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Submitted By:fishmed
Fun:*** (2.8)
Difficulty:*** (3.07)

Take the list of words below and arrange them into 3 sentences that all have something in common. Each word is only used once each time they appear in the list. ('A' can be used 4 times as it's in the list 4 times.) Punctuation is not an issue in this teaser.


What are the sentences and what do they have in common?

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by froghop83305/16/04
Hooray I finally figured one of the "difficult" teasers out! :D Nice idea!

Posted by jimbo05/17/04
Nice combination of ideas. Haven't seen those palindromes beofre. :D

Posted by jmcleod07/15/04
That was a great teaser. I would like to see more like that.

Posted by dalt8802/27/05
to hard

Posted by DummyisDumb03/01/05
DAM'N!!!! :evil: H-A-R-D D-R A-H

Posted by exterminator03/20/05
8)n teaser!!!!!! i bet einstien couldnt figure it out.

Posted by bigSWAFF_69_03/25/05

Posted by darthforman05/18/05

Posted by junk_kid06/03/05
hard but very fun :D

Posted by SummerStorm06/23/05
Very difficult. Nice work!

Posted by katjojo03/14/08
Too haard for me. :cry:

Posted by Meganan03/14/08
Should have a very hard rating :lol: I coildn't figure it out but that didn't make it less fun.

Posted by bradon18200103/14/08
Very hard. Too much for me to handle at 7:00 am. Will be interested to see how many have the same reaction. Thanks for posting this mind scrambling teaser. :o

Posted by builder03/14/08
Wow! It took me a minute to even figure out what kind of hint racecar was.

Posted by bookwrmKP03/14/08
2HARD4ME!!!!!!!!!! nice teaser, i guess though

Posted by jabdr03/14/08
Way over my head...and the hint only confused me more :roll: I spent a long time trying to make sensible sentences as opposed to palindromic (?) phrases :-? BUT - the brilliance to come up with something like this is incredible. :o :)

Posted by Marianogf77703/14/08
Great Teaser!!!!! :D A bit hard, but so much the better cuz last teasers were increasingly simple.

Posted by auntiesis03/14/08
Too hard for me. Tried to use racecar as the thing they had in common, and got nowhere. :oops: 8) :(

Posted by Trishgal03/14/08
My goodness I have a headache...and still never figured it out :wink: though it was good it was a bit hard :oops:

Posted by mondayschild5903/14/08
I started out slow but finished it in the end. All three right this time. Thanks for the teaser. Monday~ :D :D :D

Posted by zaya03/17/08
No idea where to start on this one :(

Posted by Babe09/19/14
I agree with the majority. It was a difficult teaser and the sentences made very little sense also. I could not see myself coming up with sentences like that. Sorry. not to my liking. :( :roll: Hello Habs.

Posted by jaycr09/19/14
Tough one but workable, (with the hint). Happy Friday!

Posted by HABS293309/19/14
Though it is still before 6AM here, I am not sure I can use that as an excuse for not getting the answer. I have seen all these sentences before when learning about palindromes in school many eons ago, but as they are mostly nonsensical, would never have come up with them. There are sentences that make a lot more sense that are also palidromes: Madam, I'm Adam. Eva, can I see bees in a cave? Was it a car or a cat I saw? Ma is as selfless as I am. As I pee, sir, I see Pisa. Was it Eliot's toilet I saw? And of course: Doc, note I dissent. A fast never prevents a fatness. I diet on cod

Posted by HABS293309/19/14
Hi Babe, hope all is well with you. Hello to everyone else as well on this crisp cool morn

Posted by catmom09/19/14
Not a clue, even when I read the hint. Now my head hurts. Going back to bed. :-? :cry:

Posted by cutebug09/19/14
Didn't have a clue. :oops: :oops:

Posted by MarcM109809/19/14
When I noticed SAW/WAS and TEN/NET, I figured it had to be palindromes and worked it out from there. Great teaser! I gave it top marks. :D

Posted by gaylewolf09/19/14
Congratulations, MarcM for solving this one., It was a good one, but I had no clue. Happy weekend, all! :wink: :)

Posted by fishmed09/19/14
For those who liked it, I am glad you did. For those whose heads now hurt, I am sorry. Check out some of my other ones. Thanks.


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