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You're in a room with three monkeys. One has a stick, one has a banana, and one has nothing. What is the smartest primate in the room?

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Posted by Therulerofthem07/14/04
That was definitely the easiest riddle I have ever solved. :roll:

Posted by witness07/14/04
it's a shame people have believed the fallacies of evolution. :roll:

Posted by wizecracker5507/15/04
can't argue with you there. But, scientific classification of animals is not wholely dependant upon evolutionary theory; I think we can all agree theres a clear set of common traits among most birds.

Posted by jaycr07/15/04
Seeing as this was in the trick category, I thought the smartest one would have been the one that got out of the room. :lol:

Posted by mosoh07/16/04
Good thing you added "hopefully" to the answer. You can never be too sure :lol:

Posted by bintot07/25/04
the situation says you're not in a room. its definitely incorrect

Posted by NTG9808/20/04
I do not believe that we should be classified as primates. Witness sums it all up here.

Posted by NTG9808/26/04
According to this riddle, we are primates. But you are right jdc, we're classified :roll: as homo sapiens.

Posted by aPlatinum09/23/04
I've heard this one before. :-? :(

Posted by wizecracker5509/23/04
While you may question the accuracy of classifying humans as primates, do not question the validty. We are know from a scientific standpoint as members of the primate order: Kingdom Animalia Phylum Chordata Subphylum Vertebrata Class Mammalia Order Primates Family Hominidae Genus Homo Species sapiens

Posted by I_am_the_Omega09/26/04
LOL! "Hopefully, you," is exactly what I said out loud to myself before looking at the answer. :D

Posted by MJfan2310/09/04
one of those people would be me brutu

Posted by TopOMornin11/18/04
This one was SO EASY! :roll:

Posted by weirdness_-_-11/28/04
nice one :P i thought it was the one with nothing at first,then i was like "wait a minute.." o.0

Posted by marigold03/03/05
What? Oh I'm in the room! Gotcha, Gotcha! :lol: :oops:

Posted by pigglywinks03/04/05
i luv monkeys :D and this teaser i can relate 2 :D :o monkeys rock :lol: :D

Posted by froggygg04/09/05
Cute but easy. I got it right away. Although, I don't think I would feel very smart if I were to be in a room with three monkeys - unless they were restrained in a cage - they can be quite violent when they feel threatened!! :lol: :lol: :lol:

Posted by kcelf2705/03/05
Got it, what an ego boost. I like it when I feel smart!!! I only have a couple of favorites, but this is DEFINITELY going there too. I have some family to try this out on LOL

Posted by puppygirl121308/01/05
I liked it. Better then i can write (doesn't take much though just check out my teasers and you will see)

Posted by deepsea08/02/05
if you got it its you if you didnt its the one with the banana

Posted by deepsea08/02/05
if you got it its you if you didnt its the one with the banana :P

Posted by brandiMcBride2002/28/06
I've checked my family tree,, no hairy apes swinging on it.

Posted by schatzy22803/03/06
Well I'll be a monkeys uncle!

Posted by MadDog7203/19/06
You are a primate whether or not you came from apes. That is a fact. (Of course, the fact that we came from apes is practically a fact, and there are still many people who won't admit it. But 'my family tree doesn't have any apes in it' is just a stupid way to avoid the question.)

Posted by teen_wiz05/07/06
LOL, good one! :lol:

Posted by gungill07/27/06
I thought it was the one with the banana :oops:

Posted by Chakoteya08/21/06
Dilbert cartoon, January 17, 1997

Posted by mercedes1303/31/07
much too easy :-? ... although i always though that we were homo sapiens, not primates

Posted by batatis05/05/07
that was easy... but u should never judge someones knowledge by what they are holding im holding a lollipop.... wat does that mean?????? :wink:

Posted by TurtleWarrior05/30/07
technically there is no wrong answer. If you said yourself thats right. but if you said one of the monkeys, its right as well because your obviously stupid if you don't know you are a primate. unless you're an alien. then you suck and your wrong all the time.

Posted by TurtleWarrior05/30/07
and if bush was in the room... he would be the stupidest monkey and i'm sure the one with the stick would beat him with it. and the one with the bananana would smear it on his face. as for the monkey with nothing, that monkey would fling poop at him. speaking of flinging poop this game is cool: monkey poop fight.htm

Posted by reptile500006/20/07
Well, that teaser only works for some of us... :lol:

Posted by aball91103/02/08
The answer is very controversial, and you will probably get more people disagreeing with you. As for myself, I didn't come from monkeys. God made humans and monkeys differently. People were never monkeys, they were always people.

Posted by luckylefty03/24/08
Wow are you people stupid. Any mammal with reposable thumbs are classified as primates, be it a homo sapien or an ape. It really isn't "contraversial".

Posted by hollymo11/29/08
This teaser is alot like the one about the leprechauns. :(

Posted by LogicalRoger08/21/09
Man. Some people out there just don't think. :roll: "Controversial"? Wow. Good teaser though. Easy but funny.

Posted by thebrain78906/13/10
LOL @ deepsea

Posted by braingle10001/13/11
I'm the smartest monkey, as I AM the one with the Banana. :lol:


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