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Submitted By:Poker
Fun:*** (2.31)
Difficulty:*** (3.1)

What number comes next in this series?

89, 13, 95, 51, 18, 33

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by I_am_the_Omega09/13/04
I dont think anyone could get that without a periodic table in front of them. I knew it had to do with the table of elements, but didn't feel like getting it out. . .

Posted by sillywilly11/20/04
Well the title gave it all away.

Posted by doggyxp01/11/05
I agree with SW. The title gave it away, so I knew the nukbers were atomic numbers. Then, all I had to do was see which element corresponded to which number. After that, it was a simple matter of recognizing the alphabetical pattern. Although it was easy (here I am wondering why the difficulty rating when i voted was 3.44), I certainly found it entertaining. Into the favorites, this one.

Posted by doggyxp01/11/05
*numbers, sorry, not "nukbers"

Posted by swimmer4life29203/27/05
*ThAt wAs VeRy cOoL! :D *

Posted by crybaby199403/28/05
very hard :oops: :roll: :x :evil: :o but very funny

Posted by lilwes200504/09/05
i thing that teaser would have holmes baffled LOL really nice i didnt mean it holmes sher-lock :P :P :P :evil: :x

Posted by stevier31604/15/05
Never would have gotton it in a million years, you really gotta like the periodic table to get this one.

Posted by stevier31604/15/05
Never would have gotton this in a million years. You really have to know your periodic table to get this one. :o

Posted by shandela05/02/05
something that takes that much effort to figure out, i don't think would be classified as easy. and the title obviously wasn't obvious to everybody. i think it's a good teaser but could use a hint to help those who didn't get a hint from the title.

Posted by drussel305/19/05
I wasn't looking at the name, just the 2 letter initial. Element 51 caught me, which was Sb, which didn't fit. Good one.


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