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What Letter is Missing?

Submitted By:howdyall1311
Fun:*** (2.25)
Difficulty:**** (3.13)

What letter is missing from this sequence:

A A A A ==?== A A A A A A U

Note: the answer is not A, nor is it U.

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by tnaciousdil11/05/04
dont know the answer makes sense

Posted by passion11/13/04
i have to agree, i don't know greek either :oops:. but that's a good one {if you knew greek} 8)

Posted by StepIntoNoWhere11/14/04
the only greek I know is off movies.. I thought it was a good teaser.. but I agree.. (if you know greek) :)

Posted by Jimbo12/03/04
Huh? Must be something wrong with my display!

Posted by Jeffcliff10/23/05
Also if you count "a" as a variable and associate u with the 21st letter of the alpahbet the spaces between the missing letter and the "u" is the same as the number between "n" and "u"


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