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The number of possible ways of playing the first four moves for both players in a game of chess is
318 979 564 000
How many different possible moves can be made in the first ten moves by each player?

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by mnkelvr10212/05/04
cant count that high :o

Posted by mnkelvr10212/05/04
cant count that high :o

Posted by tsimkin12/06/04
would have been nice to see how that was derived. i took your first answer as a given, figured the moves were exponential, and raised it to the (10/4) power. could you please show how you came up with that answer? or is it something from a chess book?

Posted by AXTON12/06/04

Posted by tiptoes007berbs01/20/05
:o Woah

Posted by paul72612/11/05
this is trivia, not a teaser

Posted by lessthanjake78908/26/06
the "problem" that makes this so much more than mathematical, aka you can't just do (10/4) power is that it is not constant exponential growth. Think of the first move - any of 8 pawns 2 different ways, or 2 knights different places, so 20 for each player, or 400 after just 1 move by each. Then, where it gets increasingly confusing is the ability to move either 7 pawns 2 ways and one pawn 1 way, possibly 2 knights two ways and then the rook, or the bishop to a multitude of spots, or the queen or king even. this opening of possibilities raises this problem to a much tougher degree than originally expected, but to be able to figure all that out is surely mathematically sound and "simple" but intense. wish there was a more simple explanation (maybe that link would help, havent checked it yet).

Posted by javaguru12/22/08
Definitely trivia as the answer was computed through trial-and-error by a computer rather than calculated mathematically.


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