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The Magician

Submitted By:Therulerofthem
Fun:*** (2.27)
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A magician walked into a room and claimed he could stop a light bulb from shining with his bare hand. How did he do this?

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by Katelin07/19/04
yeah you should have said that he couldn't touch the bulb itself or something

Posted by ace_of_spades07/28/04
That was lame :roll:

Posted by Poker08/01/04
That magician is a cheat. Bring on the tomatoes! :D

Posted by Therulerofthem09/05/04
no no, he likes tomatoes

Posted by I_am_the_Omega09/26/04
An inadaquate answer. You imply that it would prevent it from shining indefinitely. To do this, you would have to break it.

Posted by newbee10/07/04
He need to use his legs to walk to the switch right? :-?

Posted by passion11/15/04
i totally agree with I am The Omega, cuz i thought when i read it that he was gonna stop it from shining for forever, so i answered break it :oops:

Posted by decrapitation11/28/04
nice one!! i was thinking that but then i thought it was wrong :-? but i like the easty ones *thumbs up* :D

Posted by I_am_the_Omega12/19/04
Before you so rudely tear down an eleven year old's teaser, perhaps you should write a few of your own?

Posted by babygirl3512/27/04
This was a cute teaser i thought that the answer as well was completely inadaquate beacause there was a mention in it that the bulb would stop shining.

Posted by Therulerofthem01/23/05
I\'m twelve Omega

Posted by marigold03/03/05
That was like super easy, but really funny! I got it! :D :lol: 8) :wink: :roll:

Posted by marigold03/03/05
I'm only twelve too, and I can't write any teasers. Yours is good! :D 8) :wink: :lol: :roll:

Posted by froggygg04/09/05
He could either flip the switch or turn the light bulb just enough to turn it off. Easy but fun and enjoyable. Good job. :D

Posted by Therulerofthem04/28/05
When did I say I was so great, I like to write teasers and I write my own.

Posted by Therulerofthem04/28/05
And plus, don't be an idiot when you don't even have a teaser!

Posted by Therulerofthem04/29/05
ITs a towel you idiot, and just to let you know, I had a teaser within my first month, you just can't write them. :evil: So stop being stupid :evil:

Posted by libra089004/29/05
NO ITS A DRIER U IDIOT. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Posted by spookboy004/30/05
libra, I wouldnt tell that to trot. You see, he has been here longer than you, he has more experience. You on the otherhand have no teasers submitted/accepted. now ask yourself this: whose teasers are better? :-? well, using the principles of common sense, TROT's are better because he has 12, you have 0 and 12 > 0

Posted by libra089005/01/05
ok what ever. i would have like a lot but they wont let me submit one because i havent been on for a week and u should just stop talking to me. ok. i dont even know who u are and u just diss me? not libra. u do not mess with libra. cuz she always comes back w/something better to say libra0890

Posted by Therulerofthem05/01/05
Just know you're the only one on your side, So I'd stop.

Posted by libra089005/03/05
all i need is me. i know that i can win any battle that i start. libra0890

Posted by Therulerofthem05/04/05
:roll: Wow you're stuck up... you can't win when everyones against you

Posted by froggygg05/09/05
Correct me if I'm wrong but, is this not a site for reading, rating and submitting teasers? The last time I checked it was not a place for an immature 14 year old to vent out her frustrations! Please try to stick to the teaser contents in your comments. The entire site does not want (nor does it need) to be harassed by the constant put downs and whinings of a certain very rude child. If this site does not live up to your expectations, maybe you should visit another. Remember - we are here to enjoy the teasers!!! :roll: :roll: :roll:

Posted by libra089005/09/05
ok im sorry, really.

Posted by Therulerofthem05/10/05
She is, and her apology is accepted, she sent me a pm apoligizing. :)

Posted by sweetime05/24/05
nice work, easy peasy :lol: i love it when i get them first go!

Posted by flipflopchica06/10/05
Nice job I got it right away and you peeps should just get along lol you dont even know eachother in real life we're just here to read teasers! You guys are hilarious!!

Posted by hamburger06/17/05
He could have put his hand over it. :-?

Posted by Therulerofthem06/18/05
Not really, it would still shine, hed just block the light

Posted by Tiggr07/29/05
Not to downplay the fact that the teaser actually made it through, which isn't as easy as flipping a light switch. I've seen this somwhere before.

Posted by deepsea08/02/05
i also said unscrew it too :P

Posted by zigthepig10/02/05
great! that was quite funny! AND i actually got the right answer!! Thanks for making me feel smart TROT! that is a good reason for being easy. :D :D :lol: :lol:

Posted by metallicman11/04/05
I liked it, and I liked to read the comment drama as well. Keep it up, your teasers are great.

Posted by zonarita03/19/06
:D The teaser made me laugh a gottcha. Good job ruler. :D Tin, I didn't get much out of the chatter not really a good read for me. I'd have prefer reading Good JOB Ruler. :D

Posted by zakp03/23/06
Good teaser, but needs a bit of work on wording

Posted by LeafFan4life04/03/07
lol comment drama :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: why so much anger lol good teaser :lol:

Posted by 4demo06/11/07
I guess that makes us all magicians! :lol: Nice and easy teaser! :D

Posted by smartsandsoccer12/17/07
I thought he would have just broke it.

Posted by mathisnice03/06/10
:lol: You got me! I thought he covered it up. I can't believe I didn't get that.

Posted by xdbtcp06/01/10
He turned on the light, and then, after 3 weeks of anticipation, the light bulb burned out, and he said.... TA DA!!! 8)


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