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There are six words in the English language which have the letter combination of "UU". One of the words is 'Vacuum', can you name the other five?

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by I_am_the_Omega11/16/04
Lol.. never heard of any but continuum, and never would've though of it. What I did think of, were those six elements on the Periodic Table which have Uu as their first two letters :-)

Posted by AXTON11/17/04
thats funny, being a chemistry nut myself, thats where the idea came from :D

Posted by snaps11/17/04
I'm guessing you're only after root words, because you could have vacuums, vacuuming and vacuumed. :)

Posted by AXTON11/17/04
yeah, root ords only

Posted by MrIxolite11/17/04
I still maintain that it would have been nice to have the definitions of the words in the answer. Apart from Vacuum I haven't a clue as to the others. Always ready to be educated though, i'll go and look them up

Posted by gnosys11/20/04
revacuum unvacuum devacuum exvacuum disvacuum muumuuistical muumuuriffic muumuumatic demuumuuification Muumuumerica "Call me muumuuistical if you like, but I think it's muumuuriffic that they've begun installing muumuumatics in many malls and airports. Looks like we won't be seeing the demuumuuification of Muumuumerica anytime soon!"

Posted by AXTON11/20/04
please read other comments first. Root words only please

Posted by eyecue11/22/04
cool, you put a lot of thought into it. Words with a double u (no pun intended for the "w"hats of the "w"orld), it never dawned on me to ponder the thought. That's the whole point of this site. 8)

Posted by horse_luver12/06/04
I got continuum, never heard of the others. Good teaser!

Posted by haldir09/01/05
The first word I thought of was uuh...

Posted by solarsistim32102/17/06
i had no idea, i would never had guessed any of 'em, except MAYBE vacuum. But good one! you even did some research! :D

Posted by kulomofojo02/28/08
lol such a good teaser i just knew muumuu and vacuum^^. :D


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