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Submitted By:fishmed
Fun:*** (2.87)
Difficulty:**** (3.12)

Take the list of words below and arrange them into 3 sentences that all have something in common. Each word is only used once for each time it appears in the list. Punctuation is not an issue in this teaser in the initial placement of words. Only names are capitalized to start with.


What are the sentences and what do they have in common?

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Comments on this teaser

Posted by nicisan01/26/05
This is very good!! :D and also very hard, even when i looked at the hint i couldn't get it :oops:

Posted by Gizzer01/26/05
Loved it! :D

Posted by fishmed01/27/05
Glad you liked it.

Posted by texashorty4ever02/26/05
this one was good hard but fun good job! :oops: :wink: :D

Posted by Tree02/26/05
Good Gravy! I would have never thought of putting palindrones together with that many words, but it was fun to look at the answer. Good work. full fun and hard. :)

Posted by chidam1102/26/05
Simply Superb :D Couldnt guess it :oops:

Posted by Kinergy02/26/05
Great puzzle! My first attempt was: "Let's tell norah simon ordered roses" "We'll let lew see no telegram" "Marge misses sharon's dad". I only caught on what it was about when I looked at the hint, but it was pretty easy to solve after that. Lots of fun rearranging words.

Posted by BlueHairedOrbbo02/26/05
how do they read the same backwards and forwards?

Posted by froggygg02/26/05
Hard one. I still didn't get it even after the hint and the answer. Finally it sunk in after your explanation. Really good job even if it made me feel really blank... :oops: :) :oops:

Posted by annie969802/26/05
super-de-duper HARD! but still fun 8)

Posted by sosweet48702/26/05
I don't think I wver would have figured out how to get it! :oops: but it's still a good teaser :D

Posted by aznboi132402/26/05

Posted by sweetpeao4o302/26/05
I thought this was just totally awesome, even though i didn't get it right... :oops: It Rocks! :D :D :D :roll:

Posted by dogboy03/02/05
sheesh that was hard very clever and well done.

Posted by Javian05/29/05
that's brilliant. coming up with palindromes is waayy too hard for me. :D

Posted by bluehawk02/26/06
:oops: Interesting fishmed. :cry: I didn"t get it. :roll: Very good job, boo hoo :lol: :wink: 8) I agree "very crafty" :lol:

Posted by OldChinaHand02/26/06
Easy if you only read the me it was a 'brainacher'. A good one. 8)

Posted by azbee12302/26/06
cute! :D

Posted by kacsing02/26/06
That was really a teaser! Most of the time the teasers are easy, but that one took me for a loop. Good job!

Posted by bobbet02/26/06
really worked your brain to put that one together, bet uyou stayed up all night .I was looking for familiar phreses :roll:

Posted by churchlady02/26/06
:lol: :D Amazing, and of course I didn't get it. Keep them coming.

Posted by coachpisco02/26/06
Too difficult for me. :cry:

Posted by bradon18200102/26/06
Interesting. :lol:

Posted by shawneeo02/26/06
Well, that was certainly a feat to put together. As usual, I have to offer my two cents (I didn't get it, btw, didn't try real hard becuz: It could have simply said, "Each word is used only once", although that wasn't the most confusing part to me. It said the names would be capitalized, but ALL the letters were capitals; the clue that they all have something in common was too general, because it could have meant all the sentences had a similar theme, which is possible, and one would def. think of that before looking for something like a palindrome. I'm not sure how it could be phrased better. But don't get me wrong, I always offer "constructive blah blah", and in my opinion, if the clues had been tweaked a little it would be absolutely awesome, because palindrome sentences are something rare! I can understand trying to come up with the right clue for the palindrome thing is very tricky, as I sit here trying to think of one myself. Thanks a lot , very thought provoking! :D :-? :lol:

Posted by lazy-boy02/26/06
I thought this was very creative and hard too :-? :oops:

Posted by cartwheel_queen02/26/06
very tricky i didn't get it :oops: :( oh well great teaser

Posted by yesenia8rivera02/26/06
Well I didn't get it but it was a great teaser anyhow. :D

Posted by smee02/26/06
I never would have got this one in a zillion years!!! :oops: Excellent teaser, though!! Once I read the answer, and found out that they're palindromes (the thing they have in common) then it might have taken me only about 50 years to figure out! :lol:

Posted by dogluvr02/26/06
very very cool i never thought to guess palindromes ...of course i :roll: didnt get it GREAT TEASER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVED IT!!!!!!! :D 8) :o :lol: :wink:

Posted by mitzimesser02/26/06
:o Wow! Amazing teaser. I don't know how you do it. Totally awesome brain you've got there. :D

Posted by c_rae02/26/06
My brain hurts!!! :o I think I should have a venti latte before trying that one! :roll: Unfortunately, I still probably wouldn't have gotten it! :oops: Great teaser! :wink:

Posted by vlerma02/26/06
Not a brainteaser, a brainacher. I never even thought, even with the clue to make everyone read forward and backward.. Must be God's punishment for not going to church this am, instead I was trying to brainiac this one. Great, wonderful and I am going to put it in my favorites, just to remind me, Fushmed, to really read the clues, not just assume. You are totally awesome 8)

Posted by kashby02/26/06
that was hard. it was also pretty stupid. i didn't like it. sorry. :(

Posted by madminnow02/26/06
It was too hard for me!! Guess I have no brain cell in my head :(

Posted by iteachkids02/26/06
OhMyStars! :o :o :o You must have spent many many MANY hours making these up!!! I love palindromes, but this one was wayyyyyyy beyond me! :o :o :o

Posted by lindquist_2502/26/06

Posted by Keller1702/26/06
Excellent teaser, I enjoyed it very much...classic

Posted by speediebean02/26/06
Had to borrow someone else's brain to work on this one, and STILL wasn't able to figure it out!! :o One tremendously incredibly wonderful teaser!!!!!!! Twelve hundred thumbs-up!!! :D 8)

Posted by feste02/26/06
Highly original, innovative. Loved it.

Posted by mrtickles02/26/06
wow (also a palindrome)

Posted by Armaidenpriya02/26/06
Wow... that one definitely made me use my little gray cells! WAY TO GO!!! :D

Posted by thimblenoggin02/26/06
:D Most impressive. I would have prefered it if you had mixed up the letters of each sentence individually, and asked us to make palindrome sentences from the mess. Nice job. :D

Posted by thimblenoggin02/26/06
:D One sentence at time, you understand. :D

Posted by americangirl0602/26/06
I'm good with words, but didn't even begin to guess the solution. Very good job!

Posted by cloughme03/20/07
Excellent!!! Very well devised!! :wink: :wink: :wink:

Posted by j9mattfield03/20/07
Very well done! The palindrone aspect threw me way off, but fun none the less. Thanks :roll:

Posted by azbee12303/20/07
good one! really got me thinking :D

Posted by azbee12303/20/07

Posted by azbee12303/20/07
sorrry guys.. that was my 3 year old brother :oops:

Posted by lmurray03/20/07

Posted by snowmonster03/20/07
I've never seen a riddle like this - first time for everything! This was REALLY fun and interesting - we want more! :D

Posted by Badger03/20/07
Fantastic teaser, Fish! For some reason the palindrome thing immediately jumped out for me, but that didn't make putting the sentences together much easier! Got #2, and gave up on the others. Like many others, I appreciate the time and effort that you put into submitting this one. Thanks for another great teaser! :D

Posted by puttumup03/20/07
:o yawn :o to easy...

Posted by LeafFan4life03/20/07
good work

Posted by craniac03/20/07
No offense to anyone, but this teaser was just stupid.

Posted by bradon18200103/20/07
Still interesting. I had no clue. :o

Posted by doehead03/20/07
Boring :cry:

Posted by jabdr03/20/07
Wow Fish! Very clever and very hard. Way beyond my morning brain, :roll: but I loved the concept, 8) :D

Posted by Pizzazz2u03/20/07
It fell into place once I realized the secret of the teaser. :wink: Very good, Fish! You are getting the crowd to use those brains on those shoulders... :P :wink: Keep up the Awesome work! 8) :wink:

Posted by SPUTNIK203/20/07
I love Palidrones, good one fishmed!!! :D

Posted by kauphi197603/20/07
Nice and crafty ! Love these hard ones even if I cannot solve it. Got lost at the hint :-( I started looking at the list of words backwards and tried forming sentences. I want my coffee ! Jeanie-Ass

Posted by briciasmom03/20/07
Wow, that one was really hard. I didn't get it even after I read the clue. Once I read the answer though it sunk in. Good one, I really like being challenged.

Posted by Rander03/20/07
I enjoyed this teaser alot. To those who actually completed it; congrats. And to those who claim that it was an easy puzzle, are you all being facetious? If not how long did it take you to solve this riddle and I am interested in hearing the method you used. please respond.

Posted by auntiesis03/20/07
I made some lovely sentenses, but they were not right. I tried reading the list backwards, and then each word backwards, all to no avail. This one was one of the best I've seen in a long time. 8) :wink: Kudos , Fish, keep up the good work. :P :D

Posted by if_i_may9403/20/07
WOAH that was HARD!!!!!!!!

Posted by leroy_h03/20/07

Posted by sftball_rocks1303/20/07
Oh WOW :o My brain hurts :D Excellent teaser :D

Posted by fishmed03/20/07
Glad you like it! :)

Posted by breathesunshine03/20/07
Wow, that was a doozy! Congratulations on creating such a mind boggling masterpiece!!! :D

Posted by Shikamaru03/20/07
I didnt really understand what the hint meant.

Posted by feste03/20/07
I got telegram/Marge/let, and nothing after that. I remember able was i ere i saw elba. At least I can work that one.

Posted by kitty72803/20/07
yo fish.... very hard--- but fun...tks , :lol: :lol: : :P 8)

Posted by zaya03/21/07
You're kidding me right? The last sentence makes no sense whatsoever. A really hard teaser w/no logic to it is just a waste of time. Disappointing. :x :x

Posted by Qrystal03/21/07
I'm in awe. I obviously wasn't prepared for a teaser of such calibre. I couldn't even put together even one sentence that used approximately a third of the words, and that made me feel too stuck to continue. The hint wouldn't have helped, but I still wish they sent the hints with TOTD emails (or a link to the hint at least).

Posted by speedqueenkmw03/23/07
glad to see I'm not the only one who didn't even come close to getting this one. how long did it take you to construct this teaser? 8)

Posted by jamy40003/25/07
It was okay.

Posted by i_luv_2_read03/25/07
wow...... :o :o :o :o ....i can NEVER EVER figure out these language things....makes me feel pretty idiotic, although this one was harder than most so I don't feel as bad.....amazing teaser, keep it up!!

Posted by lkp6806/07/07
Ya got me! I sure couldn't figure it out. Great teaser. Thank you!

Posted by 4demo08/22/07
The hint didn't help too much, to be honest. I had to read the answer and explanation a couple of times to get it. Still, fun and well-written teaser! :D

Posted by Jarhead05/06/09
i kinda got it really easy with the hint, because im used to palindromes. good teaser though. :D

Posted by jaycr12/10/13
I'm a fool; aloof am I.

Posted by HABS293312/10/13
I had no idea when I first tried it. There were so many ways to make sentences but none that were anything like the others. I finally got it after reading the hint and trying for another while. Good thing I had lot of extra time this morning.

Posted by tripleteam512/10/13
I seemed to be a minority. I think it is TERRIBLE. There was nothing to start a logical string from. and the clue was even misleading. look and letters backward AFTER (sic). One prop I will give Is constructing thhee palindromic sentances. But, The setup and hint were badly executed :roll: :roll: 8) 8)

Posted by eighsse12/10/13
I could easily tell it was going to be palindromes; that much was obvious from the words given. I couldn't put them together though, but I didn't spend a whole lot of time trying :P Good teaser idea!

Posted by kitty-cat12/10/13
I knew that they would be palindromes just from the words, although I don't know how. I put together one sentence (the third one, I don't remember exactly what it was) and then shrugged and looked at the answer. It was a lot of fun and very creative - I've worked backwards for puzzles before, but never from the middle!

Posted by catmom01/21/17
The hint didn't even help me :-? :(

Posted by JackF4101/21/17
I feel like a dummy. I didn't get it even after looking at the answer :wink: :roll:


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