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Hidden Time & Again

Submitted By:fishmed
Fun:**** (3.28)
Difficulty:** (1.14)

Inside each set of the following words, there are a pair of smaller words. By putting & between them, lo & behold, you'll make a familiar phrase. For example, "Thighbone/Swallowtail" conceals "High & Low."

1. Skyrocketing/Trolleyman
2. Thermometer/Apoplexy
3. Delaware/Bordering
4. Surprised/Trashiness
5. Throughout/Stumblebum

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by humoeba06/24/04
hey, didn't they have stuff like this in readers digest??? :-?

Posted by fishmed06/24/04
I do get some stuff from there, Time & Again. :wink:

Posted by something06/27/04
Very good teaser, fish... I got 1,2, & 3. Tumblebum. Hehe. :D

Posted by mzpuddn07/23/04
I Liked This Teaser, Mostly Cause It Was Easy To Me, And Because It Was FUN :P Thanx, Keep More Of These Coming

Posted by twixy07/23/04
i liked this teaser a lot, it was fun! :D :D

Posted by doggyxp07/23/04
Like others, I thought this teaser was loads of fun! Superb job. I hope you submit more teasers like this one to be puzzled by the minds of Brainglers.

Posted by jacintan07/23/04
This teaser was great! Maybe a bit easy, but still very fun.

Posted by smithy07/26/04
Proof that a teaser doesnt have to be hard to be an absolute classic - bravo fish! :D

Posted by fishmed07/28/04
Thanks guys. I am glad you liked them. There are two more like this on the site under the same name, II & III

Posted by fishmed01/22/05
Thanks, there are two more under a similar name too.

Posted by Weezy10502/01/05
I didn't like it it was more of a 50s trend persay. I mean thats just me i guess :wink:

Posted by deadeye82304/30/05
I thought it was great :D i cant beleive i got all of them :lol:

Posted by darthforman05/11/05
Kinda easy but it was fun. Good job! :D

Posted by Ozymandias05/20/05
Real nice! :P :P

Posted by Javian05/21/05
yup, i've seen those in Reader's Digest :) still, good teaser

Posted by demosthenes07/23/05
really easy, but at the same time very fun!

Posted by thimblenoggin07/23/05
Didn't even have to show answer.

Posted by rennebelle07/23/05
i liked it-- one i actually got and it was well thought out

Posted by raginfury07/23/05

Posted by mesendk07/23/05
wow this was one i could actually get! :D very clever though. i loved it! keep them coming, seriously! :lol: this puzzle was awesome!

Posted by EyeCon07/23/05
:D i liked it /good teaser

Posted by Kukmiester07/23/05
lots of fun!! :D

Posted by infernogirl07/23/05
Clever. This was a good one.

Posted by lisha_kc07/23/05
I got them all!!!!! Which made it fun for me...but If I got them all right I'd hafta say this was a pretty easy teaser because I suck at was still fun for me :P :D

Posted by TRINITYRAIN07/23/05
I thought it was really easy, but it was fun to get them all right too! good job Fish!! :P

Posted by crazystac060807/23/05
oh, i got all but the rise and shine one...pretty cool.

Posted by carolina_bug07/23/05
I loved this teaser and got all of them but #3 and I saw the order, but could not get the law. Thnx Fishmed

Posted by Aarghonauts07/23/05
I like those. They're fun and not too hard. I thought the first one was "rocket man" then I saw "rock and roll"

Posted by bandnerdnproud707/23/05
I actually got this teaser! Even though it was easy, it was still fun! :D

Posted by xFLoRiDa_HuNNyX07/23/05
That was hard!!! :D

Posted by spongedum407/23/05
really fun and simple - just the way i like it :D

Posted by Brainy_107/23/05
I really enjoyed this teaser!! :D I whizzed right thru it! Very Good!!! Kepp up the great teasers!!! 8)

Posted by soccer_chick7007/23/05
I love this! I actually took the time to sit down and figure them all out on a peice of paper... the one that took me the longest? (bout 30 seconds of staring at it) #1! I felt so stupid when I finally found it! I love these teasers and I'm definitely gunna check out the other 2!! :D

Posted by cyclergal07/23/05
Very easy! :wink:

Posted by kgripp07/23/05
I missed law and order. I found order but missed the word law. hump! :oops:

Posted by redneck_woman07/24/05
This was a fun one, as I got them all without too much brain strain. Good job fishmed! :P :D

Posted by MTK_9007/24/05

Posted by gotabody07/25/05
Quite nice. Had fun :) Tx.

Posted by smarty_blondy07/26/05
I saw them all, rate them all, loved them all, and most importantly, gived them all a nice big welcome to my faves list :D ! You sure have a way with words, fishmed, congrats :D !

Posted by jstar186708/15/05
I like these types of teasers, I get mosrtly all of them right. they're not too hard and not tooo easy. :wink: :)

Posted by jono-0808/17/05
Easy but fun!

Posted by AZTTT09/16/05
Very enjoyable! Thanks! :D

Posted by shoulder_angel09/22/05
4/5 and proud of it!!! :D 8) :lol: Great teaser, I loved it! :wink:

Posted by realm234610/30/05
I liked this teaser too.I 've heard of all the phases, even #5. It's from the '90s.....early '90s.I'll be sure to check out the other teasers ,too(I'm not positive if rough&tumble was in the early, mid, or late nineties, but i know it was in the nineties). So, If my statement is incorrect, consider this my apology in advance. :D :wink:

Posted by soccercow1011/10/05
:D this was awesome and a fun teaser!I got it when i first looked at it though :-? :P Keep em comin!

Posted by metallicman01/07/06
Nice teaser fish. You musta did something right, because this is on the first page of the most popular! I had fun working it out, keep up whatever your doing! 8)

Posted by cb12301/08/06
i like that 8)

Posted by puppyluvr01/11/06
booring! :roll: y does every1 do boring 1`s i`m just commenting 2 get enough points 2 submit a teaser it hard!

Posted by cherokeerose02/14/06
This one was so fun...I got them all right could be the reason I think it is so fun but you know how it is :lol:

Posted by sugarnspice4u704/24/06

Posted by kashby05/24/06
awesome, I got them all

Posted by GebbieRose06/01/06
This was fun! KUTGW

Posted by brainster06/13/06
This is real fun! :D I enjoyed it!

Posted by nightowl1906/20/06
That was pretty fun; I only missed #4. The others were hard, but fun to figure out. Keep it up! :D

Posted by learningchinese07/23/06

Posted by FeaerFactorY66607/23/06
Nice one!

Posted by Badger07/23/06
Easy, but fun! Thanks. :)

Posted by girl_braingle07/23/06
that teaser was so great! my brain twisted as i was thinking the right answer! that was really fun!!!_ :oops: _

Posted by starnz07/23/06
Haven't seen this kind of teaser before! Really fun!! Love to see more! :D

Posted by coachpisco07/23/06

Posted by cincigirl4ever07/23/06
I LOVED this teaser! I got every one right, and it only took me lke three minutes! YAY!!! Please, keep writing these great teasers. Its so nice to be able to solve the problem once in a while. Thanx again, cinci 8)

Posted by nameisie07/23/06
well, i got all but the first one. i thought it was "rocket man" or something. :oops:

Posted by Nellem07/23/06
Fun teaser, great to get a teaser I can do for a change :wink: I'd like more teasers like this one but a little harder.

Posted by Musikman21207/23/06
Taht was fun. It's really nice to get all the answers once in a while.

Posted by Trishgal07/23/06
liked it. :lol: :lol: :lol: :D

Posted by monkeygrl9907/23/06

Posted by 1blessedgirl07/23/06
I really liked this teaser. It is going to my favorites. It actually made sense to me which is really hard. (making sense to me that is.) :).

Posted by bradon18200107/23/06
I'm in agreement with current comments. This was fun, a really good teaser. :o

Posted by jabdr07/23/06
Good one FISHMED....Easy but a great way to finish the last cup of my Sunday morning coffee, with a :D smile! :lol:

Posted by tam1307/23/06
This is one I'm adding to "My Favorites." I really liked it a lot. :D :D Keep them coming!!! Good job! :D

Posted by Krystle07/23/06
wow i really liked this one. i got them all right, and i ddin't even have to think about it good job!

Posted by bandnerdnproud707/23/06
I actually figured one out! Except for the last one, because I've never heeard of it before.

Posted by ctrees07/23/06
This was good because I actually figured them out. :)

Posted by Neek07/23/06
Super easy, but fun to get them all so quickly.

Posted by rhmaustin07/23/06
I'm with coachpisco. Fun and doable, didn't hurt my head or seem impossible.

Posted by saleprice07/23/06
got `em all, love this kind of puzz.... thankyou fish

Posted by webcomxp07/23/06
too easy

Posted by excrash07/23/06
Great job! Fun and kinda easy-just my style! :D :D :D :D :D

Posted by starzzz1407/23/06
That teaser was sooo easy! That is the first one in forever that I ever actually liked and understood! I fell smart :D

Posted by doka1307/23/06
wondruffle!! :lol:

Posted by kman61307/23/06
extremely easy, but fun at the same time

Posted by speedqueenkmw07/23/06
easy yes but still fun :lol:

Posted by unConfuseMe07/23/06
Whoooo!!! :o

Posted by iteachkids07/23/06
L:DTS of FUN - thanx Fish!!!

Posted by junebug2207/23/06
Great job Fish! I got it but it took me a little bit! :lol: :lol: :lol:

Posted by utnative07/24/06
great teaser, i finally solved one. i got all 4, first time ever that i was able to get all of the teaser solved with any help. but it took me about 30 minutes. :D :) :lol: :wink: i wish i was as smart as all of you guys, and gals, are. :P :wink:

Posted by FatHead07/24/06
I got them all but #5, which didn't make sense.

Posted by vlerma07/26/06
:) Great one, Fish. I'm doing these backwards trying to play catch up so did #2 before this one. And sorry to say I only got three right. Great fun! :lol:

Posted by shmily_me07/27/06
the instructions where really hard to understand :( but other than that it was great :D

Posted by Vigo9509/15/06
I LOVE THIS ONE !!!!!!!!!!! :D

Posted by student_driver110/08/06 and touched the hearts of the braindead people around the world....lolz Thanx tho, really cool teaser :D

Posted by soccercow1011/23/06
this is sooo cool one of my faves i love this one !!!!

Posted by xsmx12/24/06
very good! and eassssssy too :D :D

Posted by nerdyiscool05/11/07
That was CRAZY fun! I missed Rock & Roll cause I didn't get it! Great job fishmed! Now i see why you're the highest ranked user! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

Posted by animaru241306/03/07
way fun and easy too, good job! :D

Posted by academic_angel07/25/07
This quiz was very different from any quiz I have every done before. Thats what made me like it.

Posted by meg19_8307/29/07
Got them all very nice teaser

Posted by princesspt09/28/07
very neat! great teaser :D

Posted by lYnchmAn0801/09/08
hey this was a good one. it took me a minute to get it at first. :)

Posted by SSVillalobos02/15/08
Nice one. I got them all, with a little thought.

Posted by sourdough06/20/08
This one was so Greasy/Cornice that SourDough gives it 3 Thumbs up! :P :o Kudos on Yudos!!! $D

Posted by Zag2401/15/09
I especially like "rise and shine" since the shine was so well-hidden. More please!!

Posted by auntiesis07/23/09
Very good teaser, made me think. I didn't get all of them, but enough to keep me trying. Thanks for a fun start to my morning. :D :lol: :D

Posted by doehead07/23/09
Another easy one.Great for the kids. :wink: :wink: :wink:

Posted by patiencewithaP07/23/09
Easy and fun! Thanks! :lol:

Posted by UptheHill07/23/09
WAY 2 CUTE 4 "NICE 1"!!! 8) :lol: :D

Posted by doehead07/23/09
I forgot to mention that shannmo might even get this one!!!

Posted by shannmo07/23/09
wow i was hoping you hadn't forgotten about me. I missed all of your witty remarks in your big war against me. Thanks for the laughs Doehead!

Posted by tova_l07/23/09
Great teaser, although not really up my alley!! Thanks, and I'm excited to try II and III!! :P

Posted by tahomac07/23/09
this was fun

Posted by CaraJane05/19/12
Yay! I got every single one! I am very proud of myself!

Posted by royale-ninja07/19/12
i got all of them

Posted by Babe07/23/12
Oh that was a fun one and an easy one. My favorite kind. I got them all. Thanks for a good one.

Posted by JQPublic07/23/12
Nice! Got 3/5

Posted by fishmed07/24/12
Thanks. I am glad you liked it. I was pleasantly surprised to see it on Facebook. Felt kinda cool.

Posted by raisin9907/23/15
Nice & Easy

Posted by HABS293307/23/15
I enjoyed this teaser though I think it was pretty easy for anyone whose first language is English and is likely familiar with all of these. May present a bit more of a challenge to the twenty-somethings and under (as some of these may have fallen out of usage) or those who are not native speakers. Overall, a great teaser

Posted by Zykezex07/23/15
Needed something I could figure out fast - thanksssss 8)

Posted by gaylewolf07/23/15
I loved this puzzle. I got them all and they were fun to solve. Thanks for posting! :wink:

Posted by Ares7205/31/16
Lot of fun got all 5 :D


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