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Against the Odds

Submitted By:Fhqwhgads
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Difficulty:**** (3.14)

11= T C W

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by swordflame01/19/05
I think this is pretty obscure. I'd never have got this.

Posted by Atropus01/19/05
Unfortunately I'd have to agree. I had to look up what it even meant in the first place and it turns out that there are several definitions. I'm assuming this is the horse racing one?

Posted by letizia81502/08/05
I HATED IT :evil:

Posted by phildunphy02/08/05
Don't know what this triple crown is, but in the UK it is won in Rugby Union by one of the following ( England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales ) when beating the other 3 in the 6 nations Championship :-? :-?

Posted by RaunchyTacos03/06/05
I show full respect to this figure applied to relate the common term used to acknowledge of triple victory of the horse race that brings me to mind of my isolated intervention of my teacher's circculum and interbased teaching methods of when I used to distribute my knowledge to fellow peers by using a combination and arrangment of words to teach the student body of the rombicosidodeckahedron. Good times...good times...

Posted by musa_karolia05/20/05
From all the brits out there : What's a triple crown?

Posted by Loopygrl25607/09/05
I had no clue.

Posted by SPUTNIK202/18/06
Very nice! 8)

Posted by PineappleMama05/30/06
I still think the best Kentucky Derby ever was the year Charismatic blew them all out of the water!! :D


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