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The Case of the Mischief Maker

Submitted By:doggyxp
Fun:*** (2.16)
Difficulty:* (0.57)

One hot, dry day Nina saw Mr. Bentz shaking his head as he stood by his flowerbed.
"Somebody ruined all my flowers," he said. "I had the hose out watering them. When I went to put it away, somebody tromped through the rows and stomped on my flowers."
"Who'd do a mean thing like that?" Nina asked.
Mr. Bentz sighed. "Somebody who likes mischief, I guess."
"I'm walking to the mall now. Maybe later I can find out who did it," Nina told him. Soon she saw three girls playing hopscotch. She decided to stop and watch how expertly they moved over the chalk marks.
Lindsay had to hop very carefully because one of the straps was broken on her left sandal.
Katie hopped slowly. She wore purple sneakers that looked worn-out. Katie seemed worn-out, too.
Sarah hopped the fastest. The muddy soles of her white jogging shoes hardly seemed to touch the sidewalk as she moved.
"Would you like to play a game?" Katie asked. "I think I'll sit this one out."
"Sorry. I'm going shopping," Nina told her. Then she paused. Suddenly she knew Sarah had ruined Mr. Bentz's garden.

How did Nina figure it out?

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by unklemyke04/16/04
A kindegarten level teaser at best - you need to introduce a complication or two to your clues - even Dr. Watson would have no trouble with this one :roll:

Posted by thegermangemini06/04/04
I, too, found this one very simple, but a good effort. Well written, too.

Posted by witness06/07/04
The "hot, dry" hint in the beginning is not even noticed in the beginning of the story. When you said her shoes were muddy, It was just too obvious who had done it. :roll:

Posted by doggyxp06/19/04
Yes, I too found this one easy. However, I don't remember a requirement for Braingle stating that teasers had to be hard to be accepted.

Posted by username08/14/04 simple and so easy. even a 10 year old could get this.

Posted by aPlatinum08/23/04
duh :roll:

Posted by gabe199110/06/04
I have to agree. :oops:

Posted by MJfan2310/11/04
this one was way too easy

Posted by I_am_the_Omega10/17/04
" simple and so easy. even a 10 year old could get this" As someone who was once a ten year old, I take offense to that. A four year old could've gotten it.

Posted by swithie11/09/04
Come on that was a tiny bit too easy don't you think? :lol:

Posted by babygirl3512/03/04
Umm... everyone just shut up. i mean if you want a harder one go to one that was rated harder.

Posted by linz222912/05/04
rite on baby girl. it was rated really low, so why didi u guys click on it if u knew it was going to be really easy? people can be so retarted sometimes!! :roll:

Posted by Nicky10112/12/04
I agree with babygirl. But I still think it was easy. That's why I went to it :lol:

Posted by JessicaLynn12/20/04
I'm 10 years old, and as soon as I read the muddy shoes part, I got it, but it was neat :D

Posted by alicewashere1301/03/05
booooorrrinnnng :cry:

Posted by Blake01/05/05
Well written. It was a little too easy, but people make good points that you can just go to a harder one if you want a challenge. It may have helped to at least say, "When she looked at the girls, she knew which one had done it" instead of telling us who had done it. It was so obvious, you had to wonder if there was a trick.

Posted by coughdrop77702/18/05
Very fun, but wayyyyyyyy to easy. :D :cry: :-?

Posted by coughdrop77702/18/05
i happen to be 11 and i got this one in like 3 seconds. :roll: :-? :D

Posted by ultimatehorse03/20/05
Wow, some people here are rude! Yes, the teaser is really easy --- so why do people who want hard teasers click the ones that are rated easy.... unless some people just like to complain..?

Posted by Isabella220405/19/05
Extremely easy!!! You gave the answer away with the 'muddy' part. It was a good one, though. :wink:

Posted by babybabe105/20/05
:wink: 8) To cool for words.

Posted by kayleeskitties09/20/05
Very well written. Yes it was easy---but not every teaser can be hard....I thought this teaser was cute. :D

Posted by trumpetsgirl10/11/05
If you know it was soo easy and you didn't want a easy one why choose it??? A good warm up and well written

Posted by rkaaland11/14/05
I enjoyed it, Thank you! :D

Posted by hamburger11/23/05
Very easy. :D

Posted by kcheer249305/31/06
no need to be so harsh,. Got it, but well done

Posted by Iamthedude5432111/18/06
I thought this teaser was easy, but still fun. :D

Posted by scallio09/11/07
Sure, it was very easy, but I still enjoyed reading it. Thanks! :D

Posted by brain2312/05/07
I didn't get it :oops:

Posted by Starriddler06/07/08
I got it,but it was good.Just a suggestion,but try to put your clues in the middle of the story.

Posted by demylimbo06/05/09
easy but well written.. the clues were cohesive... :D

Posted by mathisnice02/26/10
Good teaser, but a bit easy.

Posted by ScienceStudent12/09/10
Good teaser, way to easy.

Posted by cnblue011404/14/12
btw this was directly copied from another site- u should have at least changed the names. i agree it's way too easy. :roll:

Posted by Quocalimar11/06/12
a better question to ask would be who did it? IDK, that was just too easy, ofcourse the girl with mud on her shoes stepped in the mud.

Posted by NoriMori01/22/15
Way, way too easy. I stopped reading at "muddy".


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