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Bobo the Clown

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What is Bobo the Clown's middle name?

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by dakini08/07/03

Posted by Tongue-Twister10/30/04
Great teaser. I read it over and immediatly knew the answer. Good teaser though! :D

Posted by iconofsin03/16/05
This teaser fails it. :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :(

Posted by krabcat03/23/05
now that was good at first i thought it was supoed to be in trivial but then i got it

Posted by biter_lemon04/10/05
what kind of parents would call anyone "the"? even if anyone is bobo the clown

Posted by brunettebabe05/13/05
very easy...but good nontheless...very clever 8)

Posted by darthforman05/21/05
Good Trick though :D

Posted by sgfreak55507/05/05
wow. i thought 'the' at first, but then i said, no, nobody would submit a teaser that stupid. guess i was wrong.

Posted by Pop_Qla07/21/05
Nice teaser! (you guys make me feel stupid... I thought it was hard :( )

Posted by rtytherleigh12/14/05
Good one. I got it first go.

Posted by teen_wiz02/09/06
Eaaaaaaaaaaasy....yet clever. :D

Posted by Spice_207/13/07
That's also in Trivial Pursiut as "What's Pooh Bear's middle name?" and it's Winnie THE Pooh. :D

Posted by Malika12301/25/09
Easy. :D


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