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How Many Sisters?

Submitted By:collie07652
Fun:*** (2.34)
Difficulty:* (0.52)

There are 12 brothers in one family. Each one has a sister.

How many sisters are there?

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by crystalstar06/29/04
I think it was a bit too easy :-?

Posted by Katelin06/29/04
its a good idea though it could have used some elaboration somehow to make it harder

Posted by canu06/30/04
Too easy. Could perhaps be reworded to make a bit more challenging. :roll:

Posted by rashad07/05/04
Come on that is so easy!!! :-?

Posted by Angel-Go07/06/04
Oh! This is REALLY tricky!

Posted by oosunshyneoo07/10/04
Easy- but still they can have more than one sister! :-?

Posted by Therulerofthem07/17/04
very easy but fun

Posted by filetmerlot08/10/04
I agree with everyone. A tad too easy

Posted by iconofsin03/16/05

Posted by froggygg04/09/05
It may have been really easy and I got the answer as soon as I read it, but it was still a good one. :D

Posted by kcelf2705/01/05
Ok, I understand that kids look at these too, but anyone w/ a single brain cell could

Posted by kcelf2705/01/05
have figured that one out.. Sorry, keyboard malfunction involving small child...

Posted by toast989705/14/05
did everybody overlook the fact that even if there were two, or three, or four, or 100 sisters they would all still have a sister?

Posted by humancalclator905/16/05
but "a" sister suggests one, not like 20,000, toast. i liked it :lol:

Posted by sweetime05/24/05
i think the question should have asked the minimum number of sisters they could have - i said "one" because then the each had a sister, but as someone said before, there could be 12 sisters and each of the brothers would still have a sister :)

Posted by trickyleprecaun06/21/05
its an unlimited amount, and kinda not really tricky

Posted by Nytwynd07/27/05
Too easy :wink:, and I agree with human the article "a" connotes one so collie does not need to specify anything anymore :) Nice teaser

Posted by mercedes1303/31/07
way too easy :roll:

Posted by AlexRi3er04/18/08
Easy. Could have made it trickier. But fun.

Posted by supergirl1405/18/08
This a duplicate so I got it right away


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