The students ask the teacher if they can go eat lunch, and the teacher says, "That won`t be necessary, it is already here." How did they get their lunch?

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Posted by pusandave03/16/02
I like the cannibal answer best.

Posted by Captbob6103/21/02
That's kind of one of those 3000 possible answer riddles.

Posted by Mogmatt1604/10/02
My parents woln't let me eat pi for luch because it's a number! and how did you bold the text on a comment?

Posted by Drunky05/24/02
Use basic html. Lets test some Hello Hiya Hi

Posted by Drunky05/24/02
ok those didnt work.... :P what about this?

Posted by Drunky05/24/02
ok this is odd...Blah I give up

Posted by frank0001h06/01/02
Definitely cannibals. It was only approximately a pie you know.

Posted by O_wise_one06/01/02
get, not het!

Posted by fearless181706/05/02
this has got to be one of the worst teaser i have ever read. no offense

Posted by einat1606/22/02
this should [b]work[/b]

Posted by einat1606/22/02
or maybe not...

Posted by something10/11/02
(b)hi(/b) [b]hi[/b] {b}hi{/b}

Posted by something10/11/02

Posted by something10/11/02
no, that's not what i think! i like the original answer, i was just trying to do the copy/paste thing with the first comment...

Posted by the_smart_one11/24/02
I think it isn't the greatest thing and I still voted a good for you!

Posted by the_smart_one11/24/02
you can ask me to how to do bold

Posted by speedyg100012/02/02
come on guys! there are a lot like that. Theres a guy in a room with a mirror and a table. No doors or windows. How does he get out? He looked through the mirror and saw what he saw. he took the saw and cut the table in half. Two halves make a whole, so he climbed through the hole and got out.

Posted by skoolkid02/02/04
Maybe the lunch was already there. Yummy, hair root pie. I'll make some right now.

Posted by Palsha03/22/04
This one is stupid. Editors, c'mon now!

Posted by cnmne07/19/04
As a rule, I do not like to post negative comments on a teaser. But this one just does not do it for me. Too obtuse. Incidentally, I thought of cannibal also.

Posted by bigsisjune07/19/04
[bold]is this bold?[/bold] [b]or this?[/b]

Posted by DummyisDumb03/24/05
There is another version of this

Posted by darthforman05/18/05
Is this like "Children of the Corn" or something? :-?

Posted by Pop_Qla06/19/05
Am I the only one who thought this was a good teaser? By the way, how DO you do the bold? [b] this [/b] or.. not.. I don't know!

Posted by Tammy9306/19/05
I agree with everyone. This is Bold: Hi

Posted by Tammy9306/19/05
nvermind :(

Posted by Tammy9306/19/05
No wait, I've got it. I forgot to capitalize. Hi

Posted by Tammy9306/19/05
nevermind again.

Posted by Tammy9306/19/05
Do I have it NOW??? Arrrgg. I can't tell.

Posted by Tammy9306/19/05

Posted by Tammy9306/19/05
One last try: Sample

Posted by Tammy9306/19/05
[b]is this bold? I didn't think so.[/b]

Posted by sftball_rocks1308/09/05
tammy ur phunny teaser way 2 logical

Posted by gallenbe08/26/05
pi is irrational -so is this teaser

Posted by acey11/20/05
that was boring :roll:

Posted by stephiesd12/19/05
this should be bold

Posted by stephiesd12/19/05

Posted by stephiesd12/19/05

Posted by EnderofGames01/04/06
Why don't you PM Petera and ask how to make it bold?

Posted by sammy6601/29/06
Thay was soooooooooo stupid!!!!!!! :lol: oh god. that is a dumb riddle! :lol:

Posted by teen_wiz02/10/06
I'm sorry, but this was a very dull teaser. :( :-? Better luck next time.

Posted by keveffect102/21/06
Yuck?ugh? Do you smell something? :o

Posted by smiley_lover03/07/06
I think it should be cannibalism. Pi isn't good anyway. Its irrational. :D Wait, that didn't make sense :oops: Oh well. CANNIBALISM! :D

Posted by PineappleMama03/07/06
Doesn't that mean they ate their own hair...ewww

Posted by jntrcs03/15/06
O my gosh, that has to be thee dumbest teaser i've ever heard, cannablilism is better but that's not even possible to think of the pi crap. i mean c'mon who would think about pulling their hair out to create pie. sheesh that's dumb.

Posted by warmonkey31803/25/06
I dont think my brain got it....but after reading the answer 3 times, i got it. :oops: :lol: :o

Posted by puppehs-rulez03/26/06
is this bold? Anyways, this one is just like the other ones like this. SO DON'T DISS IT! haha :lol: :lol:

Posted by xdbtcp03/28/06

Posted by ptream9904/14/06
I think they're in an elevator that just arrived at the cafeteria. Kinda of a lame teaser.

Posted by Prophet32132105/02/06
Sortof a stretch..... I personally vote for cannibalism. :roll:

Posted by spazzyjazzy9305/06/06
HAHAHAHAHA :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: THATS AWESOME!!!!!!!! i like the canibal answer too i thought they were in a cooking class and they just cooked their lunch and there it was --- tada! :lol:

Posted by Vigo9505/09/06
i think that was disgusting ! what about , it was a home economics class .

Posted by timnuoa06/01/06
cannibals :D

Posted by Unraveled07/08/06
I like that answer, ptream99, it really works, a lot better than the one given.

Posted by BPKANERVA07/14/06
That is DISGUSTING :-?

Posted by ck_monkeyman07/23/06
it works lyk this: hello hello hello remove the periods that i place hello and then you've got it!

Posted by ck_monkeyman07/23/06
never mind it doesn't work...

Posted by ck_monkeyman07/23/06
hi hi

Posted by ck_monkeyman07/23/06
sry it doesn't work on braingle...

Posted by curious_george08/04/06
Is this Bold?

Posted by curious_george08/04/06
How 'bout this?

Posted by curious_george08/04/06
What about now?

Posted by curious_george08/04/06
Hmmm... Oh well :oops:

Posted by Writer_fighter09/08/06
+Guys Stop Making fun of his teaser, Or I will be forced to report you, oh wait i alreaddy did!+

Posted by dishu09/09/06
is this bold bold

Posted by dishu09/09/06

Posted by tintiniscool09/11/06

Posted by tintiniscool09/11/06
good teaser :D mmmm....pi or pie sounds good right now... :lol:

Posted by ciotog10/25/06
How did the children and the teacher get in the room? Are they all naked, if not then how did their clothes get in? not terribly clever.

Posted by dimez_0010/27/06
omg these comments are hilarious :lol: :lol: :lol: . some said cannibals, one said the kid was bald, hair root pie :lol: :lol: :lol: just too funny

Posted by senther712/11/06
nice one, good, clever, but WWWWWAAAAAYYYYYY to old. I trust u can add uniquence to this :roll: :roll: :roll:

Posted by soonitwillend12/17/06
Cannibals. Plain and simple. The true question is, who to eat? :)

Posted by eyenowhour12/19/06
I thought *cannibals* too.

Posted by bgil760402/27/07
NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO!!! :evil:

Posted by Madelulabelle03/10/07
Ummm...when I read the teaser, I was creeped out because it sounded like some freaky cannibal movie with a zombie/other human eating thingie teacher preying on innocent children. But the answer was definetely creepier... :o :o :o

Posted by deepsea03/19/07
no, just no

Posted by SwimmerGirl04/26/07
unlike most people i liked this teaser :D

Posted by ChRmD105/12/07
Ya that totally grossed me out... Hair root pie!... trying to bold here... lol

Posted by Yuffie11/12/08
Wow. :o Does anyone ever figure this out? Maybe it'd be easier if you say a MATH teacher & his students.. at least get us started. Way over my head. :(

Posted by mathisnice05/02/10
How do you do bold? [bold]Test[/bold]

Posted by eighsse09/18/13
Good teaser **TEST** ++TEST++ ##TEST##


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