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You see a strainer. The measurements of it are the following:

40 feet in height
30 feet in width

Considering these measurements, how much water, at most, can it hold?

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by Sweetbabe10/02/04
That was a pretty easy teaser.

Posted by StepIntoNoWhere10/02/04
that was a good one.. me and my friend are blondes and couldn't figure it out.. very fun!!!! :D :lol:

Posted by Knight7710/02/04

Posted by spookboy010/04/04
Hey, no one said teasers had to be THAT difficult, peeps. Besides, I don't see y'all comin' up with any harder ones. :o :o :o :lol:

Posted by newbee10/07/04

Posted by catsrule10110/07/04
I liked this teaser, it was very clever :P

Posted by spookboy010/12/04
No crap, Sherlock. That's why this teaser is in the "Trick" category.

Posted by TheGermanGemini10/20/04
Ahhh, yes, thank you spookboy, for making me laugh today! :lol: I found this fantastic! Who cares if you get the answer right away! I found that my favorite part was actually the "hint," considering I kept imagining silly blonds in labcoats, etching on a blackboard, trying to deduce the answer. :lol: And of course your retort to longlong put the icing on the cake! Bravisimo! :D

Posted by happymonkey1311/18/04
this was the easiest one i've seen yet on this site!! :-? pretty dull. :evil:

Posted by I_am_the_Omega12/01/04
Ya know, you'd think that if you're not into easy teasers, you'd have the brainpower to realize that you shouldn't click on teasers with easy ratings. But, se la idiot... =P

Posted by babygirl3512/02/04
i loved the hint it made me even more confused but i did figure it out before i checked the answer.

Posted by GCAF12/04/04
That was very very smart, but a bit too obvious. Next time try to make it a bit more challenging.

Posted by linz222912/05/04
hahahahaha :lol: :lol: :lol: you had me working out 30x40 to find the area, and all that crap. it was funny.

Posted by GCAF12/11/04
Hey Happymonkey13, if you are a HAPPY!monkey, then how come you have an angry face in your comment? :P

Posted by goldmare12/12/04
Well, I got this right away, but you know what's funny? The measurements give the impression that the strainer is a rectangular prism rather than half a sphere. :) I don't know, that just struck me as amusing. It would be more accurate to call the width the diameter if you wanted it to look like a real strainer... :roll: Of course, it doesn't really matter since the measurements are just to throw you off. :P

Posted by Z2-d212/21/04
note to editor I think this is a dupe only the dupe is not with a strianer :-?

Posted by IMCUL4E12/29/04
I agree with goldmare. :)

Posted by stormtrooper02/06/05
boring. solved it before even finishing the question. :)

Posted by 100riddles02/08/05
Very cool!! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :D :D :D :)

Posted by spookboy002/09/05
Listen people, I don't really care about how easy it is to y'all. If it is as easy as y'all proclaim, why come didn't y'all think of it first?

Posted by Gandalf02/18/05
maybe cause we'all :D dont think of easy teasers i think it is a dupe but good effort :roll:

Posted by marigold03/03/05
I got that one... Pretty good! :) :wink:

Posted by froggygg04/09/05
That was very cute. I got it immediately but then just had to ask my husband - he sat there for a minute and said that logic says something like 120 whatever....then he gets a funny look on his face and says "It's a strainer - it won't hold any water." His hesitation, no matter how brief, made this teaser well worth my time!!! :lol: :lol: :lol:

Posted by spookboy004/09/05
and as goldmare said, these are the measurements for a rectangle, not half a sphere. some people are fooled and some arent

Posted by cuteness06/05/05
o spook you can do better :roll:

Posted by blca07/08/05
That was tooooooooo EASY!!!!!!!!!!! :D :wink: :lol:

Posted by summachick07/22/05
Easy Peasy.........Now if you count ice as water then you could freeze a lot of water and it would hold water BUT i know wat it was askingt so i got it right in no time :lol:

Posted by yesenia8rivera02/03/06
Wow! How did I not get that? :lol: Great Job! :D

Posted by mitzimesser02/06/06
:D hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha :D You made my day!!!!!

Posted by xolilangel827ox03/11/06
I got it right away since it was mad easy!! i loved the hint though :lol: !!

Posted by Quickq04/22/06
I am so dumb i got confused. :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :

Posted by Warstar06/10/06
yikes i actually didnt know, i didnt even read it! :D

Posted by mbhpatrick06/15/06
I think the hint didn't really help, it leads people on to something else...otherwise it was really fun...i almost got tricked...

Posted by bhssoccer2307/11/06
The hint was my favorite part!!! Funny and cute, and easy, which means I like it b/c I could actually get it! :lol:

Posted by coryphaeus01/12/07
my main problem was, how do you expect us to measure volume with only 2 of 3 dimensions? how deep is the vessel!! at least make the problem workable...

Posted by batatis04/16/07
im so stupid... haha i cant stop laffing at myself :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Posted by reptile500006/10/07
coryphaeus, some types of strainers are flat, not all are semi-spherical that teaser was very, very, very, very easy...tooo, tooo, toooooo easy

Posted by FutureMD07/01/07
It was cute. I think one reason a lot of teasers in the "Trick" category are so easy is because we automatically know that there will be a trick in them.

Posted by omgitsash07/29/07
how was it cute... :-? it was tricky...big difference, not even similar. :roll:

Posted by LmPisme12311/12/07
That was a good one. You really have to read the question more then once to get the right answer. I liked it. :D

Posted by pn_1604/26/08
easy but fun :D

Posted by Nerd204/30/09
It would have held water until it all drained out, and how was the hint supposed to help? That practically tells you to find the volume of the strainer!

Posted by woodrock9602/03/10
I wasn't paying attention to the word "strainer," so, I got it wrong. I said that you could tell because you don't know what the length is. :lol:


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