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Who Came First?

Submitted By:Crazy-G
Fun:** (1.85)
Difficulty:* (0.45)

Bob, Andy, and Frank are trying to figure out which one is the oldest, middle child, the youngest, plus, whose birthday comes first.



1. Frank hates the fact that his birthday clashes with Christmas.
2. Bob can count his age with one whole hand.
3. Andy's birthday is in May.
4. Frank is 6.

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by doggyxp01/24/05
I didn\'t even need to open the logic grid in order to solve this one.

Posted by I_am_the_Omega01/24/05
I\'d rather see one that\'s too easy than one that\'s too hard :wink:

Posted by kellgo01/24/05
This is good for a first try, we could always use more teasers on here. Perhaps next time you could add more items in your groups to make it more difficult. Good try. :D

Posted by sweetpeao4o301/24/05
this one was very easy, but i liked it! :D

Posted by horseybaby3434501/24/05
it was e-z, :( and boring :cry: but nice try :wink:

Posted by NewYork_10101/24/05
this was way 2 eazy you gave it away! but gr8 teazr :wink: :wink:

Posted by sprintnix01/25/05
I liked this teaser. It was easy but I liked it! :D

Posted by Jon051302/05/05

Posted by Z2-d202/14/05
ez but i like ez not this ez though

Posted by krabcat02/14/05
it was easy and i ould have liked a harder logic puzzle my math teacher maks u s do alot

Posted by iconofsin02/16/05

Posted by qtpie914802/17/05
i agree with i am the omega i liked it and i got it

Posted by Rob200302/17/05
That was one of the easiest logic grids on this site nice 1 though :wink:

Posted by aznboi132402/19/05
Way too easy!

Posted by chidam1102/25/05
:( @ ez

Posted by DummyisDumb03/01/05

Posted by mpspss03/26/05
It was way Way WAy WAY TOO EASY! :evil:

Posted by badgirl2604/08/05
GREAT TEASER, BUT KIND OF EASY. BUT I DID ENJOY. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Posted by brunettebabe05/13/05
good job....easy but fun :D

Posted by darthforman05/22/05

Posted by burfly0107/03/05
i like these they are fun!! it was easy all u need is paper and pencil good!

Posted by jajajaja07/26/05
yay easy puzzle

Posted by Caim08/28/05
I like easy ones but this one was too much :-?

Posted by hamburger11/02/05
Easy. I cant do Logic-Grid if my life depended on it, and I got this one almost without the grid.Try to add more next time. :D

Posted by Tomara12/03/05
Easy but great for young kids!

Posted by BPKANERVA12/20/05
way to easy and almost all the clues gave a green mark

Posted by Misty01/06/06
easy :lol:

Posted by misha0601/20/06
one of the hints was that frank hates the fact that his birthday clashes with christmas i, think that was a good clue! :oops: 8) :P :roll: :evil: :x :cry: :lol:

Posted by aaks9402/19/06
Good one i like the e-z teasers they are fun! :D

Posted by mitzimesser03/16/06
:D I like them easy. I need the practice for the harder ones, I'm not very good at the logic grids. :-?

Posted by blondesluv2shop03/20/06
I think you should make 4-5 hints/clues total and maybe 2 of those clues are common sense (Frank is 8) and the others harder so that you have to really think.

Posted by blondesluv2shop03/20/06
I messed up the first time. I didn't realize until now if you type a number an emoticon will appear. Here's what I was trying to say: I think you should make 4-5 hints/clues total and maybe 2 of those clues are common sense (Frank is eight)and the others harder so that you have to really think about them. NICE TRY THOUGH!

Posted by ALW00704/05/06

Posted by Iamthedude5432111/18/06
Too easy. Next time make it harder. It took like 30 seconds. :-?

Posted by Zelvinrocks12/17/06
:D I liked the fact that it was easy. I am one of those people where the answer needs to be spelled out in front of me, and even then I may not get it. :lol: Thanks for making an easy one. :D Usually with logic grids it takes me FOREVER to get it, even if it's an "easy" one. :D

Posted by omgitsash07/24/07
e ea eas easy!! eas ea e

Posted by MorbidLies08/21/07
Really easy. Nice teaser though. 8)

Posted by lavender09/16/07
A little too easy for my taste, but fun and enjoyable, too. :D

Posted by Matttoy10/27/07
eans90 couldn't be any more WRONG!!!!!! This is a great job. I got it and it was super easy but i still think it was awesome. keep making teasers like this. I love Logic-Grid puzzles.

Posted by Zarahemla0502/19/08
Great Teaser! I loved it. I'm looking for easy ones to teach my home schooler the basics of logic Puzzles. The books you buy in the store are way to hard for a young beginner. Thanks Again! ~Z :D

Posted by mwahl0803/02/08
That was way easy. :roll:

Posted by chiliwormeater407/28/08
The last three clues, gave away the entire teaser. :( Nice try though :D

Posted by Viper11/28/08
I miss rated your puzzle. I rated it "Fun&Hard" but I should have rated it "Fun&Easy". Great one!

Posted by beyonce12306/09/10
It says Andy ate May. why would Andy do that? l_ :lol: l_

Posted by Zinovia02/04/11
This teaser was easy, but I thoroughly enjoyed the 30 seconds it too me to solve it. Good job!

Posted by coolcat10120207/13/11
This one was a little too easy, but it was good. i liked how some of the clues werent complete give aways, like the christmas one. That sort of thing applied to a bigger version would make it a fantastic teaser

Posted by Rileyd01/26/14
Good and easy :D

Posted by Hello2602/25/15
I have riddle... What rhymes with food? GOOD What rhymes with blob? JOB I rock at this :D

Posted by Hello2602/25/15
but food doesn't really rhyme with good.... oh well, It'll do for now

Posted by Raejean01/20/18
Cute little puzzle. Very easy, and no thought was required, but a cute little puzzle nevertheless.


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