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Submitted By:od-1
Fun:*** (2.39)
Difficulty:* (0.51)

I have pages of numbers and pages of names.
Some are quite different and some are the same.
With places to go and people to call,
I have a lot of numbers, but not all.
To find a friend or maybe a foe,
Referred to as yellow by some you know.
A communication assistant, that's what I am.
So what am I; please tell if you can.

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by Therulerofthem07/14/04
you should be embarrassed easiest riddle ever :lol:

Posted by od-107/14/04
Ya I know it was one for my kids. :)

Posted by eyecue07/20/04
This one was really cool. The friend-foe part didn't make much sense...but still really good! :wink:

Posted by Katelin07/30/04
yeah it's easy but it's still a good riddle though :wink:

Posted by mivich01/02/05
simple! but still good :P

Posted by something01/26/05
I couldn't get it... jeez that was tough. Actually I got it from the first clue. 8)

Posted by krabcat02/14/05
i read it verry fast the first time so i needed to try again

Posted by dalt8802/27/05
easay and im 8 :D

Posted by DummyisDumb03/08/05
It could be operator if they were blond...

Posted by darthforman05/22/05
It was kinda easy. But I liked it alot better than the other easy ones. GOOD JOB!!! :D :D :D

Posted by brainyng06/01/05
got it in the first line

Posted by Lunar_Light06/08/05
Only 8 easier ones. But then again, I usually don't give teasers, even good ones, high scores unless I really love it. As in rolling on the floor in realization.

Posted by Smart_Alex04/28/06
I got it by reading the first sentence.

Posted by Blackbelt9206/08/06
To easy

Posted by beyonce12306/09/10
I thought it was an address book.

Posted by Candi708/22/12
I'm sorry but this is SOOOOO easy. I got it on the first line.


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