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DIS Teaser Is Tricky

Submitted By:MrIxolite
Fun:*** (2.26)
Difficulty:**** (3.11)

Add a letter to the following three letters to make a word containing ten letters


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Comments on this teaser

Posted by thegermangemini06/08/04
It's a teaser and a vocab lesson! :)

Posted by rose06/08/04
good one :)

Posted by silverblade98706/09/04
good teaser....i wouldn't have gotten it right even if i did know what a missive was before reading this

Posted by newf06/09/04
Good one :)

Posted by bluetwo06/14/04
robxxx, a MISSIVE is a synonym for "note or LETTER" (the kind you write and send in the mail). a LETTER (ie, MISSIVE) was added to the end of DIS. get it now? :wink:

Posted by Katelin06/29/04
cool one don't forget to write your thank-you-missives for birthday presents! lol! :lol: :D

Posted by aPlatinum09/23/04
should've been categorized as language?

Posted by roaddevil02/08/07
It was a trick, but only with useless trivia. Boring.

Posted by mercedes1304/01/07
........not so great. :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:

Posted by SpanshDST02/09/08
Cool it was kinda hard though but you gotta get at least a little challenged once and a while :D

Posted by annvie904/24/08
I thought i was supposed to add "a letter" to DIS. But that's not an actual word. Yet again you didn't say it had to be and actual word....

Posted by MrIxolite04/28/08
hence the trick category....sigh.

Posted by pn_1604/29/08
cool... 8)

Posted by spinnercat08/30/08
wow, this one was absolutely perfect :) even though I knew it was a trick I didn't get it... it certainly was a trick too. i was thinking along of the lines of only haveing 4 letters, but being tricky to get 10, like having 10 in Roman Numerals or something. Great teaser!

Posted by fanatizzare03/04/09
Hahaha. That's fantastic. I didn't know what a missive was so no chance that I would have gotten it. But good one! I kept thinking of how to add a letter so the four letter word would mean someting related to ten.. like deca, deci, etc.


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