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Submitted By:cnmne
Fun:** (1.99)
Difficulty:**** (3.16)

What are the last three letters in this series?

S, L, S, A, P, A, L, B, L, H, M, R, T, M, M, M, M, L, S, ?, ?, ?

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by Jimbo08/23/04
Restricting it to the 20th Century makes it a bit obscure. :(

Posted by darthforman05/22/05
Cool, But hard :D

Posted by smarty_blondy11/07/05
Brilliant work, but really we could have used a hint. It's practicaly imposible to solve without one. :o :lol:

Posted by hidentreasure11/07/05
Why is it called heat? And I thought it was a letter pattern. :-? :cry: :oops:

Posted by jlvsbeks01/01/06
cool but impossible :-?

Posted by bballer2104/12/06
i agree with hidden treasure-- the title can be used as a clue to solving teasers, especially impossible ones like this! :D :D :D :( :( 3/5 smileys :lol: :lol:

Posted by coolblue05/21/06
Interesting... :-?

Posted by jr_whiz10/05/06
I dont get it...

Posted by coolcow3506/06/07
That's the hardest teaser I've ever seen!

Posted by UlsterCharlotte01/14/08
Good Lord, that's impossible. No one will ever get that. You might as well ask someone, "What am I thinking?" The people who qualify these "teasers" need to do their job.

Posted by Anushka01/25/08
i hate comments like the ones uve left!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! if ur going to critizize, go to the EASY PUZZLES! did i mention that u r all meanies??? this is SUPPOSED TO BE HARD! now ur reading this and feeling bad! if not, please contact me! by the was, creator of this quiz, this very well deserves to be in this category!!! very intelligent thinking and if u keep going with this, i hope u get many braingle awards (if they give them out)!!!! again! nice thinking!

Posted by goodbyeflair05/23/08
that was freaking stupid :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:

Posted by Puck07/08/08
Have to agree with the majority here. That was pretty impossible to guess, given that you don't provide any information whatsoever.

Posted by Mathgeek00704/08/11
Heat- SUMMER Olympics, or it could be referring to the Olympic FLAME.

Posted by Quocalimar11/08/12
Looks like no one got it but me. JK, lol I liked it for the fact that it was impossible, it gives me a goal to reach. To make a teaser even more impossible, one that will have a hint that be even more vauge than the question.


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