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The Blind and The Mute

Submitted By:missie
Fun:*** (2.52)
Difficulty:* (0.58)

A mute walks into a store and wants to buy a pencil sharpener. He tells the clerk by putting one finger in his left ear and cranking at his right ear. The clerk understands immediately. A blind man walks in to the store. How does he tell the clerk that he wants a pencil sharpener?

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by Mogmatt1606/11/02
why would a lbind man what a pencil sharpener? What could he use a sharpend penicl for?

Posted by dsquared09/22/02
I liked it Missie. Quite funny I found. I've said it before... Mog, you're a stirrer.

Posted by rose_rox10/20/04
Come on Mog... you're telling me pencils are of *absolutely* no use to a blind man?

Posted by swithie11/13/04
A blind man might use a pencil for prodding annoying people that laugh at teasers only because they cannot write their own

Posted by dsquared04/18/05
:lol: owch! ;)

Posted by smarty_blondy11/08/05
Heehee, nice reply. *Ouch* indeed. :lol:

Posted by solarsistim32102/09/06
EVERYBODY does that one only with different themes! HORRIBLE on your part ace of spades

Posted by coltonr103/17/06
not so great sry use more of a trick! not just saying somthing trick! :roll:

Posted by mercedes1305/12/07
i tried to submit the same one. guess you beat me to it.

Posted by Pop_Qla11/23/08
Haha oops, I got it wrong!!! Good teaser!! :D

Posted by Gerrard1011/05/09
Smart! :D

Posted by crocodile11/23/09
A friend gave me this one a few years back. I was stupid enough to not get it. :oops:

Posted by JQPublic08/21/12
He didn't say the magic word 'please'! Anyway, I love easy teasers. :D

Posted by wimpykidfan3709/25/17
I like it but I don't know how he's supposed to use the sharpener.


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