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How Many Fish?

Submitted By:2fast4u
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There are five fish in an aquarium. One night, two of the five fish die. The morning after the incident, the owner can still count five fish. How is this possible?

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by ilovepink890501/17/05
that was 2 easy!!!!!!! :lol: :lol: :D

Posted by CROSSKAYLIE01/17/05
that barely even makes sense AND it was easy.

Posted by cloud_strife01/18/05
haha.. funny :(

Posted by I_am_the_Omega01/18/05
Maybe you're the one who needs the life...I mean, you're the one who's taking time out of your day to comment on teasers you didn't eve enjoy.. and you dont even have any teasers of your own?!

Posted by Atropus01/18/05
Heh :) I thought I was being clever by guessing 3, because the two fishes got eaten by their fellows. Doh! Nice one.

Posted by weirdness_-_-01/18/05
:o Ths teaser was erm...interesting.

Posted by God-sGrace200501/18/05
I enjoyed the coments every much.. but the teaser.. I don't know! :D

Posted by IMCUL4E01/20/05
Yeah, Atropus. I thought they maybe were canniballistic. (I can't spell, so let me know if this is spelled wrong.) :wink: but overall, it was too easy of a teaser, cuz i was thinking, "either 5 or 3 ..." :lol:

Posted by Liar01/23/05
this sound familiar but i didn\'t getand yea this one is cool.

Posted by nunya01/23/05
i thought the teaser was cute et figured people would overthink it!like maybe the fish fairy(who\'s 1st cousin to the tooth fairy)came in the night et took the 2 dead fish.of course he would have had to leave silver dollars because paper dollars would get wet!lighten up! :wink:

Posted by twixy01/29/05
way 2 ez

Posted by mizgolf1302/01/05
easy but fun

Posted by mosoh02/03/05
:roll: every ones is a critic. I liked it :)

Posted by stormtrooper02/06/05
I guessed :wink:

Posted by funnybunny119502/08/05
funny but weird

Posted by funnybunny119502/08/05
:D :) :lol: :P :roll:

Posted by ben202/10/05
there could have been more or less than 5. how do we know someone didn't take one out or put a new one in or something like that??? but i guess it ws still an ok teaser.

Posted by krabcat02/15/05
that was easy but fish eat eachother after one dies so u might find 41/2 fish in the aquairum depending on the time thay died

Posted by marigold02/21/05
HA! HA! HA... no. That was kind of retarted and really obvious, but you should have made the question clearer. 8)

Posted by krabcat03/03/05
if your putting in constructive feedback do it alitle nicer maybe it was ment to be easy ever think of that? :x

Posted by froggygg03/18/05
Really easy and obvious - unless the surviving fish were hungry for a late night snack... :lol:

Posted by Iamthedude5432103/20/05
Even if it was easy for you, that doesn't mean it was stupid. Maybe some people like easy teasers, and maybe some people don't think that certain ones are easy, even if you do.

Posted by absy03/20/05
Ooo YaY! Maybe I'm not all blonde cause I got that one! w00t! :lol: That is a rarity ... I have to get excited on these occasions. :oops: :lol:

Posted by absy03/20/05
And for the lot of you talking smack, most of you don't even have your own teasers. These people, including myself, make teasers for you to enjoy. We can't appeal to everyone, but we do what we can. If it wasn't for the people who make the teasers, there wouldn't be a site here to read them. Be nice and treat them how you would want to be treated, were it your teaser on display and under ridicule. :evil:

Posted by krabcat03/28/05
ya get a teaser befor u start talking bad about other peoles somtimes thair easy becuse it can be dificult to write big long teasers :x :x :x

Posted by Melly1304/01/05
HAHA, got me... :D

Posted by Remote_Man04/03/05
good 1 thellanallover, but if someone is looking for a life back off. i like mine! :lol: :o

Posted by phildunphy04/04/05
Dammitt, I always forget I'm in the trick section !! :oops:

Posted by icequeen0504/13/05

Posted by kcelf2704/30/05

Posted by blca07/07/05
"One night" could mean any night! :roll: But I still got the answer! :D :lol:

Posted by deepsea07/31/05
there probaly all dead because they caught what the others had :-?

Posted by elu9308/04/05
Hee hee :lol: , I loved it. Though I also thought they were cannabilistic... :-?

Posted by thepianistalex10/04/05
It was funny, but it could be harder. :wink:

Posted by sugarnspice4u712/30/05
dont listen to them. i thought it was cute and fun! i rank you high! :D :D :D :D :D :lol:

Posted by rkaaland01/22/06
:lol: Good one! and don't let em getcha - keep writing them just like this! something for everybody! :D

Posted by Jay_02/01/06
funny, but real easy :)

Posted by Psychic_Master04/27/06
So true. It never said alive fish. Good one!

Posted by stil01/02/07
Stupor easy!

Posted by Lizzie71303/14/07
That was very cute and easy but FUN I thought he bought new ones :oops: Well well done :D

Posted by reptile500006/16/07
or they had babies as the dead ones rotted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D


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