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The Music Outlet

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Joel, Tim, Allison, and Hayley are all shopping at The Music Outlet. Each buys a CD. The CDs are Hilary Duff, Mud On The Tires, The Chronicles of Life and Death (by Good Charlotte), and Sweat. The prices of the CDs are $14, $16.50, $15.95, and $17. Who bought which CD?

1) Joel didn't buy Sweat.
2) Tim likes Good Charlotte, but bought Sweat instead.
3) Allison didn't buy Hilary Duff, Sweat, or The Chronicles of Life and Death.
4) Hayley hates Good Charlotte.
5) Sweat costs $16.50.
6) The Chronicles of Life and Death was the most expensive CD.
7) Hilary Duff didn't cost $15.95 or $16.50.

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